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Do you love driving big trucks? If so, now you can do it by playing Heavy Truck Simulator APK, a game for players to experience controlling delivery cars and do things like: Kill the gear lever. Whistle, turn on incense …

It allows the player to take a long trip, where you will drive the cars and deliver the goods, when completed you can get a bonus, and remember to spend a reasonable amount later. This can also buy more new and better vehicles and upgrade and repair them.

What is Heavy Truck Simulator?

Heavy Truck Simulator is a mobile game, where it allows players to immerse themselves in the role of a truck driver ready to drive on the roads and deliver goods to almost anywhere. To complete the contract and the goods to the safe destination, the player needs to master the control of powerful cars and pay close attention to the road because it is perilous.

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While most simulation games in this genre choose Europe as the primary scenario for their multi-wheel adventure, this game developed by Dynamic Games gives you the chance to drive on the highways. Brazilian Express. And, of course, to start the game, you need to use your savings to buy a cart, then choose a customer and start your driving journey.

And indeed, this is a very realistic game, it will give you a real driving experience, and you get ready to take a real driving lesson in the game.

To help the car run stably, you need to maintain the load and skillful controls; also, you need to correctly select all the shortcuts and buttons displayed on the screen.

This means you’ll have to squeeze your handbrake, shift gears, check your mirrors, and look at the arrows before you start your journey. The general control can be done with the accelerometer, direction sensor, or virtual steering wheel.

Also, turn on your headlights at sunset and activate the windshield wipers if it rains while reducing heavy vehicles’ speed, which will also be part of your routine because the Heavy Truck Simulator has an advanced climate and physics system.

While in transit, watch out for bumpy roads, dangerous areas, and some well-positioned toll booths along the way.

Features of the heavy truck simulation game

Truck enthusiasts and card-hauling fans of simulation must find Heavy Truck Simulator to be a wonderfully entertaining game.

The game explicitly designed for mobile phones and tablets transports the nearly perfect walking profession to mobile devices. The best of everything? The game takes place entirely on the roads, from the city to the rocky mountains or through the jungle.

1. Be a Professional Driver

Stay calm in all situations because, in the game, you will not only manage the stats or pay attention to the vehicle’s fuel level, but you will need to stay calm to get through difficult times. In addition to giving you access to major highways and cities, you can experience signs and views.

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Your job as a driver in the game will bring large sums of money to expand the business.

During the campaign, players can use the payment for deliveries – with the type of cargo and mileage determining the freight’s value – players can use to unlock brands, model, and price are different.

After increasing the number of cars in the garage, it is possible to change the paint color of the trucks and decide which type will be used for each mission.

2. The game has many new elements.

Although this driving simulation game has been shown very well on mobile platforms, the game is developed by a famous company, so they take the game experience to a new level.

For example, the car’s internal dashboard, physics, climate change, and the day and night cycle put a large chunk of the competition in place.

Additionally, the Heavy Truck Simulator’s controls are some of the most detailed and realistic we’ve ever seen in this kind of work. At the same time, these traits can – and should – surprise those new to this game.

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Arrows, gearboxes, mirrors, hand brake, accelerator, headlights, various speed indicators, load conditions, and fuel level are part of your in-game routine, and master all of this. It is essential to complete your delivery task in the best possible way – earning extra money for taking care of your customer’s product.

3. Unique experience

Thanks to a good selection of unlockable trucks – at a very reasonable purchase price – an abundance of roads and locations in multiple countries have been added to the game, along with a wide variety of The mission ensures that you will not get tired of your production work soon.

4. The graphics quality is quite good.

The 3D graphics, while not the best in the genre, do a great job at recreating scripts and media – with the emphasis on signs in multiple languages and instantly readable on the small screen – while the audio is very well taken care of and helps with immersion. In general, it is difficult not to feel like a real truck driver crossing the country day and night.

Even with the excellent quality and fun hours of the game, Heavy Truck Simulator MOD APK still suffers from a critical point: it is poorly optimized.

This means that frame rates are still lacking even on the most powerful devices, causing stutter and stiffness. To solve this problem, you should turn off some effects and decrease the game’s resolution in the options menu.

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