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Happy Glass APK – It is a game called the happy or happy bottle, which is a bottle with water placed on the ground below, and much moving linear shapes on which a ball is placed that rolls left and right, and the goal is to reach this ball without falling into the Glass filled with water. 

And the way it is played is a primer, and preparing the path by which the ball is going to fall into the glass cup to win and pass the different levels to get a lot of things and the most important of which is to obtain difficult levels that need great thinking to pass them and also need high craftsmanship of you. 

What is Happy Glass?

Happy Glass APK is a strategy game in which you need to use a magic pen that creates lines to guide a certain amount of water until it arrives safely in a glass and fills it.

To create the lines in Happy Glass, slide your finger over the screen of your device, generating a trajectory and carefully observing the limit of ink used; if you run out of the reservoir, your score decreases at the end of the level. The less ink you use, managing to solve problems in a simple way, the more points you get.

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There are three game modes to amuse you in Happy Glass: the normal one (which offers more than 900 levels, each with puzzles that only increase with the passing of levels); the “Don’t Spill” (where you need to make the Glass touch the soil without spilling a drop of water, testing your strategic skills); and the “Flippy Glass” (in it you need to throw the Glass up and make it fall upright, also without spilling anything).

In Happy Glass, you receive coins as a reward if you complete any mission or challenge and, with them, you can customize any item, such as your Glass, pen, or even the color of the water, making your game much more fun and lively.

Experience the bunny ball game

Happy Glass is an arcade strategy game where you need to create lines with a magic pen to guide a liquid to its final destination, which is a glass, filling it up to the marked line. If not, you fail and need to try again. Your final score for each stage is according to the amount of ink used by the pen.

Happy Glass’s graphics are simple but pleasant, not having much visual pollution or too much information. The visuals available to apply to the cups are very charismatic, making different faces during your game.

Happy bottle game, where you can access more things through it was easy and very easy things are found, and no one can access it except here also the game supports all Android devices with different names. 

You can download it to the device and work well and Excellent and do not slow down the device’s speed when it is loaded because the game is good. The graphics are also not high because there are a lot of exciting things, and also it needs skill in delivering the ball to the glass cup; and when the ball falls into this cup, he laughs for the ball to reach it, and from here it is called the cup Laughter.

Features of the ball jump game

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1. Less quality, more quantity

Happy Glass has intuitive gameplay, but it requires a certain level of reasoning to get through the ranks. Despite having more than 900 stages, it is a title that focuses on quantity, not quality, as it does not present a real challenge for those who play. Many are very similar, and three stars is a simple thing to earn as you progress. 

The other modes we can find in Happy Glass are a little more fun, but “Flippy Glass” turns out to be a sickening loop after a while. That’s because if you use the correct distance for your Glass to fall upright and keep repeating the action, it always falls the same way, totally excluding the challenge of breaking your record due to difficulty.

Happy Glass apk for android

Despite so many negative points, Happy Glass is worth playing because it is a great experience, especially for those who want to enjoy the moment without thinking hard about solving puzzles or challenges.

2. Unlimited gameplay

As we said, it is one of the games that makes you think until you deliver the ball to the cup and whenever a level is passed. The next level is more complicated, and the difficulty comes through the difficulty of passing or passing the ball through the lines that give and are mobile. 

You can give these lines more support by placing lines. Help by sticking it and accessing many indispensable things. It helps you reach making quick decisions, and in a short time also from the games that can only be accessed from here and therefore can only be obtained from here through its direct download link to get on the original version of this game. 

You can also know that to get more challenging Happy Glass (Google Play) levels, and you must pass the first easy levels. 

3. There are many challenging levels

The game area is not large and work quickly. In terms of graphics, it is not high because it does not have many things and many colors. It can be obtained from here only, and the game, as we said, is a moving ball that moves over a set of lines. 

Also moving, Do not give a lot of easy things. No one can get it because there are many things that we learn from this game, such as the ability to make quick and decisive decisions and the speed in making those decisions. 

Also, you can learn that there is something called the helplines that help us to get more Exciting things, and the game can be downloaded from here through the direct download link on GameLoop APK

Let’s download it now and get it for free. The game also contains more settings to do standard things to access more things that can only be obtained through that game, and it is also impossible to imagine how easy it is—the game and its difficulty at the same time.

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Happy Glass APK is a strategy game in which you need to use a magic pen that creates lines to guide a certain amount of water until it arrives safely in a glass and fills it

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