Grand Theft Auto is an extensive sandbox game in which we play the role of a beginner gangster. The world presented was modeled on the great American metropolises. We find here elements known from New York, Beverly Hills, and Miami. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was introduced in 1997.

What is Grand Theft Auto V?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action game released by the British studio DMA Desing, known today as Rockstar Games. The title will take us to the world of brutal competition between different gangs.

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Our task will be not only to explore an extensive, open-world using various cars but also to perform story missions commissioned by multiple organizations. Thanks to this, we will be able to climb the ranks of the criminal career. 

Players will move to the streets of three large cities – Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City modeled on American metropolises – New York, Beverly Hills, and Miami. Grand Theft Auto is a classic of computer games, which initiated the series that has been released to this day and is extremely popular among players from around the world.

A sandbox game that takes us to the brutal world of the mafia 

Grand Theft Auto is an open-world game that allows you to transfer to the mafia, the underworld of metropolises modeled on several US cities. During our adventure, we will have to perform various missions for criminal organizations. Of course, nothing prevents you from freely moving around cities in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and doing whatever you want. 

We can clean up the streets here, armed to the teeth, steal cars, and even take over a suburban train. Before playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA), we can choose from eight available playable characters – Bubba, Divine, Katie, Kivlov, Mikki, Travis, Troy, and Ulrika. It is worth mentioning that the first part of the famous Grand Theft Auto has been recognized by many experts dealing with the admission of computer games to the market as a fierce and vulgar title.

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Grand Theft Auto is a game by DMA Desing, now known as Rockstar Games. At the beginning of the game, we will perform easy missions in Liberty City, mainly consisting of intimidating or stealing cars, but they will become more and more difficult over time. After collecting the appropriate amount of funds, we will start the game in San Andreas. 

Compared to Liberty City, this city is much more extensive, and it has more car models and weapons at our disposal. As the game continues, the skills will allow you to complete tasks in Vice City, modeled in Miami. 

These missions will be much more difficult compared to the previous ones. Grand Theft Auto has nice, three-dimensional graphics that we observe from a bird’s eye view. After downloading the game, the user selects the location where the game should be installed.

New elements have been introduced:

Motorcycles, jumping off a moving car/motorbike, earning money by driving the bus from stop to stop, the possibility of flying helicopters, the option of buying companies, buying properties with garages where you can park your car, and it is automatically saved there, robbing shops ( from pharmacies to jewelry stores).

Old elements have been improved: at least several dozen (!) New cars have been introduced compared to GTA 5, new motorcycles: enduro, choppers, and chasers, the technique of boating has been improved, the army and the police had their seats from now on, and Tommy, we are moving become more durable when it comes to running.

The plot of the game is as impressive as in GTA V APK. In the last part of the game, the main story was the complicated settlements of gangs. 

This time the story is about Tommy and Lance’s friendship woven into gangster settlements, and it’s great.

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The mobile version is not only fully customizable with the gadget but also boasts improved heroes and individual graphic settings. There are even more cars, guns, and city locations, which makes the GTA even cooler.

Great game GTA V from the famous Grand Theft series has also been released for Android mobile phones, which can not please all fans of dangerous adventures on the streets of the crazy city, where the police are by no means your friend.

Rockstar Games has created an incredibly exciting GTA V game for android devices with an open world, in which you can visit every corner of a giant state, find many problems for yourself, deal with them or escape without asking back.


Please note that the game requires at least 1 GB of RAM. The developers paid particular attention to the detailed drawing of objects. Players will not have to look at angular shapes.

In this case, the programs are fully synchronized with the Rockstar Games service. Now the user can independently adjust the graphics quality based on the performance of the gadget.


The mobile version of the game is not inferior to the computer version in the number of modifications. The user can install additional mods for GTA V on Android.

The main character can visit shops or tattoo parlors, get involved in illegal activities. The game world is divided into three islands. At each user’s location, unique adventures await. To download the GTA 5 game free, you must use this site. You can also buy it in the Google Play store for 500 rubles.

In the mobile version, players got the opportunity to listen to their music. The user can store the game not only on a smartphone but also on the developer servers.

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Grand Theft Auto is an extensive sandbox game in which we play the role of a beginner gangster. The world presented was modeled on the great American metropolises. We find here elements known from New York, Beverly Hills, and Miami. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was introduced in 1997.

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