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Initially released for the PSP, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories finally arrives on Android in an adapted version.

Based on the same city featured in Grand Theft Auto III, the title puts the player in Tony Cipriani’s shoes. This Italian gangster was banned after killing an important member of a rival family.

What is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories?

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is a reissue of GTA III, initially made for the PSP, which finally arrived with its Android devices’ adaptation. The game takes place in the city that gives a name to the mobile version.

As in the other episodes, the city is based on a real location – in this case, New York, with its yellow taxis and Indian and Pakistani drivers.

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The player will gain control of Tony Cipriani, who returns to Liberty City and finds himself neglected to the big boss Salvatore Leone’s right-hand position.

Despite having a central storyline, the protagonist can deviate from the main missions to do whatever he wants in the city. As the story progresses, new options become available.

The game starts when Cipriani returns to Liberty City, which results in several shootings, explosions, and much fun. Although the story remains the same, Rockstar Games made a series of technical updates in its transition to the Google mobile platform.

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1. Leave the gun, get the cannoli.

Tony Cipriani then allies himself with Don Salvatore Leone – known to fans of the series for his stints in GTA III and GTA: San Andreas -, a mobster in the best style of the movie “The Godfather”. Leone sees Toni’s future for the criminal world, giving him gradually more important missions.

The game takes place in 1998, two years before the first events of GTA III. Toni Cipriani went away for a while away from Liberty City, earning a home in the suburbs and a job as a henchman for the mafia boss.

2. Casual missions

Titles for mobile are developed especially for occasional users, who do not spend much time with the devices in hand. Such games commonly play longer on plane and bus trips, and few devote constant attention to them.

With that in mind, Rockstar has shortened each of the missions to make the challenge more fluid and decrease the player’s dedication. This makes Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories more engaging than if it brought GTA’s long missions: San Andreas.

The title received a great gift in secondary missions: in addition to the already established operations as a fireman, security guard, and taxi and ambulance driver, the player can now deliver pizzas, sell cars, work as a sanitation worker and even perform radical maneuvers in a mini-game found in chopping up cars.

3. From associate to capo

While the missions of any game in the Grand Theft Auto series involve gaining morale in the face of the city’s criminal factions. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories continues along the same lines, requiring the player to work hard to rise through the Italian mafia ranks.

In the initial part of the city, Ma Cipriani’s missions are the most fun due to their goals even less noble than the others in the series. They also reveal some excerpts from the GTA III storyline in the air, proving very relevant to the story.

Features of the game GTA: LCS

1. The full potential of the franchise

GTA: Liberty City Stories takes place two years before the third game story in the series and has undergone significant GTA III improvements, both in storyline and engine.

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The game uses an engine similar to that of GTA: Vice City to offer players motorcycles – which were sorely missed in Liberty City – and more complete and intuitive gameplay, characterized, for example, by the taxi that will pick you up in front of the hospital or the police department, when you are killed or arrested during a mission.

2. Constant evolution

In addition to this taxi, which takes the character to the place where the mission was accepted (such as Salvatore Leone’s house, for example), other details demonstrate the engine’s improvements. It is possible to change clothes (and in some missions, it is even necessary), and the side missions are much more fun and engaging, ensuring greater durability to the game.

Although there is no advancement in GTA skills, San Andreas – where the character accumulated skill points as in an RPG–evolve subjectively. It is easy to see, for example, that control of motorcycles becomes easier and easier and the aim of weapons is progressively more accurate.

3. Powerful look

Grand Theft Auto has a graphic quality that impresses and manages to exploit mobile devices’ full capabilities. Few games can achieve quality as good as it does here.

Smoke and other particles, good textures, and the night lighting system made the game a little heavy, which causes some lags and lowers the frame rate. High graphic quality also results in very long waiting times for loading screens.

4. The soundtrack closes with a golden key.

The soundtrack cannot be displeasing to anyone: as if the audio quality, which is high, the variety of music types, separated by stations when the player is in a vehicle, were not enough.

This proposal has existed since the third game of the franchise. The developers take very seriously: classical music stations, rap, reggae, rock-n-roll, and even comical chats in English offer the player an impressive variety that does not stop around.

It is common to find very successful titles that lose their attractiveness thanks to the game’s little or no portability when transported to mobile devices. Being a long and complex plot adventure, Grand Theft Auto had everything to be another fiasco in its mobile version, but it certainly surprises positively.

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