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Grand Theft Auto is a series of games that needs no introduction. With four successful releases for several consoles and many expansions, it was time to try this game on the Android operating system.

Grand Theft Auto III APK is a ten-year commemorative version of the game that comes to Android for OS 2.1 or higher devices. However, if you cannot install the application, do not despair: Rockstar Games made the game available for only a few devices, promising more excellent compatibility soon.

What is Grand Theft Auto 3?

Grand Theft Auto III is the perfect game for fans of the series to play on their Androids. The game is superfluous to the original, celebrating in great style the ten years since its launch. The developers did a good job when it came to adapting the game, which had good gameplay.

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Its graphics are not as good as expected, but this is the price you pay for being similar to the 2001 game. Despite making adaptations for running on Android, the game follows the same pattern as Grand Theft Auto III for consoles and PC, both in its history and its look.

The speech movement of the characters is not as realistic as are the traits of the characters. The scenarios are also faithful to the original, but this also has its price because, on the smaller screen of a smartphone, the locations are very similar.

To locate yourself, you have a map in the upper left corner. Although very useful, it can confuse the player when displaying huge icons (such as H for home and L for Luigi).

The layout of the commands on the screen was perfect, with specific buttons that make it very easy to play, for actions such as getting into the car, collecting objects, and controlling the car with the accelerator, brake, and handbrake.

It is expected that RockStar games will soon increase the compatibility of the application so that all users of Android 2.1 or higher can play. But other than that, Grand Theft Auto III deserves praise and is certainly worth your investment.

Features of the game GTA III Mobile!

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# Highlights GTA 3

  • Open world, players can do everything they want
  • Sharp graphics, 3D images, realistic world.
  • The Mission system is diverse and exciting.
  • There are many MODs for gamers to unleash creativity
  • Play online, do tasks with friends

1. True to the original game

Anyone who is a fan of GTA III will find in the Android application an excellent game option. The game is very faithful, with history, scenarios, missions and everything you already know is a perfect version.

The central character decides to rob a bank with his girlfriend but ends up in an ambush set up by her and arrested by the police. Upon being transported to another penitentiary, a gang’s attack to free another prisoner ends up leaving the character free.

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To survive, he needs to get into the city’s dirty game, do small missions for mobsters, steal, and kill to get money. All of this until he got his long-awaited revenge on his ex-girlfriend.

Buttons appear at the bottom and side of the screen so that you can control the character in all your actions. Specific buttons (for getting in and out of the car, for example) appear at appropriate times, and the camera can change whenever you use a sighted weapon.

2. Real-world simulation game

The world in GTA 3 is modeled after the city of Los Angeles. It is designed in detail from buildings or realistic environments. The open world in Grand Theft Auto 3 is always bustling and has many gamers to explore.

3. Diverse mission system

The missions in GTA III are many. And when completed, you will receive a bonus and will increase your level.

In addition to the central quest systems, you can also race for entertainment, rob banks, interact with NPCs to increase fitness and stats in the game.

4. Money in the game

The money will be a reward for you for completing quests or missions “bank robbery”. In GTA 3, there are many things to spend with cash; you can buy a house, a car, buy new clothes, or you can invest in factories that smuggle “banned goods” to grow. More in the online game section. And offline, you can invest in stocks to get rich.

5. Graphics – Sound

The graphics of GTA 3 MOD APK are appreciated. It has the weather effects; the grass on the roadside or the water surface on the beaches is designed in detail, making the world incredibly realistic.

From the character’s voice to the sound effects in the environment, the sound in the game always gives the player a real feeling in each sound. If you are playing using a headset, you will hear wind or waves …

Grand Theft Auto III Mobile
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