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Google Photos APK application is the best application to keep pictures and make a backup copy. The application’s essential features are retrieving all the pictures you have deleted from your personal phone and returning it. 

The application makes a backup at the highest level and highest accuracy to not lose the pictures. The application does not want to make a personal account for you and register in the application. All you also have to do is make a backup copy to copy the images in the application to retrieve them again while those images are lost or deleted by mistake.

What is Google Photos?

Photos is Google’s application designed exclusively for storing videos and pictures. and now works independently, with new features and lots of new features.

Google’s goal is to make Google Photos the apps of all photos and videos, organized and searched by people, places, and “things that matter”. Visual searches, automatic backup, editing, and sharing are possible.

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Check out the news:

Visual search: Your photos can now be searched in three ways: by people, by places, or by things that appear in your photos. The images can be located even if they are not described, with keywords such as “food”, “birthday”, “beach”, or any other term.

Automatic backup: Keep all your photos and videos safe and accessible from any device. Google now offers unlimited free cloud storage with high-quality images and videos. You can choose 15 GB of storage to store photos in original quality.

Save space on your device. With Google Photos (Google Play), you can keep your images utterly secure in the cloud, so you never have to worry about deleting content to free up space.

The service continues to automatically create montage films and interactive stories, collages, animations, and more. Transform photos with the touch of a finger thanks to the powerful editing system that applies filters, color adjustments, and more.

Share hundreds of photos instantly with shareable links that dispense using a login and password for others to view. Give new life to photo storage with the use of this fantastic tool. 

Outstanding features of an image archive

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Photos is an excellent application that allows you to store and manage all your photos in one place. It is an update of the old Google Photos integrated with Google +, which now works independently, unrelated to the Google social network.

The program has a similar look to the previous one, but it is packed with news. One is the unlimited storage of high-quality photographs (up to 18 MP). Videos can also be saved in HD (720p.) Format.

Free 15Gb storage

The application does not need any additional fees from you. The application is completely free, and you can make a thousand backups without cost or the like.

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Google Photos application does not take up a large area of ​​your phone because it does not exceed its total area of ​​45 MP. The application works on all smartphones of iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

Organized and smart

Besides, Fotos has a much easier organization and viewing system. It is now possible, for example, to make pinch movements, which allows you to view many more photos, separated by months and years. Or you can see fewer photos, in larger sizes.

Google also offers a visual recognition system, which allows you to find photos of specific people. He can organize the photos through the rest automatically and just tap on them to see the images.

New Tips

Some new tips have also been added, such as the selection movement similar to the mouse. Just touch and hold an image for a few seconds and then drag your finger into a square or rectangle. 

Photos also have a built-in image editor so you can touch up your photos. Although simple, it is capable of making precise and necessary touches. The program also gained a complete menu and became more beautiful.

Other features

  1. View photos from the inside and modify them, and albums can also be viewed and modified.
  2. Help: At the top of the page, when you open the help icon, you will find a gif icon. It is to display your pictures, and you can make them animated.
  3. Photo collage is to put your photos in the form of a square or any shape and put more than one picture in it.
  4. The movie feature enables you to make movies from your creativity; by choosing your photos and videos or choosing ready-made movies, all you have to do is place the images modified.
  5.  The album contains many pictures, which you can put in a frame and put many images and display it to you in the form of one picture in which there is more than one picture.
  6. You can add a partner to enjoy the best time, edit your photos and videos, and share them with friends.
  7. You are starting a new post, which is to do many things in this feature, including collecting many pictures and having a party with your family to celebrate it. 
  8. The application provides you with a safety feature, which is not to disturb you within the privacy framework, which is when you give your phone to any person from your family or others. Without intending to delete the images, you can go directly to the quick copy feature, and you cannot access it without your account on Google Play. 
  • Millions use the application because of the application’s speed in responding and meeting requests in the least possible time. The application does not require any effort from you in dealing with it. You can modify your photos and videos and share them from within the application. You can increase the safety of your pictures. These were the advantages of the application.

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Photos APK is Google's application designed exclusively for storing videos and pictures for Android. And now works independently, with new features and lots of new features

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