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Google Maps APK – Many of us need to travel to many places that he does not know, and many of us go to these places but lose his way to the place he wants to go to, and this excellent application has come to remove this fear and this phobia that haunts many people as they do not reside by going to what.

They only want them to know the road that leads them to that place they want to go to. The right solution has come to that solution that will remove all those difficulties that we face while traveling from losing the road and not being aware of the road, so all you have to do is download Google Maps APK for Android to drive Anywhere you want.

Only through this application that you downloaded to your phone through Google Play, as most of the mobiles, you find this application installed when you open the phone for the first time, now write download Google Maps for Android with a direct link.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is the easiest way to search for addresses and maps, and its Android version is as practical as the one we use in the browser. It is possible to trace routes, view cities, and even use a GPS navigator through the application.


The app offers the Beta version of Navigation, a GPS browser integrated with the application to guide the user to reach their destination most quickly. The Google Maps interface is very intuitive, in addition to being entirely in Portuguese.

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In its latest versions, the application has received optimizations in pixel density to clarify maps clearer. Essential performance improvements have also been made, ensuring that the app works smoothly on any device.

Another novelty is the redesigned interface for users of Android 4.0 or higher, available on several popular devices, such as Galaxy Nexus (Galaxy X in Brazil), Galaxy S II, and Motorola Droid Razr, for example.

Using the device’s GPS, the application can locate where you are, displaying the map’s address, in the graphical view, or from satellite photographs. In the Maps search box, you can enter not only addresses but the name of places to find.

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Advantages of Google Maps:

Also, this application needs Gmail to be able to enjoy this excellent application that provides you with this beautiful service, which is considered the only savior to you. 

If you lose the road while you are on a travel, quickly learn how to deal with it, and the application has won the admiration of many people. It has reached many Users of the program to more than 5 million human beings and more around the world because of its very great importance, and the application shows you the directions that you must follow to reach the place you want.

So all you have to do is determine your location through GPS and write in The search menu to any place you want to go, the program will explain a clue indicating the directions that you must follow in order to reach the place, and there is also a program called the principle of driving. 

And this means that when you drive on the road, the program issues a voice to you that warns you of a curve a number away. Therefore, a certain number of meters is the program’s importance in that it is a good companion for you during your travels.

For example, if you want to go to a place you have not gone before, this is the best guide. Also, if you forgot a specific area you went to and want to go to it again in the program, it helps you perform that job.

1. Latitude and Places

The application also offers full compatibility with other Google services. Through Latitude (a service similar to Foursquare), you can view contacts nearby, displayed with their images on the map.

Another convenience is Places, which can be accessed through Google Maps and displays on the map restaurants, cafes, bars, bank tellers, attractions, and nearest stations – in addition to other items that you can add yourself.

By clicking on each item, you can see photos, full address, phone, and comments from other users. Besides, an icon shows the best route to get to where you are.

2. Routes and the GPS navigator

Using Maps, you can plot routes to where you want to go. Your path can be displayed for cars, buses, bicycles, or even on foot – always looking for the fastest route. However, the great news of the application is for drivers.

It is now possible to view traffic conditions in your city – in places where the service is made available by Google. With captions ranging from black to green, the app shows the paths that are congested or free.

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This happens on both Maps and the GPS navigator. The application always searches for the fastest routes, as the only diversion options available so far are roads and tolls. But you can even look for alternative ways to see the street situation in real-time.

The displayed routes show the mileage and time for each route. It is also possible to go the other way and update the route when necessary. To access the GPS navigator, click on the blue icon in the route’s upper right corner.

It shows the path (using Street View in the cities where the service is available) with satellite images, narrating in Portuguese the path to be followed. Working as a regular car navigator, your Android displays the way and navigates with you to reach your final destination.

A cool feature of the latest version is that Maps now warns you which lane you need to stay on. That way, you avoid unpleasant surprises when you need to convert to the right or left quickly.

3. Our Opinion on Google Maps

With each update, Google Maps brings good news to Android users. Its integrated GPS navigator is getting better, making it unnecessary to buy a dedicated device to leave in the car.

4. Smart Navigation

The navigation system indicates the track you need to stay on before making a conversion. In this way, it is easier to avoid dangerous situations when necessary to make several changes to the way quickly.

All routes are inside your smartphone and can be saved for offline use, just like the maps themselves. Services like Places, which show nearby establishments, or toll and road filters, can make a more refined search for the best route.

5. Real-time traffic

The visualization of traffic in real-time helps to escape congestion, constant situations in big cities, and more realistic routes. The browser’s narration is in Portuguese, and the screen does not go out while you are using the app, providing intuitive usability.

It is a pity that not all Brazil, UK, US cities rely on traffic monitoring or Street View, but this scenario continues to evolve.

Google Maps APK - Download v10.53.1 Map easier for Android

Google Maps APK is the easiest way to search for addresses and maps, and its Android version is as practical as the one we use in the browser. It is possible to trace routes, view cities, and even use a GPS

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