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Today everyone will enjoy these giant apps that we will explain to you as it was recently developed by the official and global Google company that does not need to explain much and talk about it. Everyone knows it everywhere. Today we will present one of the most critical applications for all users and customers for free, especially photography. 

After Install Google Camera APK for Android, you will take professional photos and backgrounds for yourself, your family, and friends in high quality and have a more than fantastic camera designed by some famous experienced developers at Google.

So it needs some features and capabilities in the phones that it works on, so if your phone was designed after 2016, you would be able to interact, install, and use all the features.

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera is applying the search giant developed to capture images made from your smartphone or tablet with Android to become even more qualified and diverse.

For this, the company offers a series of mechanisms, and you choose which one to use when “taking” the photo. The first feature is Panorama, which allows the gadget to record panoramic landscapes vertically.

Google Camera mod apk for smartphone

Another exciting feature of this app is the Lens Blur, which acts as a lens blur – leaving only one object or person in focus and its entire surroundings “blurred”, being an exciting function for capturing elements that are less than 1, 5 meter from the device.

The third mode of Google Camera is Photo Sphere. Here, you can save immersive images that span 360 degrees around you. All of these mechanisms have tools that serve as a guide when taking photos. The Search Giant ensures that this app can use the sensors’ maximum resolution – avoiding inactive pixels.

In the settings menu, you will find several exciting options that allow you to select the rear camera’s quality and, when available, the front lens. By default, Google Camera chooses the option with the highest quality. You can also choose to take pictures in a 16: 9 or 4: 3 ratio.

In the latest version of the app, a timer was also included, accessed through the options button in the upper right corner. There are three modes: off (default), three seconds, and ten seconds.

You will have to give some permissions to work with you well And high efficiency, which is the permission to access the camera to transfer you and take pictures. There is permission for the microphone to record the sound while recording the video. Also, the last permission is related to the storage space to save all the pictures and videos you shoot on your phone gallery.

Our Opinion about GCam Apps

Google Camera has proven to be an excellent tool for anyone who enjoys or needs to take pictures with their gadgets. The search giant’s bet for this app comes down to offering capture modes that software on Google Play has.

setting for Google Camera

Among the outstanding features are capturing panoramic images, in 360 degrees or with blur effects – functions present only in proprietary software from Google partner manufacturers that are only available in their respective products.

It will be Google Camera. It is available for everyone for free, but it does not work on most old phones that use the old Android system, as it works on phones that were designed after 2016 that have modernized Android systems and were developed in an advanced way.


The Google Camera interface values ​​simplicity, bringing a minimalist look that leaves aside everything that can divert your attention and focuses on presenting what matters: the landscape to be photographed.

An excellent example of this is that all configuration options are hidden and revealed with a finger’s swipe. The only element that is always kept on the device’s screen is the button that performs the capture.

And that is not all. The structure of the app is well organized, segmenting the resources properly according to their respective purposes. The use of intuitive icons ends the combination, promoting an uncomplicated interaction and quickly assimilating anyone.

Fast as the wind

Regarding capture and image processing performance – when necessary – we have nothing to complain about Google Camera. The registration of both photos and videos took place in a speedy and qualified manner, all according to the settings previously to download Google Camera for android 7 8 10

In this sense, Google Camera showed an excellent integration with the search giant’s Photos app, which gathers images saved on the smartphone or tablet and photographs stored through Google+. This can also be seen as an indication that this program is the future native software for capturing images from Google’s “official” devices.

Some things are missing.

Google Camera revealed great potential, but it could be better. The fact that it is only compatible with Android 4.4, better known as KitKat, can discourage many of the Robot platform fans who do not yet have this edition.

This can be explained by the need for advanced hardware specifications for the operation of these new modes. So, by restricting the program only to KitKat, perhaps the company prevents people from having trouble enjoying it.

Furthermore, for now, Google Camera does not have a wide range of editing tools. It would be exciting if the application had, for example, filters that change the appearance of the photos even when they are registered – as with Pixlr APK or VSCO Cam.

Other features of the photography application

  1. After downloading Google Camera, you can use a professional camera-ready at any time to capture high-quality photos.
  2. It contains a night lighting feature that recognizes all things and details, and you will not need to turn on the flash.
  3. By downloading Google Camera for Android, you can turn on automatic recognition to save appropriate photos and take a professional shot.
  4. Primarily located in recognition of rapid response codes, reading documents and paper images, and recognizing and saving written texts in them.
  5. Google Camera helps you to record video with effect, stickers, and pure recording.
Google Camera APK - Download Gcam MOD v6.2.03 on Android

Google Camera Pro MOD APK for Android is applying the search giant developed to capture images made from your smartphone or tablet with Android to become even more qualified and diverse

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