File download GFX Tool APK on Android

Today you can play all high-graphics games that require modern capabilities for the phone that did not work before. By downloading the GFX tool APK for PUBG, as it works to modify all the features of the game before running and control the graphics, colors, graphics, and all the players that hinder the operation process and make it cause The slowness of the phone. 

Still, today you will easily play what you want regardless of the capabilities that the phone contains. It gives you many excellent and distinctive options through which it is possible to access the features and manipulate them fully.

Introducing the optimization GFX tool

For all fans of the PUBG Mobile game that was not working efficiently and their phones today, all features can be fully controlled and controlled via GFX Tool.

unlock 60 90 fps GFX Tool

It provides you with editing on the graphics and technologies inside it to play with it. The mechanisms of work and use within the application are easy as it provides you with the appropriate menus for all people. In the beginning, you will have to close the game if it is on and then open the program and choose the version that you use, and work on it.

After that, it will convert you to the settings page, and then you can choose from the existing menus that allow you complete freedom to choose with the existing technologies and click on the playlist after completion. It will then open with you according to the capabilities that you have chosen in proportion to your phone’s capabilities. 

It is also possible to choose the speed you want to work with, not to cause slowdowns or technical problems, and allow you to play for long hours without problems and the update to suit all categories of phones. Some bugs have been fixed and if you are facing some problems, switch to the default settings.

By using the GFX, you can enjoy all the games that were not available to you before, or you could not install them on the phone due to the few capabilities you have that you do not support. But today, and through this apps and amazing program that has won everyone’s approval, you can download whatever you want without problems.

You will have the ability to download the game PUBG and Village Fair and all the strategy and war games and action with high graphics and imaginative speeds and giant modes of play, customize for beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay via GFX.

For you to have all the elements of graphics and scenes displayed within any game, there are more other useful options that can be discovered, obtained, and enjoyed when using the application. 

It is available for you free of charge through our site. When downloading, and the main destination does not require registration, it does not contain annoying files and lists that are worthless, as they are professional and have a distinctive character and give you freedom in dealing.

Apps feature that powers the game

  1. After downloading the GFX Tool, you can choose any game and edit the graphics inside it.
  2. It helps you play all the games with high graphics on your phone, whatever the capabilities.
  3. By downloading the GFX Tool, you can have complete control over lights, shadows, and aliasing.
  4. It provides you with the features and advantages that make your phone capable of running any game, regardless of the features inside it.
  5. With the GFX Tool, it is possible to manipulate and modify the technologies in PUBG.
  6. It allows you to customize the graphics to suit your desires and the capabilities of your device.
  7. GFX Tool is free and works on various devices.
  8. Game Variations: Through this application, you can determine which version of PUBG Mobile is being played, whether it’s the Global, Chinese, or Korean version. You need to choose the version that matches PUBG Mobile being played so that the GFX + application can run smoothly.
  9. Resolution: Depending on your cellphone’s ability, through this setting, you can increase or decrease the resolution of your PUBG game. It can be 1080p Full HD, 720p, or 480p. Mimin himself uses the 1280×768 (720p) setting for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro device.
  10. Restore: This feature allows you to set everything to default, meaning you can choose various settings that are the best for your device.
  11. Graphics: Here, you can choose Custom Graphics, which are usually not provided by PUBGM for some devices. There are Default, Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR settings in this application.
  12. FPS: Here, you can Unlock FPS from Default, High, Ultra, and Extreme levels. This feature allows you to be able to play smoother with higher fps performance than usual.
  13. Style: Change the graphic settings to Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft.
    Shadow: Activates or deactivates the shadow from the PUBG Mobile game.

How to use to unlock, Full HD graphics, FPS 60 

The second way to unlock 60 FPS for Call of duty Mobile of PUBG Mobile is by using a third-party application, namely the GFX Tool Pro.

setting GFX Tool for pubg

You can download this application on the Google Play Store for free.

How to Unlock 60 FPS on game Mobile-first, please go to PlayStore and type “GFX Tools” or on the GameLoop APK. Then find and download the application.

Install it like an application in general, then open the GFX Tool and the Settings according to what you want.

These are the PUBG, Call Of Duty Mobile Settings that I Recommend Esports.

  1. Select Version: COD, PUBG (Global)
  2. Graphics: HDR
  3. Anti Aliasing: Disable
  4. Styles: Free
  5. Rendering Quality: High
  6. Shadows: Disable
  7. Shadow DIstance: Low
  8. Moving Shadows: Disable
  9. Light Effect: Disable
  10. GPU Optimization: Enable
  11. Sound Quality: Enable.

use GFX Tool pro on androidSo that’s how to unlock 60 FPS in COD Mobile. You can choose both ways. But what we recommend is using the GFX Tools only. Because it can be adjusted to the settings, you want. Well, hopefully, this is useful.

GFX Tool Pro APK - Download v9.9.8 Optimizer game on Android

GFX Tool APK for Android. It will help you optimize your smartphone, unlock high graphics, FPS 90 for many games, you just need to download and use it, the setting is ready to go

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