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Do you enjoy exploring every place you go through? There is a mobile simulation game called Vietnam Bus Simulator APK, roughly translated as a bus driving simulation game in Vietnam.

It will let you drive through cities in Vietnam and drive many other buses and trucks in the game.

What is Vietnam Bus Simulator? Is it interesting?

Vietnam Bus Simulator is a mobile game that takes players into a driver ready to drive on all roads and deliver goods and passengers to almost anywhere. To complete the contract and the cargo to a safe destination, it is necessary to master powerful vehicles and take great care of the road.

While most simulation games in this genre will choose regions such as Europe and the US as the main adventure content, IDBS International games will give you a chance to drive on highways in Vietnam. To start the game, use your savings to buy an initial cart, pick a customer and start the car to go.

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This is a very realistic game; get ready to take a real driving lesson in the game. To guide the truck and keep the load, it is essential to remember the shortcuts and buttons on the screen because when driving, you will only focus on the road.

This means you’ll have to quickly squeeze the handbrake, set the gear, check your rearview mirror, and start your journey. The general controls can be done with the accelerometer, direction sensor, or virtual steering wheel on the phone’s screen.

Turning on your headlights at sunset and activating the wipers in case it rains while slowing down heavy vehicles are also part of your routine, as Vietnam Bus Simulator has a system. You have advanced climate and physics systems. When driving in Vietnam, watch out for bumpy roads, dangerous areas, and some of the toll booths along the way.

You will learn to Drive professionally.

In this game, you will not only manage the stats or pay attention to the following vehicle’s fuel level. But pay attention to major highways and cities in Vietnam – with signs in Vietnamese, to drive cargo for companies, your job in the game is to drive and receive shipping contract. It will also give you a large sum of money to expand your business.

During the game, you can use the payment for deliveries – with the type of cargo, and the distance traveled determines the value of the freight – players can use to unlock brands, model and price are different. 

After increasing the number of cars in the garage, you can change the paint color of the trucks, and you can also decide which type will be used for each mission.

Features of the Vietnam truck driving simulation game

Truck fans and simulation fans will find the Vietnam Bus Simulator game a great treat.

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When you enter this game, you will find it especially designed for mobile phones and tablets, and the game takes place entirely on the roads of Vietnam, from where you can move from south to north. Therefore, it will take your gaming experience to a new level. 

For example, the car’s internal dashboard, the physics, climate change, day and night cycle… and many more.

1. Feel the authenticity of the game

Besides, the controls of the Vietnam Bus Simulator (Google Play) are among the most detailed and realistic controls.

Gearboxes, mirrors, hand brake, accelerator, headlights, various speed indicators, load conditions, and fuel level, and other things needed to complete your delivery duty in a right way. As much as you can – And earn more money so you can buy and upgrade many things.

2. Unique multi-driving experience

Entering this game, you will have a good selection of unlockable trucks. At a very reasonable purchase price and an abundance of roads and locations in Vietnam, along with a wide variety of The mission ensures that you will always enjoy playing this game. 

3. Sound and graphics of this game

3D graphics, although not the best in the series of simulation games, but did very well in recreating areas and vehicles in Vietnam.

However, the frame rate is still poor, and there is always lag and freeze. To solve this problem, it is recommended to disable some effects and decrease the game’s resolution in the options menu.

As for the sound, the game Vietnam Bus Simulator MOD APK has done very well, and it will give you the feeling of the sound of the engine, the sound when the car goes uphill …

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