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Do you love strategy games, try Royal Revolt 2 APK now. When starting with this game, your mission is to turn your kingdom into a concrete castle to fight other players as they try to conquer your treasure in the world.

The game has no difficulty level to choose from; however, when you start, you will get a tutorial to understand what actions are available in the game. The game also supports many languages, helping you to play better.

What is Royal Revolt 2? What’s special?

Royal Revolt 2 is a brand new defense game with very nice 3D graphics, and it has easy to use touch controls! In this game, the story is that you lead your army to defeat the greedy ones who took the throne of your father.

As a young prince sent by your father to learn magic in a remote place, called Bogsmarts, this is a boarding school for spoiled and incompetent young people.

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But after two years, when you return home with a bachelor of magic, everything changes on your father’s land: your father has been killed because the evil and greedy aunts and uncles conspired. And relatives recommend going back to school and leaving your home until you grow up.

After many years, you are a man now, have a lot of magic and power in your hands, and now you can sell teddy bears with jewels and jade, gather some soldiers to rebuild a large army.

What are you waiting for? Go to this game now, and the game gives you a complete experience; remember that this royal revolution game has many mysteries and attractions! You deserve it, and you can’t go wrong trying this game.

Royal game content of Flaregames

With the game Royal Revolt, you have to turn your kingdom into a strong castle to fight other players and conquer the world’s treasure quickly.

And gameplay in Royal Revolt has two main aspects. In it, you have to build a giant fortress, where you can house soldiers and support structures (such as farms and pubs …). And the most critical thing in this game is to build a path for your kingdom.

You can place different traps: obstacles, spikes, arrow towers, launch towers, and many more weapons to fight the enemy. This will help prevent your enemies from attacking your kingdom; once your empire is well protected, it’s time for you to attack your opponent. 

In each battle of this game, you will need to control the heroes and army pre-selected and try to conquer other players’ castles, accumulate experience, gems, money, and more—another remarkable thing.

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During attacks on other fortresses, you can summon a group of soldiers as support and use magic to create a devastating effect on your opponent’s home. You have to know precisely when to use it to increase efficiency; it is the perfect combination of strategy and role-playing. 

If you have ever played the game “Clash of Clans“, you will see that this game’s style is similar. Still, it is provided with many new features and exciting content by the developer and delivering items. Great graphics, it can also provide live gameplay.

Tips for playing the game Royal Revolt

Instructions to play the game Royal Revolt for Android are summarized in the following points:

  • Use simple controls to lead your troops to attack.
  • Use combat magic to heal, stun, or destroy the enemy.
  • Upgrade heroes and knights in the game to increase combat power better.

Features of the game Royal Revolt

The game Royal Revolt has a lot of essential features and many great features, such as:

  • Nice 3D graphics and high resolution
  • You will love the beautiful sounds and other effects in this game.
  • Keep making changes to find the best strategy for you.
  • Manage your fighting skills every day
  • The game requires a stable internet to function correctly.
  • Attack and teach your enemy a lesson.
  • The most robust war game in the genre.
  • With just one touch, you can build and upgrade buildings. Upgrade your army, defense, and heroes.
  • Build and customize the defense system to defend your kingdom. The castle is safe when the guards are well deployed to defend against attackers.
  • Join the alliance with many other players. Or build your alliance.
  • Customize heroes to increase strength, as well as to lead your army in attacks on other players.
  • Join millions of players and take part in online PvP battles.

1. Join the fight

Join the fight like many other games; you will perform actions like setting up your kingdom and attacking enemy cities. However, you should pay attention that it is necessary to choose items that need to be built according to a particular strategy, as they will be responsible for defense.

The items are purchased in the game market, and all the missions are performed by touching your smartphone screen without choosing many different tools, which makes the game very easy controller.

The game market is also divided into several genres, so you know exactly where the items are available. You will also be responsible for defending your castle and organizing armies during an attack, summoning soldiers, and using the protagonist’s skills to aid in the invasion.

2. Graphics and sound of the game

Graphics and drawings in this game are in three-dimensional form and elaborate to match the idea of ​​the game. However, the game is very light, so you can play it smoothly on many Android devices today.

Background music that is animated and suitable for immersing players. Other in-game sounds match the action seen on the screen and are well-synced with events. 

3. Attractive game content

The gameplay of the game Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK (Google Play) is also perfect, as everything is controlled directly by touching your smartphone screen.

Some actions require you to select an item as if you were about to build. However, everything works in a very intuitive way, as the game interface is very well organized.

Likewise, the attack system involves tapping the screen to locate your troops, making it harder for even beginners to complete the action.

This great game also has different constructions for your castle and the ability to grow your soldiers, so you can build new strategies continuously without worrying about getting bored.

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