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Mini World Royale is a new Battle Royale shooter with a variety of competitive maps. Get ready to experience a whole new game with Mini World!

What is Mini World Royale?

Mini World Royale is the Latest survival shooter game that is loved by many people. However, this game is currently only released in a beta version for the Android operating system and not officially available on the app store.

Like PUBG mobile PC, you will have to fight other gamers and try to get inside the circle to become the last survivor. Although it is only in the beta phase, the developer has many gifts for gamers in this test. You can receive costumes, receive Mini World Royale characters for a better experience. 

How to download MWR

To download Mini World Royale, first, visit the Mini World Royale download link below for Android phones. Then click Android Download to download Mini World Royale APK and click on the APK file to install Mini World Royale. 

Download link on

If you see a new version when entering the game, update the game, you will have to re-download the game update file as shown below. After downloading, click install to update the game.

fix bug error game Mini World Royale

After the installation is complete, at the main interface of the game, press Guest to start, next, let’s create a character by choosing a gender and naming it.

In the next step, you need to choose one of 2 play options, namely, Newbie and Master. If you are starting, you should select the New Soldier; you will be familiar with the game’s operations.

At this point, you will have about 15 seconds to get used to the controls in the game. After watching the instructions, you will officially enter the battle by parachuting down to the map’s desired location.

Similar to other survival shooters, when landing on the ground, your task is to collect weapons and other items with the aim of survival to the end. After completing the first game, you will be redirected to the main game interface. Here, you can freely choose the outfit, game modes such as Team, entertainment, or Training …

Besides the phone version, players can also install the Mini World Royale emulator on the PC.

Our Opinion about game MWR

Video: Gameplay, fix lag

Blocky Cars APK fans can’t help but check out Mini World Royale. With the same artistic style as the Mini World classic, the SuperNice Digital app creates a perfect world for players who can’t settle for using only swords and bows.

1. New styles and modes

Mini World Royale is a first-person shooter that will surprise fans of the classic Minecraft. Explore a pixel world built entirely of bricks; the mission is to send buckshot to zombies and survive.

download Mini World Royale apk beta mod for android

There are several ways for you to have fun, such as “CAMPAIGN” (Campaign), “SURVIVAL” (Survival), “DEATHMATCH” (Combat to the death), and “COOPERATIVE” (Cooperative). Many of them are single players, like the first and the second.

During games, you control the character by sliding your thumb in the lower right corner of the display. In turn, the left side serves to aim. The buttons on the exemplary service to shoot, jump, and reload.

As you earn money and experience, you can purchase skins for the protagonist, firearms (“GUNS”), or melee (“MELEE”). There is also a special “SPECIAL” section with mind-boggling items that are quite steeply-priced.

2. Focus on unrestrained action

The game is very similar to the original game, as the goal and movement are controlled very easily by sliding your thumb across the screen.

However, the buttons that serve to pull the triggers of the weapons give much more action.

The campaign missions and many single-player modes provide much fun for gamers who prefer to play alone. The evolution is constant; there are plenty of weapons and items, and the level of difficulty increases consistently, making the apo addictive.

Multiplayer matches are intense and extremely fast, as players move all the time and jump without stopping. Despite this, response times are acceptable, ensuring that you can defend yourself without suffering too much from lag.

3. Weapons and combats online

The customization possibilities and weapons are great incentives for hardcore gamers who enjoy evolution and competition. However, the high prices will make things very difficult for people who are not willing to spend real money.

Visually, there is nothing to complain about in Mini World Royale MOD APK on Android. The game is an almost perfect clone of Minecraft, and admirers of this creative artistic style will find nothing to complain about.

The sounds also follow the same line, keeping alive the indie appeal of the original work. Gun noises are relatively realistic and help a lot in the action climate.

Mini World Royale APK - Download v1.0 MWR on Android

Mini World Royale APK is the Latest survival shooter game that is loved by many people. However, this game is currently only released in a beta version for the Android operating system

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