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Genshin Impact is one of the game titles which many gamers have been waiting for when its release. After going through the close-beta development stage, Genshin Impact APK was released globally on September 28, 2020.

And Genshin Impact can be played for free (free to play) on the Windows PC / Laptop platform, Android HP, iPhone, and PlayStation 4.

What is Genshin’s Impact?

Genshin Impact is an adventure game with an action RPG (Role Playing Game) type and an open world system, with character styles like anime (Japanese cartoons). Genshin Impact APK was developed by miHoYo. If you have previously played the Zelda game, you must be familiar with this game.

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Genshin Impact takes a story about the background of the world of Teyvat, where later, the player or player will play as a traveler with a mission to find the missing sibling. Along the way, later, players will meet several characters who have unique skills.

Now for those who want to play the Genshin Impact game, be it on PC, HP, and PS4. It would be nice; first, you check the minimum specifications to play the game Genshin Impact on Android as follows:

  • CPU / Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM and above
  • Recommended Android Operating System: Android 8.1 and above

First Impressions in Teyvat World

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1. Classy Graphics, Not for a Potato Smartphone!

The first thing that you should pay attention to before playing this game is the availability of storage and smartphone capabilities. Because, in terms of specifications, Genshin Impact is a quite demanding game. You also have to download data around 5-6 GB.

If the above is not an obstacle, entering this game for the first time can give rise to a sensation of its own because the high specifications required are immediately paid in full with a very stunning visual presentation.

With anime-style illustrations, the characters and environment appear very dynamic. Even though it doesn’t use a realistic visual style like most RPG, everything in this game is very real. For example, the animation of the grass being blown by the wind, the waves, and the time difference between day and night.

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2. A “Pure” RPG, Not an MMO

One important thing that you should know next is the format of this game. When you first heard about it, you might feel that Genshin Impact is an MMORPG. However, in reality, this game is a pure RPG with a little action-adventure touch.

This means that you will play alone without any other player characters hanging around. All you have to do is go on an adventure in the open world, which is very wide, even though it looks small on the map.

With an open-world format, this means that this game is also different from Honkai Impact as an action RPG. If Honkai uses a stage format for game progress, Genshin emphasizes exploration.

On top of that, Genshin Impact’s “pure” RPG elements are the story. This game carries the premise of a god-level being whose aim is to find his lost brother after being defeated by a stronger god in a battle.

Throughout the adventure, you will control several other characters with distinctive personalities and abilities. By completing the given quest, you will also help the MC (the main character) search for the missing siblings and find out the truth about the world of Teyvat.

One thing that might be a positive value for those who have been playing mobile MMORPGs is the auto feature. This feature is absent in this game, so you have to control your character with your own hands.

3. Complexes with Nuance-style RPG Zelda who Condensed

In Genshin Impact Mobile, you can feel all the elements of role-playing. Call it leveling up, gathering resources, forging, cooking, exploring dungeons, and following the story presented.

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Interestingly, this game is quite complicated for an RPG. In the game, you can take advantage of the environment to fight, for example, climbing cliffs or trees and taking advantage of existing elements such as water in a puddle to defeat the enemy.

Also, the element system is in the spotlight. There are seven elements in this game, namely Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo. Later, these seven elements affect the combat system so that you can’t just attack monsters. The reason is, there are strong monsters with specific features; some are weak.

Even more impressive, these seven elements can produce reactions like in the real world. For example, when the Hydro (water) element meets Pyro (fire), a Vapor (steam) reaction will appear.

4. Gacha remains a mainstay.

Even though it can be called a “pure” RPG, in the end, this game still uses the gacha system like the one in Honkai Impact. This means that you can only get random characters, weapons, costumes, and other cosmetics.

In Genshin Impact, this gacha system is called “Wishes”. There are several types of Wishes that players can choose from, starting from Standard Wish, which uses standard in-game currency. The good news is, you will get a guarantee of at least one character or 4-star weapon for 10 tractions.

Besides, you can get currency for gacha by grinding. However, of course, it will take longer to collect the required money. The good news is, you can get several characters for free by completing quests.

5. Music Becomes an Important Element

In this review, Genshin Impact’s music is an essential factor. On the way, the player will always listen to music. Also, when in battle, the music from Genshin Impact also adjusts.

Not only a matter of music, but the voice actors of each character are also very suitable. Famous names from the world of seiyuu were also present.

6. One drawback, Co-Op Genshin Impact Needs to be Improved Again.

Now, there is only one problem that Genshin Impact is facing, yep the Co-Op feature – Broadly speaking, miHoYo does provide many supporting features ranging from a shopparty settings, and several other things.

However, the multiplayer feature does have many flaws. Why? The first player to join the world other players can not make the chest or crate. They can only help solve the puzzle or help defeat the enemy.

Second, some features cannot be unlocked when the player is in Co-Op mode. This is what players complain about to this day. If miHoYo can make changes to these features, Genshin Impact may be a game that is quite interesting for you to play.

Genshin Impact APK
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Genshin Impact is one of the game titles which many gamers have been waiting for when its release. After going through the close-beta development stage, Genshin Impact APK was released globally on September 28, 2020.

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