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You are passionate about driving and passionate about high-speed supercars. You should try playing the Forza Street APK now. You’ll enjoy this 3D racing game with an exciting story mode and unique characters.

When you play this game, you will be able to race on long roads and collect your dream cars. Select an event to choose a race and team to start on illegal races in this game.

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You will have the freedom to choose your vehicles every day and have a chance to win new Hot Wheels cars! And what’s even more remarkable is choosing the best street racing scenes at lightning speed! And win your dream car and have fun with everyone or your friends.

What’s so attractive about Forza Street?

Entering this game, you will own epic supercars and glide through streets worldwide in Forza Street; this 3D racing game has a very engaging story mode, Full of unique characters and easy controls on the touch screen.

Just use your right thumb to press the accelerator and your thumb to the left to activate the turbocharger. You are helping your car rush forward.

In this game, you just need to release the gas when turning a corner, then press again when leaving. And you note, it’s the turbocharger that should only be used on long and straight trails, but one of Forza Street’s best features is its fantastic story mode, containing hundreds of exciting races and many competitors around the world.

In story mode, you can meet new characters, and even unlock many cars and become a famous street racer in this car world; you can also modify the cars. Car to increase its performance or customize its look in the garage to make it more beautiful.

Features of the racing game from Microsoft Corporation

The game’s unique features make it very popular, and today, it has more than 2 million installs from Google Play.

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1. Collect and upgrade famous cars

Race well to collect legendary cars – from classic to modern sports and classic supercars – at super-high speeds, turning your garage home to all the famous cars. Hey!

2. Speed ​​competition with multiplayer

The developer has simplified the game controls to focus on entertainment – throttle control, braking, and acceleration are the keys to victory. Even more outstanding is the game with stunning graphics closes up.

As long as you accelerate on the asphalt, the first stunning 3D visual effects bring a motion to life. This is a fun, new, and unique way to enjoy Forza Motorsport.

3. Play the game according to your conditions

Join the race anytime, anywhere. Each quick one-minute race or take part in a special event to win your favorite car.

New controls let you easily control the car, brake, and assist with the touch of your finger on the phone’s display. Just by playing this game, you will feel like you are being driven in a real high-speed vehicle and cross the finish line to win; It can be said that Forza Street will bring you big surprises.

4. There are many maps.

With this game, you will be able to choose from many different tracks: city roads and major real-world ways.

You will be driving new cars and starting the war on your finish.

The game has perilous but more dangerous races, but the rewards you get will be a lot.

There will be many maps in this game, where you can choose from dangerous roads or safe routes.

5. Great 3D graphics

It was reviewed as a game with graphics like a movie.

Because the game is designed on a 3D graphics platform and is very well optimized by the developer, it helps players experience the smoothest game.

The image in this driving game is incredibly realistic.

Players will feel like they are driving real cars. All the cameras or the controls on the screen are streamlined.

That brings the best experience for this 3D racing game.

One outstanding feature is that the game’s effects, such as drift or nitro power-up, are incredibly sharp, as it has been optimized for the player experience.

# Additional game features

The game also includes many other important features, most notably:

  • The game is free and supported on Android for free, which you can download on Google Play or GameLoop APK.
  • As you speed up the streets to collect and upgrade new cars, try to destroy your opponents’ cars for even more appeal.
  • Your team will be competing with all players worldwide and participate in 1vs1 peer-to-peer competitions to climb the leaderboards and stand TOP.
  • New activities in the game will always be updated, fresh and exciting!
  • You can collect, customize every car, compete and upgrade over 50 real cars from the world’s best car brands.
  • Supercar Lamborghini and McLaren. Chevrolet and American Dodge cars are also present in this game.
  • Besides, the game also has sports cars BMW and Porsche … but the price is very high, so you should try to own it.
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