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Are you a person who likes to drive, wants to try your hand with the most significant, most challenging cars today? Then try playing Euro Truck Evolution Simulator APK, a top favorite simulation game today because it has over 20 million installs from Google Play.

This game’s idea is to let players swing around giant trucks, which is very epic because here, you will be able to drive cargo trucks, passenger buses and perform some missions that other cars cannot do. 

What is Euro Truck Evolution? What’s outstanding about the game?

Euro Truck Simulator Mobile is one of the most successful truck simulation games globally – and one of the favorites of driving enthusiasts.

This is also the first version of the game, and it has revolutionized the stylish new plays and has brought whimsical graphics, realistic gameplay, and countless quests for you. Cross the challenging roads in Europe.

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It is also the most exciting truck driving simulator game developed and released through SCS Software. This game has also been released and widely released for Android, Microsoft, Windows, Linux. And Xbox.

There is more than one mission in the game, where you can join the races with giant cars of other players, and you will suffer various terrible collisions and accidents, and the main mission. Your way is to transport different loads from place to place like wood, iron, and miscellaneous equipment.

Players can choose from different countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK …

After that, players can take jobs from different companies and deliver to other cities in the country, and when the delivery is successful, you will receive money. Then with this money, you can buy a new truck, upgrade your existing one, expand your business to other countries, and have a material and chemical driving license. Flammable substances… because carrying bulky goods, you will get more money.

Truck driving simulation game in Europe

In this game version, you become the driver of giant cars and receive various challenging missions, such as driving a European truck to America. 

You are entrusted with many tasks such as transporting cargo and large payloads from other places, places passing through European streets, and paying attention to traffic lights. You should always pay attention when driving on the road.

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You will also get a lot of money if the goods are entirely transported and in the fastest time. Then be able to buy better parts and make the truck stronger. At the same time, you must Continuously maintain their trucks to ensure safety so that they do not crash and overturn. 

But not only that, you will get used to driving all cars and motorbikes, even airplanes and steam trains.

Features of the game Truck Simulator from Ovidiu Pop

There are many international car brands in this game, such as 7 European 4×2 and 6×4 truck brands, such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.euro truck evolution simulator apk mod money free 2

 More than 60 cities are taken from reality from different European regions such as the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, France, the UK, the USA, Sweden, and many other countries.

1. Please pay attention to the car and upgrade it.

When playing this game, pay attention to the engine because the right car will help you cross country roads and highways, and this game has many easy controls such as tilt and buttons. Help control the car or drive the wheel by touch. 

As it gives you very high precision during controls and the in-game changing weather effect makes it more realistic, as well as it also affects night and day, winter, summer, rain, and sun.

2. Multiple transportation systems, roads

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile, traffic has been improved to drive more efficiently and help you drive safely. Because it has dozens of roads and many roads are passing through different cities and hills.

And this truck driving game will help you learn to drive and master the driving and facilitate you through maps that appear in front of you on the screen and identify your destinations.

3. Learn and use the money to buy new cars

Before you leave, you need a truck. Your account starts to fill with 100,000 euros, and you need to invest in a car to make a living. While it may seem like much money, all trucks cost more than that, so pick one that your money is affordable and ready to get started.

The first steps of the game are detailed instructions, useful for beginners. There you learn how to use the keys to activate the minimap display, use GPS, and even learn the most essential things: acceleration, braking, and truck navigation.

4. Shipping and timely delivery

A good truck driver won’t run out of deliveries, so go to the warehouses indicated on the map. There are often multiple delivery tasks in these places, so it is necessary to choose the destination and where the material will be obtained.

At this point, it is essential to note: certain types of goods require a special permit to be transported. You can buy them without problems. However, you need money to purchase the license. In the first mission, you pay attention to the goods you transport and choose the right truck to carry them.

5. Drive safely and not be violated

Driving in Euro Truck Evolution MOD Money APK is very fun, and it will allow you to move freely around the map. However, you need to note. During your trip, your violations count, whether they are small or large. 

Therefore, if you ride in the wrong direction or collide with another vehicle, you can be fined, and when violating, a warning will appear on the screen.

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