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The popularity of FMWhatsApp APK has been able to compete with other competitors who are also developing WhatsApp Mods. This application is also a mainstay application for WhatsApp users.

Developed by Fouad Mods, FMWhatsApp offers various cool features that were not present in the original WhatsApp. Not only that, updates and feature updates are still being actively carried out.

For those confused about finding the right type of Gb WhatsApp MOD, FMWhatsApp will answer your doubts when using it.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp (FMWA) is one of the best WhatsApp Mods developed by Fouad Mokdad, which is currently available with the latest version, v.8.26 in 2020.

This application provides features that are not on WhatsApp Official, such as security features, changing themes, and dozens of other app FM Whatsapp free

In essence, this FM WhatsApp Mod eliminates the limitations of the original WhatsApp. Of course, this is an exciting thing, especially for those who like to tinker with cellphones !.

Here is a complete review of the reason for those of you interested in using it.

Nine features of the FMWA version

The features offered in the latest version of FMWhatsApp (FMWA) are sufficient to support your usage. No need to worry about errors; all of these features are stable.

The features above are only a few. For other features, you can try it yourself after successfully installing FMWhatsApp. If you are still not satisfied, please try the WhatsApp application.

1. App Lock feature

So that other people cannot tap WA with FMWhatsApp or read essential messages, FMWhatsApp also presents the App Lock feature in the latest version of the application.

You can also provide a password in specific chats, so you don’t need to lock in Apps. This feature can lock specific chats for up to 100 contacts.

2. Regular Updates

This feature is the most sensible of the FMWhatsApp. Why? Because you don’t need to bother doing regular updates to anticipate accounts getting banned and to use FMWhatsapp mobile

Another feature of this WhatsAppFM Mod is that you can feel the latest features that have not been released on the official WhatsApp. This happens because the developers make modifications by adding new features such as those in WhatsApp Beta.

3. Anti Delete Message

If you are often annoyed because your friends usually delete messages sent, you can use this feature.

With this anti-delete message feature, messages will remain read and available even if your friends cancel sending messages and deleting them.

4. Media Sharing feature

It makes sense to say that this feature is ridiculous. Why? Because users can freely send and receive files up to 1 GB by supporting various file types such as Video, Audio, PDF, ZIP, APK, RAR.

Besides, what else? You can send 60 images at a time with their original/uncompressed quality or resolution.

5. Create a Super Group

If a group on official WhatsApp can only contain 250 people, then on FMWhatsApp, you can fill a group with 500 people. Super really, right?

6. Voice and Video Call Filters

Uniquely, with the Voice and Video Call filter features, you can permit only certain people so they can make phone calls and video calls.

It is highly recommended for those of you who have an Online Shop, which is usually suddenly called by potential customers.

7.Hide View Status

Do you like stalking other people’s stories on WhatsApp? This is suitable for this feature !. You can view other people’s WhatsApp stories as anonymous.

Anonymous like what? This means that your activity will not be recorded in your friend’s viewers list.

8. Forwarding messages without the label “Forward.”

This is also one of the unique features. When you forward a message from another person, there will be no Forward writing on the chat you send.

Again, this feature is handy for those who have an Online Shop and usually answer potential customers’ same questions.

How do I activate this feature? You just have to go to settings => privacy menu => disable forward.

9. Send Video Messages up to 5 Minutes

If WhatsApp only provides 30 seconds for video status, then with FMWhatsApp, you can create a status or send a video for up to 5 minutes !. Isn’t that amazing?

Note: Before installing FMWhatsApp, even though the modifier offers anti-banned features, there is still no guarantee that your WhatsApp account is 100% safe. Do you know the consequences? We recommend that you don’t use the main number to try it.

How to Install FM Version

For those who fail during the installation process, maybe you haven’t activated the application install permissions from third parties. So, before installing FMWhatsApp, make sure that this feature is activated.

Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. After that, go to Biometrics and security, then select Install unknown applications.
  3. Next, you will see many applications on that page. Please select My Files and enable Allow from this source.
  4. Done.

If you have followed the steps above, you will no longer experience errors during the installation process. In essence, you only need to enable unknown sources in security settings.

Anti Banned Tips

Even though some say FMWhatsApp is anti-banned, it does not rule out the possibility that it will be banned one day. This is due to bugs in this application.

But calm down; as long as you update WhatsApp regularly, the potential for getting banned by FMWhatsApp will be even smaller. So, you don’t have to worry about this.

Here’s how to update FMWhatsApp:

  1. First, open YoMods on FMWhatsApp.
  2. After that, go to the Updates menu and select Check for Updates.
  3. If there is an updated version of FMWhatsApp, please click Web Downloads and download the file.
  4. Finally, you only need to install the downloaded application.
  5. Done.

If you are sure that the FMWhatsApp being used is the latest version, you can be sure that application bans’ potential is minimal. This also happened to Hazar Bozkurt’s latest WhatsApp application.

When updating FMWhatsApp, you don’t need to uninstall the application beforehand. Simply download and install (overwrite) the old application with the new application.

Special attention

For those who want to use FMWhatsApp, I recommend using the second number only, not the main number. The reason is, the anti-banned tips above do not guarantee that your account is 100% safe.

It’s okay to use the main number, as long as you know the risks. Because if you have been permanently banned, that number cannot be used for WhatsApp anymore.

tested FMWhatsApp above using the second number while installing the main number on the original WhatsApp. I do this so that my main account remains safe and can be used forever.

You can read references about banned WhatsApp accounts at the WhatsApp Help Center.

Thus the article about FMWhatsApp, including how to install and anti-banned tips. Hopefully, this article can be useful, especially for those of you who want to use this application.

FMWhatsapp Pro APK - Download FMWA v11.8.2 on Android

The popularity of FMWhatsApp APK has been able to compete with other competitors who are also developing WhatsApp Mods. This application is also a mainstay application for WhatsApp users.

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