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Have you ever gone fishing? If you are a person who loves fishing, now GameLoop.Mobi introduces a mobile game called Fishing Diary APK.

In it, you will make fishing the primary goal of the game. The game takes place on the ocean floor, and you have a cannon for throwing nets and hunting fish.

When entering the game, you will be using cannons to shoot and your nets like a fisherman and wait to catch the largest fish possible.

What is Fishing Diary? What’s funny about the fishing game?

Fishing Diary is an entertaining fishing game where you have to use a cannon to shoot a net to catch different fish, and the more you see, the more money you will make from selling fish.

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In this fish shooting game, you will find more than 10 different types of fishing cannon guns that you will use many times to get what you want while fishing and do not see it challenging to catch the number of fish. The largest in the lake.

The operation of this fun fish hunting game is straightforward: your cannon appears at the bottom of the screen, you can shoot in any direction.

And just by clicking on any part of the screen. If there are fish in this section or any other sea creature, you will probably be lucky to catch them.

Initially, you will only need to see a few types of fish, but later, you will see many other rare marine life.
For example, manta rays, sharks, jellyfish, and even mermaids (the rarest).

However, the rarer ones are, the easier it will be to catch them. Usually, you need to get help from some items while continuing to play the game.

Fishing Diary is a fun, easy, simple, and fun game.

And it makes the player happy, and the more you play, it will be fun to play it as its humor and entertainment characterize it.
The more missions you need to complete to earn more money. You can keep throwing the net without stopping and enjoy the beautiful colors on the screen, as well as the fun of catching other rare sea creatures.

The attraction of this fish shooting game!

In the meantime, GameLoop.Mobi will present you with one of the best and most exciting games, loved by many.
Fishing Diary (Google Play) is one of the best entertaining games that you can rely on your skills and ability to catch fish from the big sea without difficulty or fatigue. You can catch them with The cannon throws the net at the fish to see them, but not easily.

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In this game, fishing is the most enjoyable activity. You will continuously be traveling across the sea to find new fishing locations with various innovative and new fishing methods.

We will go fishing during this trip, and you will find exciting memories and events to record in your daily fishing diary.
Let’s start an exciting fishing trip right now!

The features of the game Fishing Diary?

  1. You can choose from more than 10 cannons with different skills; some high-speed shoot bullets, others accurately;…
  2. If you choose to Throw a Bomb, you will probably catch all the fish in the area.
  3. It allows you to use bait such as bread, worms,… to facilitate the fishing process.
  4. You can also catch fish more effectively, such as electrocution to shock all fish in the area.
  5. You catch as many fish as you can to achieve outstanding records that compete for rankings with everyone.
  6. The fairies in this game know where the treasure is on the bottom of the lake, so you must also know the treasure’s location wisely.
  7. Bubble sharks will bring you luck, and you can catch them too.
  8. The fish migrate in multiple lines and swarms, so pay attention to catch more.
  9. Don’t miss an opportunity to get reasonable distances.
  10. The game allows you to use clever tricks to predict the largest number of fish possible.
  11. Reaching a record and catching vast numbers of fish will put you on top of the game’s overall rankings.

1. Use energy and electricity to catch fish.

Using energy, you fix the animal for a while, get more good hunting chances. With the bombs, you can also catch the mermaid from side to side of the screen.

2. Pay attention to treasures.

It would help if you remembered, there are many stories in the ocean. If you find a chest full of jewels, you earn 600 gold coins; If you find a wheel, it must be spun, and you get the score to appear on the screen.

3. Nice graphics and easy controls

As soon as you open the game, you will notice that the interface is very well developed. Nice graphics make the game more interesting.

The sound also helps players feel more excited, and the music brings a beach atmosphere that is more suitable for the game.

The controls are precise and straightforward, so it’s not too challenging to catch multiple fish at once. The items in the game are also beneficial. However, they are limited and secure more items, and you will need to invest by buying more.

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