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What is FishDom?

Fishdom APK is a simulation game created for Orkut, similar to Secrets of the Sea, in which you have to take care of an aquarium full of small fish. Some of the actions that the user has to perform are: feeding the pets, cleaning the aquarium, selling and buying new animals, and adding unique decorations to their container.


Features fun fish shooting game.

Feed your aquatic friends

To find out if the fish in your aquarium are hungry or satisfied, click on the food jar. The hunger status of all inhabitants appears at the same moment. To stop viewing, click on the pot again.

To feed a fish, click on the pink pot named “Fish food”, located at the bottom of the screen, and then click anywhere in the aquarium. The food is thrown into the water, and the fish are in charge of finding it.

FishDom mod money apk on android

But, pay attention, throw the food on top of the container, because it can no longer be consumed when the food reaches the ground. Whenever you let your aquatic animal go to the red level of hunger, its growth stops. So keep an eye on their needs, feed them as soon as possible so as not to slow the pet’s evolution.

Fish also become adults!

One way to find out information about the pet (such as name, age, life span, and hunger) is by clicking on the little swimmer. The fish’s lifespan is shown in a countdown, showing how long the goldfish will move on to the next phase of life. The age of your goldfish appears next to this counter.

Click on “Sell” to profit from the goldfish. But, remember, the older he is, the greater his value. So, let it reach adulthood to put it up for sale. Thus, you guarantee more gold coins in your pocket.

Spend the money earned

To buy new fish, click on “Shop”, located on the screen’s left side, and select the desired item. The capacity of inhabitants of your aquarium is limited. As you earn money, you can increase it by expanding the area or buying a larger aquarium. On the first level, you can have a maximum of four small fish.

When you buy a new animal, you can name it and choose the sex of the fish. On this same screen, information about the time it takes to become an adult, the amount of experience it will yield when sold, and the sale value in the first phase appear. Click on “Buy” to place this goldfish in your aquarium.

In the store, you will also find new decoration items. The decorations scattered around the container make the fish delirious. They even let out little hearts when they encounter a beautiful decorative item. Be sure to visit this shopping space and purchase new items for your aquarium from time to time.

It is possible to customize the size and position of the decorations that are inserted in the container. Click on the item to open the available options. In most objects, you can increase and decrease the size and inverting its position horizontally. By clicking on the item and dragging it, you change the location of the selected decoration. However, the user can also sell the object for a price well below the amount spent to buy it.

Get over it and level up.

Whenever you pass the level, new items will be unlocked in the in-game store, and a ticket showing the released items appears along with the advanced level notification. On this same screen, the elements that will be unlocked when you move to the next level are shown.

Always keep the aquarium. 

To clean your aquarium, select the sponge located next to the fish food pot and rub it all over the room until the “Everything Clean” message is shown on the screen.

how to play game FishDom

This action must be done regularly, as a dirty aquarium makes its inhabitants unhappy; each time you clean up in the water, your experience increases.

Fishdom Tips

At the beginning of the game, several golden coins appear around the scene. Click on them to get them and increase your money. If you use Fishdom for five days in a row, your account will earn a special reward without ever failing. Every time you miss a day, the count starts over.

Each time you perform a necessary action during the game, you have the option to disclose it to your Orkut friends. Click “Share” in the window that appears, or click the “X” to close it and cancel sharing. If you choose to publish, a message appears at the top of the screen. Select “Post” to send the news to your friends.

As with Facebook games, you can also send free items to friends in Orkut apps, the “gifts”. To do this, click on the “Free gifts” icon, symbolized by a red gift box, and choose which of the prizes you would like to give your colleagues.

Our Opinion on Fishdom

The Fishdom (Google Play) graphics are stunning, the designs are colorful, and the fish are well designed. The gameplay is simple. The user soon gets the hang of how to perform the actions. As with any simulation application, this game also allows you to increase your aquarium with new items purchased from the game’s store.

Right at the beginning, the game is a bit monotonous, as it is only possible to play with four fish, and the user does not start with much money in the box, so he can buy a few items to increase the aquarium. However, during the game, it is easy to get involved with the smiling aquatic animals.

The most significant disadvantage of Fishdom is that many of the improvements available for purchase require the user to have in the box a unique currency, green, purchased with real money. So, if you want to perform simple actions, such as increasing the capacity of inhabitants of your aquarium, you will need to shell out a small amount of money to acquire green money.

Regarding sound effects, the game still has a lot to improve. The music is very repetitive and a little tedious. However, this small problem can be easily solved if the user enters the Fishdom settings and turns off the sound or decreases the song’s volume.

FishDom APK - MOD v5.23.0 free Gems on Android latest

Fishdom MOD money APK for Android is a simulation game created for Orkut, similar to Secrets of the Sea, in which you have to take care of an aquarium full of small fish. Some of the actions that the user has to perform are: feeding the pets, cleaning the aquarium

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