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Messenger APK, The most potent chat apps among chat programs, is not only because of its multiple and useful features but also because it was developed by the social media giant Facebook. You can use it entirely for free.

The Facebook Messenger 2020 program for voice and video calls for Android mobile is an essential app for chatting with all Facebook users to interact and exchange experiences and opinions and exchange pictures, videos, and files, sending and receiving various kinds.

Messenger is one of the essential Android programs that must be on your phone to communicate effectively and distinctively with your Facebook friends.

Today we are reviewing a comprehensive topic about downloading the new Messenger 2020 in an easy and fast way and offering all its powerful features and features while providing a direct link for downloading in APK format.\

What is the apps Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an app to send instant messages, images, audio clips, gifs, and emojis…

Messenger MOD APK has many of the tools available for installation in the apps, and Facebook Messenger is the official application for Facebook.

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Messenger 2020 for chatting, video, and audio calls is an exceptional program other than similar programs because it connects with Facebook.

This means confidence and security while you use the apps in addition to the continuous development and updates that are available to users in short times, where an update is issued every period for the program to maintain its stability and safe working environment. 

And in the first place, to keep the comfort of its users and provide all the possibilities and features that attract them to use it daily.

How messaging app works

 Like most programs, Facebook Messenger needs to run phone data or connect to a Wi-Fi network to work, and you do not need to pay any costs for messages and calls, as it is entirely free.

The program to work requires connecting your account on Facebook to work and entering your phone number if you want to use the feature of sending messages to your contacts directly through the application.

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And this is a very wonderful feature within the new fast Messenger application, as well as you can add and invite people registered in your phone book and chat with them until And if they do not have a Facebook account.

Messenger APK for Android has been developed to make conversations distinctively. You can take video clips, pictures, and selfies and send them to your contacts or a group directly through the application if you want to send photos and videos from the gallery.

You can do this as well and do a review of all your photos and videos on your smartphone And choose, select, and send what you want in an easy and fast.

Features best of the Apps

This feature allows you to easily communicate with all the people who befriend you on Facebook. 

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You will find many emoticons and distinctive stickers related to the Android Messenger application.

1) Free video and audio call with good quality.

Sometimes chatting isn’t enough between you and your friend or someone you miss. After all, talking is talk. You can press the video call button to see this person in front of your eyes to make the conversation more expressive. 

With the set of features included in the Facebook Messenger camera from beautiful filters, your conversation will be distinguished by adding some fun to it with whomever you talk to. 

The quality of the video mainly depends on the speed of your Internet connection. In any case, the quality of the video calls is right in the Facebook Messenger 2020 application. 

The audio calls’ quality is also high for an experience where you will find the sound is clear, pure, and well heard, and all this is entirely free. You only need to have the Internet and go.

  1. Start a conversation with the person you want.
  2. You will find the video call button and the voice call button at the top of the conversation window.
  3. Press any button in them, and the video or audio chat will start.

2. Filters that add fun to video calls

When you conduct a video chat with anyone, you will find a bar at the bottom of the conversation screen that includes many filters that can add a lot of fun to your conversation. 

Messenger includes filters to change your face or glasses on your face and those that completely change your appearance.

3. Send high-quality voice messages.

The voice messaging feature saves time and effort, especially if the conversation is long, so you do not have to write everything you want to say. 

You can do that by speaking with your voice without writing to express more about what you want to communicate to those you are talking to. The voice messages in Facebook Messenger 2020 for Android are distinguished by clarity and clarity when recording and sending.

  1. You will find a button in the form of a microphone at the bottom in the conversation window.
  2. Press and hold it and start recording your voice message.
  3. If you want to cancel sending, you will find an x ​​floating mark, drag the registration to it to cancel the transmission.

4. Send videos and photos.

Facebook’s world is full of pictures, videos, and exceptional cases that we like a lot. It happens that we like a particular image or video a lot or an expressive situation. 

Through the Facebook Messenger application, you can direct any video message or picture in any conversation by pressing the share button next to each message to be sent directly. 

You can send it to multiple people, and you will find a list of friends and next to each one of them, the word send.

5. A camera to take pictures and videos and edit them professionally

Use the camera to shoot and send the captured push button during the procedure of the talks. 

You can use it individually without conversations by pressing the camera button in its main program window. This camera features some important and useful features, such as.

  1. Take pictures and put filters on them.
  2. Take a video clip and put live filters on it.
  3. BOOMERANG feature for fast motion capture.
  4. Take a selfie with isolation.
  5. Make a picture with text only with the ability to add emojis and stickers.
  6. Doing an opinion poll about something with yes or no answers in the poll.
  7. Share the location of your story.
  8. Refer people to your photo and story.
  9. Multiple tools to modify the image after capturing it.

6. Emojis, gifs, and stickers

The new Messenger 2020 program for Android features its famous emojis and stickers that make conversations cool and interesting and bring them to life. These stickers make us say a lot without writing any words.

↪ Redirect images and messages from within the conversation and send them to others

This feature in Messenger 2020 saves you a lot like copying, pasting, and exit from your conversation to send something. It saves you saving these messages, pictures, and videos on your phone first and then resending them and searching for the person to be sent to. 

The matter has become much simpler than this, as you will find next to each message a share or forward button by clicking on it, a list of friends will open for you, and next to each friend’s name, you will find the word Send to resend this message to many people at the same time. 

In addition to another nice feature for the pictures sent to you, which is the ability to edit and modify them by pressing the pen button next to each image, and the Messenger application editor for pictures will open.

Through which you can add texts to the image in different colors, emojis, stickers, and resend it again to the same person in the same conversation.

7. Interact with chat messages with emoji

Like interacting with posts and comments on Facebook, you can also interact on a specific message within the conversation in the Facebook Messenger application. 

Under each message, there is a small button with an emoji next to the + sign. By clicking on it, you can interact on this message with the following expressions.

  1. I loved it 😍
  2. Laugh me 😄
  3. Surprised me 😮
  4. Sad me 😢
  5. Pissed off me 😠
  6. I liked 👍
  7. I disliked 👎

8. Create a reminder to alert you to an event or event within the conversation

The reminder feature in Facebook Messenger helps you a lot in alerting you and whomever you are chatting with, whether a person or a group, about something you intend to do or go to a place or attend a specific event specific time. 

This Reminder is placed and adjusted from within the same conversation with someone next to the camera button. Press the 4 dots to display more options, which you will find, including an option called Reminders.

  1. Click on Reminders, then Create Reminder.
  2. Type in the name of the Reminder and choose a time and location.
  3. Click on additional options to control the alarm time and end time.
  4. The Reminder you created will appear within the conversation.
  5. Click to attend, or I cannot attend.
  6. When the alarm time comes, or minutes before it, a message will be sent to you and everyone to remind you.

9.  Create a group chat

One of the features of Facebook Messenger 2020 for Android Facebook Messenger is the creation of group conversations, adding, deleting, and identifying users within the conversation. 

10. The establishment of secret talks

An important feature for users of the Android Messenger program is maintaining their privacy as these conversations will not appear on any other phone or computer you use and will only appear on the device you used them. 

Messages sent via Secret Chat will be treated with strict encryption. There is a timer inside the writing box that you can set to determine the period in which the message will disappear after it is read by the person you send automatically. This period starts from 5 seconds to a full day to start a confidential conversation. Follow the following steps.

  1. Choose the person you want to chat with.
  2. Inside the chat window above, there is an exclamation mark icon; click on it.
  3. You will see many options, including Move to a Secret Chat, click on it.
  4. Start your conversation, and if you like, set a specific time for the message to disappear after reading it.
  5. To delete all your secret messages from the main screen of Messenger, click on your picture above.
  6. Then click on the secret chats and then delete all secret chats.
  7. You can also delete an individual secret message by long-pressing the conversation and deleting it.

11. Share your location with others

Activating the location sharing feature in Facebook Messenger makes it easy for you to be found by your friends, especially when traveling or important meetings.

  1. By sending your location within the same conversation to whomever your message.
  2. By pressing the camera, then choosing a text, then sharing the site as your story or as a picture.
FB Messenger APK - Download v280.0.0.16 latest for Android

Messenger APK 2020 for Android, The most potent chat apps among chat programs, is not only because of its multiple and useful features but also because it was developed by Facebook

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