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The next installment of the Farming Simulator APK series, appreciated by players, is available for sale. However, the latest edition did not include personal computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

This time, the game can only be enjoyed by owners of smartphones, tablets, and Nintendo Switch. From the text, you will learn how the mobile version of the game turned out, and you will discover a few tips that should make the game easier for you at the beginning of the game. See the guide for Farming Simulator 14.

Is Farming Simulator 14 worth playing?

For many players, Farming Simulator 14 MOD money productions are not a funny joke. I am opposed to this approach because I believe that the GIANTS series consists of just as much full-fledged games as other brands available on the market.

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Farming Simulator 14 is a well-thought-out title that uses the achievements of previous installments. However, if you played passionately in the last part, you may feel a slight regression. This is due to creating a game adapted to mobile devices, which means that FM20 lacked several elements available in last year’s release. The visual setting is also worse, but the machines’ appearance and detail still make a great impression.

Farming Simulator 14 can pull you in for hours, which I am the best proof of. Buying new machines and growing new types of crops – I got so caught up in this agricultural world that I neglected other productions considered “important” in the gaming environment.

If you own a Nintendo console and like farm simulators, you will certainly not regret buying Farming Simulator 14. And if you prefer to play on PC or PS4 / XONE, FM19 is still in great shape.

A beginner’s guide

If you are starting your adventure with Farming Simulator 14, read the guide to the game to learn about the basic gameplay mechanics.

What is Farming Simulator 14?

The main goal in Farming Simulator 14 is to earn as much money as possible. A fortune can be gained by managing the farm wisely, which is not a simple task at all. During the game, you must order your expenses wisely.

Even if you are horny for a particular type of combine, think twice if you need it at the moment. Machines are costly, so by buying the wrong one, you can slow down your farm development.

The same goes for buying new land for cultivation. At the outset, I would recommend focusing primarily on the fields that are assigned to players at the beginning of the game. Make some money with them, and then expand your farm. Also, do not throw yourself into large areas of land and fields very far from your base.

Controls in Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator 14 APK gains a lot when playing in portable mode. After placing the console in the docking station, you lose access to some interesting aspects. The production uses, among other gyroscopes, built into the device. 

Thanks to this, the machines can be steered by maneuvering the Switch like a steering wheel. This is an optional solution that can be turned off in the options.

The production also allows control with the help of a screen, like on a smartphone or tablet. After tripping the display, virtual buttons appear on the screen, responding to controlling the machines. This solution is right because you can determine precisely how fast your tractor or another vehicle will go. 

With the help of the virtual steering wheel, you also have the option of perfectly adjusting the steering angle.

If you want to change the camera in touch mode, you have to click twice quickly on display. This can also be done by pressing the right analog. Zooming out and zooming in on the vehicle is done by sliding with two fingers on the screen or by using the upper and lower arrows on the left Joy-Con.

Switching between vehicles

In Farming Simulator 14, you have to manage several vehicles at the same time. It is worth making sure that each machine is in motion all the time, as this will increase your farm’s efficiency.

The creators made sure that you could easily switch between the purchased machines. You do this using the L and R buttons or by clicking on the tractor icon on the screen. Equipment can also be selected from the map – it is also the right solution for people who want to find out exactly where their vehicles are.

Resetting vehicles

Studio GIANTS Software has not forgotten about a handy function, which is resetting machines. This system is useful in two circumstances.

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First, when you need a machine near the base camp and left it on the other side of the map earlier. Second, when you are stuck in a place, you cannot go. Thanks to this, you do not lose access to the vehicle forever, but you can restart its location.

Hiring employees

At the beginning of the game, understanding the available fields does not seem to be a problem. The stairs begin when you unlock additional machines and buy more land for cultivation. In that case, you are unable to harvest or prepare the ground for sowing. The ideal solution is to hire employees.

The system is straightforward to use, so I recommend using it as often as possible. Provided you can afford it, of course, everyone has to be paid for their hard work.

To hire a worker, you have to go to the field with the appropriate machine, set the vehicle in the most optimal position, and press the Y button. The computer will take control of the tractor or combine and will finish the work for you. After completing the order, an appropriate message will appear on the screen.

Land for crops

There are as many as twenty types of crops available in Farming Simulator 14 MOD for Android. In any case, you must first cultivate the land, then sow it, and then harvest the crops. Even so, it would help if you remembered that not every field would have a specific grain or other crops.

Before you get the right machines and grains, check carefully what the land you have is suitable for. You will do it with the map’s help by going to the “Map Overview – Crops” tab.

Map as the command center

The header almost entirely explains the meaning of the map in the game. With its help, you will determine the type of crops in all fields, check the level of soil processing, select your vehicles’ location, and mark the positions of the places you are interested in. You can also buy new fields through the map – you can do it in the “Map Overview – Fields” tab.

Frequently asked questions

What smartphone does it work?

The game works on smartphones and tablets with Android from level 7.0 and on iOS 11.0 or higher devices.

What’s new in Farming Simulator 14?

New agricultural machinery and new crops have been added. The farm is located in North America. There is no difference in gameplay compared to the 2019 edition.

How much does Farming Simulator 14 cost?

The price of the Nintendo Switch is about PLN 140. In the Google Play store, the game costs PLN 28.99 and in AppStore (iPhones and iPads) PLN 27.99.

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