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Duolingo application for mobile and computer is handy. Learning languages ​​other than the primary language has become necessary, as some languages ​​have become required in many places and many countries to obtain some features, grants, and others.

And having more than one language makes it easy for you to communicate with Anyone in the world. The greater the number of languages ​​you can speak or use, the easier it will be for you to deal with other languages ​​other than your native language. Many methods have spread that help in learning these languages.

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The most important of which are some programs that can be used And take advantage of it by using a mobile phone or computer at any time without any problem or difficulty in the learning process.

And one of the most important of these programs and applications that appeared in the recent period is the Duolingo program, which helps beautifully learn more than one new language other than your primary language.

This program has proven to be very successful with the testimony of users. The following is a review of the Duolingo language learning program, its tasks, and an explanation of its use.

Helps you learn many different languages ​​easily

The program offers the ability to learn any of the other existing languages, which are considered a primary language required in our world, and the most important of these languages ​​supported by the “Duolingo” program are English, Spanish and French, as well as Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and other essential and many other languages.

The program contributes to learning these languages ​​By providing some light and targeted lessons for learning. The program depends on the idea of ​​your continuity in learning, and in your use of the program, the more you use the application continuously. For long periods, the easier and faster your knowledge of the new language will continue to train through this program.

You will become a good practitioner of this language and be able to deal with it and use it with people Others who speak this language are undoubtedly the Duolingo program to learn languages ​​quickly provides an easy-to-handle and straightforward interface that makes it easy to use the program and learn the languages ​​that you want to know. 

It is worth noting that Duolingo, the developer of the program, proved in a study that professors from City University in New York found that using the Duolingo program to learn English for approximately 35 hours is equivalent to teaching Linguistically for an entire university semester, so the plan is undeniably essential.

How to learn a language

The idea of ​​language learning on Duolingo Premium is based on principles, where learners answer the questions correctly.

And straightforward in explanation and the arrival of the information is also the idea of the work program on competition During learning where learners can advance at different levels as a result of their speed of response and continuity in learning and using Duolingo 2020 To learn languages ​​for many times.

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The more you score higher points through your correct answers, the more your level increases, and you are promoted to a higher level than other learners until you reach a stage where you have mastered this language and, of course.

You can use this program with ease where you can use it on mobile, at the same time, Transportation, or in your leisure time not to waste your time; Duolingo educational platforms are numerous and available.

How to use on mobile and computer

The method of learning languages ​​through the Duolingo program is straightforward and simple, which distinguishes this program from other programs that carry out this task in teaching different languages. It is a fun way to learn any language you wish without having a teacher or trainer who follows you. The program offers more than one way to learn.

One of them is phonological education, where you will hear the pronunciation of words and sentences in the language that you learn correctly.

Also, your learning of one of the other languages ​​will require that you use writing to confirm the words and information that you obtain in your mind and mind. You will also be able to read some sections in the language that you are learning.

Correct reading to learn in an integrated and excellent way. Therefore, all learning methods are available through the Duolingo program for free so that you can practice the language in a fruitful and useful way. The program also offers the possibility to provide an exam for learners to determine the learners’ level through their use of the Duolingo program.

It will also require you to repeat words, pronunciation, and writing to memorize them quickly.

So the electronic teaching methods on which the Duolingo mobile program relies is considered one of the best teaching methods without the need for any teacher only mobile or computer to learn any language.

Tools and features

While you are using the program, you will find some great tools that the program offers you to make your learning method easy and simple.

As it adds joy and enjoyment through visual and audio media, it significantly contributes to communication, and that is most important to these tools.

1) Read, listen, speak

 it is an essential tool and one of the best ways to deliver information beautifully, and it is an approved method in any educational center, so while you use this tool, you will find that every lesson provided by the program will include some words and phrases that you should read and listen as well.

The program will correctly pronounce these words and then repeat behind it and speak this language, and this tool will present a different set of tests that measure the ability to speak and listen and also translate phrases in the new language that we are learning.

2) Evaluation process

The program not only tells you that your answer is correct or wrong, but the program provides a large amount of information to you if one of the questions it asked you to improve your level is wrong. You lose one of the competitions that you do on the Duolingo program.

3) Enthusiasm counter

 one tool that provides learners some fun and fun, which encourages them to learn through a program; Duolingo enables learners to keep on developing their level and reap more points through questions that they answer correctly.

And tests on Duolingo will be logged. The number of days and hours the learner spends using the program informs them that they will continue learning and recording as much time as possible on this app.

4) Hearts tool

 It is also one of the tools that add fun and enjoyment to all learners, as it helps to keep the lessons you receive through this program and make them continue in life. To start over and try again to succeed in passing this test and moving to the new level. 

5) The program is free:

This program is entirely free for all users, where you can download it at any time Duolingo without paying any costs for your use of the program.

Unlike other programs and courses that learners pay to obtain them some fees, but the Duolingo Free program provides free language learning.

6) Suitable for everyone:

The Duolingo program does not require that the learner is at a specific level of the language he wants to learn, but the plan is suitable for all levels, even for beginners. It provides them with easy and simple lessons. 

Download Duolingo Lessons and words and letters that help them start simple learning the language away from any complexity or need For any previous experience.

7) Ease of learning

 It is not as some people think. First, the program is not complicated or difficult to use; quite the contrary, the program is easy and simple and offers a very excellent interface, as we mentioned.

it helps you access any program options or settings quickly and without any need for previous experience in dealing with the program.

8) Support for many languages

The Duolingo MOD APK program supports many primary languages ​​found worldwide, which is among the essential languages ​​required and used. 

The program supports more than 30 languages ​​that you can learn through your Duolingo program, enabling you to learn distinctively and encouragingly to learn.

Duolingo APK - MOD unlocked Learn Languages on Android

Duolingo APK application for mobile (MOD unlocked) and computer is handy. Learning languages ​​other than the primary language has become necessary

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