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It is a web service that adds additional storage space for the user to store files, videos, office files, and many other files that you can store on it; download Dropbox APK free space for Android.

The service was designed in 2007 by a student who was suffering from the obsessive loss of his data, so he created this service that makes you store your private files without worrying about losing them. Dropbox provides you with two ways to store your files. 

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an application that serves as a virtual drive on which you can store your files, making it possible, later, to access them from any computer or mobile device.

You can also configure your device to automatically send photos and videos to your account, preventing such items from being lost.

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The application includes the same account system as the online service, using it entirely free of charge (with a space limitation) or subscribing to the professional version to obtain up to 1 TB. To use the application, it is necessary to register – an action performed directly on the program’s main screen.

First, you can get Storage space of up to 2 GB, which may increase to 18 GB by doing some simple tasks or inviting people to use this service. The second method is the method of payment for the service. You can pay an amount of $ 9.99 for a storage capacity estimated at 1 TB, and you can get infinite storage space by paying $ 15 a month. 

There are two methods available to you. You can choose what suits you and start using the service, upload your files and store them with the Dropbox service and not worry about losing these files, 

After launching the Dropbox application, you can download the application for easy access to your data and files directly through the application.

Where you need it

After logging into your account, you can now view content previously uploaded from other sources, displayed as a list. The main screen of the program adopts Material Design and has an excellent organization of its functions. The item listing can be sorted alphabetically or from most recent to oldest, as you prefer.

To send a file, you can use the floating button at the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is locate it on your device. If you want to see the items according to your directory, open the menu on the screen’s left side or use the search engine to find a specific document.

Features of the application file storage

Dropbox is an application by which you can upload your files to have them available anywhere you want. This is because the program also has versions for iOS, Windows Phone, computer, PC, Mac, and completely online, allowing its access to be possible through any device that has an internet connection.

It is necessary to create an account to use the application, but this task is easily accomplished through the program’s initial screen. When you open Dropbox on your mobile device, it offers the possibility to synchronize videos and photos. Although this is an excellent option for those who do not want to lose their pictures, it is always good to think if it is suitable for the space available in your account.

1. Bold and intuitive to use

A detail that draws attention in Dropbox is its interface. It was developed using Material Design, being light, elegant, clean, and with a great combination of colors, making the program’s manipulation extremely pleasant. Besides, the organization of functions is also noteworthy.

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The files are displayed in the form of a list that can be organized by date or alphabetically, making it easy to find an item. Likewise, you can also use the program’s search engine, which is fast and efficient, or open the side menu and search for a document in its original folder.

2. Fast loading

Another positive point of Dropbox is that both uploading files and downloading them are high-speed processes, preventing you from taking unnecessary delays in completing them. We had no problems even with items of a slightly larger size. Still, it is essential to note that your internet connection directly interferes with the results, and there may be variations.

Perhaps what is not very attractive in Dropbox is the space available in the free account; however, there are several ways for you to increase it without necessarily resorting to the paid service. It is also worth noting that the files uploaded to the service do not have an expiration date, remaining available until you wish to remove them.

If desired, the service also has the sharing of items and folders to exchange files with other people easily. So if you are looking for a cross-platform and reliable virtual drive, it’s certainly worth trying Dropbox.

3. Store all your files easily.

  • The Dropbox application (Google Play), which expresses Dropbox’s service, is one of the critical applications at present in which we live, where you can use the application through users’ smartphones to upload data and files on the user’s smartphone and access to these data and files. At any time you want, you can also access these files from any other device where you open your account on this device and view, download, and use your files with Dropbox Cloud Storage.
  • You can download the Dropbox application through different download platforms for other operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. After downloading the application, you can create a Dropbox account completely free of charge and start using the application and upload the data.
  • You can use the Dropbox application for personal use, where you can upload many files to Dropbox to free up the space of the used phone or the user device to use this free space to store things and other files.
  • You can access your Dropbox Premium MOD APK from any other device. All you have to do is log in through your Dropbox account, enter your account, and access whatever data and files you want to access. You can also share your files and data with anyone you wish to through e-mail or social media.
  • The Dropbox application automatically accesses your files on the user device and automatically uploads them to Dropbox, and makes a second copy on it to not lose any of these files at any time.
  • The Dropbox application is characterized by its easy and straightforward interface, through which you can use the application and upload all files. You can also access them even if you are not connected to the Internet.
  • Go now to the electronic download stores that suit your phone, download the application, enjoy additional electronic storage capacity, upload your files, and make sure that they are never lost.
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It is a web service that adds additional storage space for the user to store files, videos, office files, and many other files that you can store on it; download Dropbox APK free space for Android.

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