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This game is all about colonizing the dragons. If you have any interest in dragons or building the infrastructure, this game is for you. It is a combination of both dragon habitat and building infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the game provides an overall touch of an all-around and dynamic experience since the players have to train their dragons as well.

What are Dragon Mania Legends?

Coming to the world of Dragon Mania Legends APK, you will discover a beautiful dragon city! And you will be doing endless quests, and in addition, you can also participate in caring, training, and fighting with other dragon teams.

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The vast fields, from building and raising the colony of dragons to use the dragons in the battles, from growing what they need for food and survival to managing the environment for each species, Dragon mania requires good mental skills.

Dragon mania legend is all about collecting the dragons, training them, and using them in battles. In other words, the players are needed to build a habitat and to provide all the essential requirements for the growth of the dragons to become a legend in the legendary land of DRAGOLANDIA.


Dragon mania legend was released on January 07, 2015. Since then, Gameloft is updating the DML. The new features include:

Events: multiple events are waiting for the players to enjoy. For instance, there is Easter fun and other holiday events as well.

Events add a new crisp in the game. Since there are many players how may be said to be trend followers, this particular addition is for all those players.

Dragonland: the players can collect the new dragon, OX dragon, to celebrate in DRAGOLANDIA.

How to play DML?

Dragon mania legend is like other simulation games with some amazing features. The gameplay is about finding and maintaining a land where players take care of their dragons and train them to utilize them in the battle.

To protect and grow dragons, players need different habitats for different dragons. A suitable environment is necessary for the growth of the dragon.

Players can make their dragons breed to get new species. They are also required to grow food on their island to upgrade the level of dragons. Moreover, players can make new species by combining any from the 600 species.

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The players can use their dragons in battles when they reach a particular level. The battles are in the form of turns. Each dragon is given his turn to attack. The first turn is yours, and you can inflict as much damage as you want.

While the attack of the opponent, if the player manages to tap the screen on the exact point, he will inflict disastrous damage on the enemy: the more damage, the more points. The Leadership Board will show the individual position, and players can compare them with other players.

This game has a number of features like:

Features of the game Dragon Mania Legends!

1. Creation of islands and city

Players can create or customize their islands or cities using decorative Material. To protect the habitat of your dragons, you need to customize the overall environment of your island or city. You cannot grow every species in the same environment.

2. Updating the skills

The dragons can be sent to magic schools to unlock and polish their skills and abilities. If the players take good care of their dragons, they get bonuses and rewards—an extra bonus and reward power up the team which ultimately helps in ranking.

3. Collection and evolution

Dragon mania legends give more than 600 breeds of dragon. Players can use different combinations for breeding new species. The cross of different species results in the evolution of the existing dragons.

The innate skills and productivity of dragons on the breed. In other words, if the player breed dragons intelligently, he will get maximum out of it.

4. Endless adventures

This feature of dragon mania legends is peculiar. No other game provides this much Adventures. Every time the players play it, they can get a new adventure.

Players can take their dragons to a new place where they can train them according to their own will. Using dragon mania legend magic, players can go to a higher level and also to other islands.

5. Missions

DML provides an environment where one undergoes different missions. In the up-gradation of the dragons, missions play a crucial role. Players go to different worlds and islands, and they also go through multiple missions.

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Meanwhile, they can catch different dragons and merge the rare dragons with the existing dragons to upgrade the species: the more good dragons, the more chances of taking the land back from Viking.

6. Prizes and rewards

Points table can provide you with overall statistics of your points. The players can merge the various elements and breeds of dragons to make them stand out stronger. The player who trains his dragon the best gets the reward and points.

7. Clan alliances

You can make friends in this game. Players can befriend any other player to visit his land and see his dragons. Moreover, players can also chat with one another to formulate a better plan to rise and shine their dragons.

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