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If you were looking for a management game, Dragon City APK is an exciting alternative for your gadget. With it, you have the mission to command a village of enchanted dragons and make sure that they have the right living conditions.

By treating your dragons well, you can evolve one by one, gaining more strength for one of the most critical parts of the game: battles. You have more than 100 different dragons in Dragon City, plus more than 160 objectives to complete.

The game also allows you to breed different types of dragons. Everything in the app is done and intuitively: touch the screen, selecting the items you want to use, and you’re done. When fighting, you don’t need much effort, either. Select the type of attack you like and watch your enemies get annihilated.

What is Dragon City?

Dragon City APK – The most popular game, which is the game dragons for Android, collect and raise tons of fantastic dragons that breathe fire, be the trainer for them, build your city, train and arm them, and be worthy of being one of the biggest and best dragons in the world. You can build many houses for dragons in the water.

Filling the city and decorating it and spreading the animals to protect it and reach the many dragons around the city. Also, feed the dragons and spread them in the ground for your protection and plant food for them on the ground to reach great ranks in the game through PvP Arenas.

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Join Dragon Masters Play with others, interact in chatting, interact and ally, and upgrade your dragon to unlock many missions that will benefit you in the upcoming battles. 

Collect many types of dragons such as fire, nature, serenity between dragons, and a lot about the fun and exciting dragons in the game, Dragon City MOD APK for Android. Also, dissect your animals and teach them the origins of strong ferocity, and the game can be downloaded on your mobile. And it is suitable for those of 3 years and above, and its size does not exceed 100 MB.

However, you will see a lot of fun and excitement that pulls you to play with it always, and the game developers still issue updates. It has and fixes errors for the user’s interest as it has been provided to play online with one of the people and friends, as the game requires Android 4.1 and the latest, where you can download the game from external links the phone store. 

Our Opinion about Dragon farming in the city

1. Innovative and engaging gameplay

The developers worked hard at Dragon City: the game has simple tools and a very high-quality look, two important management games. But it does not stop there. The app also brings a vast amount of possibilities for the player.

However, the game’s theme and tasks make it have a very childish style, leaving a little to be desired for more experienced players. Although this does not make the game completely disposable, it makes it lose some of its fun. If it had a higher level of difficulty or required more strategies for battles, the game would be more attractive.

Anyway, Dragon City does not disappoint within its proposal and brings elements of quality in all aspects. The app has well-defined images, shadows, and well-outlined lines and reflections and animations that further improve the app’s look.

2. Sound system and effects

The sounds perfectly match the game and make the player feel more and more into the game. Another strong point of Dragon City is the wide variety of possibilities. There are 100 dragons for you to meet and explore.

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The app also brings no less than 160 goals to be accomplished, making the game not tiring even after a long time playing. Although they are very short, the battles also break the game’s pace and give more chances for fun.

3. Many new features to increase your dragon’s power

  • The game is always free and can be downloaded at any time.
  • Decorate dragons with various tools that will help you in many battles.
  • Unlock advanced game features like the old world, and build dragon towers by winning matches, unlocking more levels, strengthening the dragon, decorating the city.
  • You can play on your phone or play on the computer and keep more control, performance, and speed.
  • Through your dragons, you can wage many wars to fight in light of the available capabilities that enable you to reach large centers with many of your dragons.
  • Collect many helmets and fire to reach the dragons, any high places, to watch the wars from a distance
  • Suitable for old and young because the game is for all ages.
  • Summon many dragons from your friends who play with you.
  • Build a city of dragons and fill it with harbors and farms.
  • Dragons possess the power of the elements, and they can merge and become the power of dragons; and when we win in a stage, we open a new dragon, and the elements are like fire, water, air, earth, darkness, light, ice, iron, plant.
  • High performance, speed, and lack of lag during gaming are among the simplest and easiest games.
  • When leveling up, the game gives you gems to unlock objects to improve your dragons’ skills.
  • The game is available in Arabic and English.
  • Train dragons to be more powerful to struggle against other players.
  • The number of dragons increases but requires building enough cities to attract dragons.
  • When his level reaches the fifteenth level, he unlocks all of his items, and he can grow bigger and smaller than your dragon.
  • There is no power bar, so you can play anytime you want without any waiting.
  • You can marry an aquatic dragon with a fiery dragon, produce a mixed dragon of the two, grow it, and make it more powerful.
  • You’ll enjoy getting dragons of various varieties that are colorful, cute, and ferocious with every egg you lose.
  • More than 150 items can be craft this way, making Dragon City (Google Play) even closer to Dragon Farm.
Dragon City APK
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If you were looking for a management game, Dragon City APK is an exciting alternative for your gadget. With it, you have the mission to command a village of enchanted dragons and make sure that they have the right living conditions.

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