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In this article, we’re going to review one of the most popular mobile games, Dragon Ball Legends APK. If you’re into the Dragon ball anime, everything from the original Dragon ball all the way up to the newest anime in the series super, then you’re going to enjoy this game.

What are Dragon Ball Legends?

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is an action role-playing game by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Free publishing on Android / IOS.

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The game has familiar characters and 3D animated graphics. In the game, you will discover the whole story and save the world.

Features of the game Dragon ball Legends!

1. Main Character

Dragon ball Legends contains different characters from all the different anime, and though you can build your party to contain whichever characters you want. It is based around Shallot, a brand new character designed specifically for this game.

As you play through the main story, you’ll discover more about Shallot and why you’ve never seen him in any of the shows. Without giving too much away, he’s a saying from the future who’s lost his memory and has no idea where he is, who he is, or why he’s here in our timeline.

As you battle your way through the story, which contains six parts with multiple episodes within those parts, you’ll get to face off against some of the most iconic characters in all of the series, from the cell to the androids, to Majin Buu and everything in between.

You’ll have to fight your way up the ranks discovering more about this new future saying and making friends as you go; each mission that you do will reward you with items equipment.

2. Story

The story is pretty interesting since I’m really into Dragon ball; it gave me a chance to learn a bit more about the lore of the shows. Along with learning the lore, you’ll also run into tons of well-known characters like Palma, Beerus, and tons of the z-fighters that you’ll recognize if you’ve watched the anime.

3. Gameplay Dragon ball game

Like many mobile games, Dragon ball Legends uses an energy system in order for you to participate in the missions; however, energy recovery tickets are pretty commonplace as rewards for doing missions or events and can even be bought in the exchange shops for certain types of currencies if you’re not willing to use up any of your tickets or want to save your currency for something else it’ll take 20 minutes of real-time to recharge one of your energy ticks.

This game does have a limited amount of main story missions; however, once you’ve managed to fight your way through all of those missions, the game isn’t over, not by a long shot. There are tons of different things to do to keep you occupied and interested in the game.

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There are constantly changing events which are basically missions that are based around certain events that have happened in the anime’s; these events can give you everything from Chronal crystals, to Zeni, to training items, and some events can even help you to unlock new characters.

One thing to mention about the events is that they also use up your energy, so be mindful of that if you’re trying to get through the main story first. If you’ve run out of energy and still want to continue to play, there are a few different options for you:

4. PVP Mode

Dragon ball Legends MOD APK offers a PvP mode where you can take on players from all over the world in a 1v1 fight with your chosen party. Keep in mind that the PvP match is run on a ranking system, so you won’t have to worry about jumping into PvP for the first time in getting smashed by somebody that’s been playing much longer than you.

Moreover, you’ll be pitted against somebody with a similar skill set like yourself, and the lower-ranked players will also have their character levels limited, so again, you don’t have to worry about much higher leveled characters just stomping your newly acquired characters.

5. Co-Op Mode

If you’re not in the PvP and just want to play the game but are out of energy, you can jump into the co-op game mode where you and one other player will take on an incredibly strong enemy, the enemy that you left to face changes on a regular basis to keep it from getting stagnant.

Just like the events, you and one other player will have to cooperate and help each other out in order to take down these crazy strong enemies; however, doing so grants some awesome rewards, so it’s absolutely worth trying out.

6. Characters

Each character has its own color class, and each color has its advantage and disadvantage. For instance, blue is strong against red characters but weak against green characters; it’s basically a circle where each color has an advantage against one color and is disadvantaged against a different color.

All except for Shallot, the main character of the game whose color is white, which has no weakness and is strong against every color in the circle; on top of the colors, each character is either a melee type, range type, or support type. Each type of character has its own fighting style:

  1. Melee types characters are good at bare-knuckle brawl
  2. Range types characters are better at using energy blasts
  3. Support characters help out your whole party
  4. Make sure to build a team that suits your fighting style the best.

7. Fights

The gameplay for Dragon ball legends is pretty interesting. Each player in the game will draw cards; those cards are a direct correlation to what attacks you can perform.

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Red cards will make your character attempt a melee attack where yellow cards are for ranged attacks, blue are special attacks, and green is buff attacks that will either boost your character stats or hinder your opponent’s stats.

On top of the attacks themselves, you can swipe the screen to get your character to sidestep the opponent and attack from the side or just tap the screen to hit your enemy in the face with a melee attack or send a singular energy blast at them, depending on how far away the enemy is of course.

Once you get the hang of it, there are countless combos that you can perform to beat your enemy into a pulp and win the fight.

# Pros and Cons of the game DBL


  • Sumptuous and smooth 3D graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay adapted to mobile
  • A solid base of content …
  • Unlimited playable PvP
  • Regular scripted events
  • * The honest economic model that does not require you to buy


  • Repetitive fights
  • Unwieldy interface
  • Lack of variety in playable characters at the moment
  • Adventures and Training that quickly lose interest (rewards too low)
Dragon ball Legends MOD Mobile
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