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In Dr. Driving APK, you take control of a vehicle in a congested city. However, different from what you can imagine, you don’t have to run away from the police or hit other cars.

Your goal is to be a “normal” driver who cannot even climb on the sidewalk. Thus, you are obliged to drive calmly and make smooth turns not to lose control of the car.

There are several types of missions, and you can choose which one you want by clicking on “Change Mission” in the main menu. The game starts when you click on the “Start” button in the bottom right corner of the display.

What is Dr. Driving?

Dr. Driving 2 is a car racing game where you do not race cars, but you go in the specified direction. 


You can get more specific things that you can learn in this game as it is one of the games that you can not know much about except by downloading it from the download link directly.

how to play Dr. Driving

You can learn some traffic rules, where you are given a map from the maps of the game Dr. Driving mobile.

Because the simple things inside the game are made easy by a lot, and it is also impossible to access or obtain it except through the direct download link. Because this game is the original game through this link and the game, it is impossible to know what is inside it except when you try it and access many beautiful things.

Features of this fascinating driving game

In Dr. Driving, you will find a racing game with a slightly different theme. Instead of facing other drivers at full speed, you need to fight against time and close several missions just walking around the city without hitting anyone.

It offers the user a real driving experience. It has an accelerator, brakes, steering wheel, and gearbox, all so that this is an experience as close to reality. That is, it is a simulator inside your cell phone.

Dr. Driving 2 play on Android phones is a version downloaded more than 50 million times in the continuity of products. Check out and learn step by step everything about this famous game.

1. You will be able to drive a variety of vehicles

The control scheme is intuitive, but it is not easy to master. The steering wheel requires subtle and careful movements, or you can make the vehicle skid and hit the pavement. Even modest conversions take a little practice and do something that most people who enjoy racing are not used to practicing: putting on the brakes and slowing down.

Some missions are simple, as you only need to walk a few blocks and park. However, others require you to hurry and sew in traffic, which is far from easy.

The possibility of making upgrades adds points to the title, as the essential improvements are not very expensive. However, if you want to buy other, more stylish cars, you will need to resort to microtransactions, which can disappoint those who do not have an international credit card.

2. New graphics and styles

Regarding the graphics, Dr. Driving is very simple and not very polished. The cars are checkered, and the scenarios are repetitive. The textures are also partially plated, and there is no special effect to increase realism.

download game Dr. Driving free

The music that packs the fun is cold in the first few minutes, but it gets sick after a few stages, as it never changes. The effects of the engine’s noise and the tires singing in the curves are also generic and not very expressive.

3. Complete missions every day

As a simulator, Dr. Driving 2 playing can be an unsatisfying experience. As the game features a car in English, it cannot reach most players’ reality with automatic transmission.

However, as a game, it offers a complete experience. As much as it did not teach how to drive, its system with a countdown timer and focused on missions and tasks to be completed makes the player always connected.

Another positive point is the on-screen instructions. As simple as they are, they help with tasks and allow the experience to be more complete.

It is worth mentioning that even if you do not complete a phase due to a deviation or lack of time, there are rewards. The mileage traveled is computed and converted into currencies—a good game for those who like to lose themselves in time.

#. How to Play Dr.Driving 2 simulator

To start, you need to download the game. In addition to being available on the Play Store, you can find Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK money as well. After installation, you can start the game without the need to log in. To play, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Step 1: When accessing the game, it is already possible to consult the first instructions on the screen. To start, it is necessary to apply the brake and press the start so that the car starts to move.
  • Step 2: Still applying the brake, it is necessary to put it in gear D on the gear, which is automatic for Dr. Driving 2 to play.
  • Step 3: Follow the screen instructions to complete the course in less time than the countdown timer for Dr. Driving 2 to play.
  • Step 4: After completing the course, following the request in each of the phases, how to keep the speed within a limit in the school area, the prizes are received.
  • Step 5: It is possible to assemble cars that perform better. In Dr. Driving 2 (Google Play), playing to build cars requires coins, which are earned after each stage.
  • Step 6: It is possible to complete daily tasks within the game’s time limit and earn coins.
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