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One of the sensations of the Global public is Dollify APK. This app gives the user a fun experience of creating and customizing dolls (a doll ) simply and practically. By downloading the app, you can have fun sharing photos of your stickers online! You can make both female and male dolls. 

Read our post to learn how to get the most out of Dollify: see what the advantages of the premium are, how to download the APK, how to use the app, and some tips to create your dolls and make them cute and stylish.

What does Dollify mean?

Has a frequent internet user noticed that many applications and websites have chosen the -FY ending? This is the case with Spotify, Shopify, and, of course, Dollify. But do you know why? In English, by means, an action being taken. So, even if there is no translation, dollify literally means “to become a doll”. This funny name says a lot about the fun experience the app delivers.

rainbow dollify

The app was developed by Sunna Entertainment and Dave XP, a Costa Rican illustrator whose real name is David Alvarez. You can also find it on Facebook and Pinterest, where there is a wide variety of content about Dollify and other works of yours. If you like using Dollify, we recommend following your creator. Dave often posts some exciting information on how to use Dollify on his social networks. You can also keep an eye out for new updates or news about the application.

Sunna Entertainment is an independent developer, also from Costa Rica, specializing in games with a particular style. The games are simple and look very attractive. Developers and designers also make short animations based on other work.

In the words of Dave XP, with Dollify, you can make “the cutest and cutest avatars on the internet with the app”. The application specializes in creating avatars that are your face. The app has features to create a caricature of yours that everyone will recognize. Or, if you prefer, you can make a doll based on your personality. Or in your style. Or in class, you like or want. There are no limitations for you to create an avatar on Dollify.

Boca girl with eyes, hair, and clothes in the Dollify app 2020

After the success of this application, many other cartoon apps have been gaining popularity over time. The experience, too relaxed, of creating a figurine that is your face, fell into the audience’s taste. The peak in the number of users is searching for Dollify on Google play, Brazil, Indonesia, and other parts of the world were June 2019. Since then, the app has left a bit of hype, but it still serves as one for those looking for a distraction fun, cute and stylish, that you can show off to friends.

Knowing the Interface to the App Interface

It is effortless to use the app. The application’s commands are very intuitive. The user hardly needs help to be able to build their dolls and avatars. Even so, Dollify offers mini-tips throughout the experience, making it impossible to get lost using the app.

  • Video: how to make 3D Cartoon From a Photo with Dollify

There are a few commands that you need to learn to use the app. You need to click on the plus (+) button to create a new doll, follow the tabs for each feature, choose between the ones you prefer, and click Save in the upper right corner. Ready! Few apps reach this level of simplicity, which makes Dollify an audience champion.

What does the Premium Experience deliver?

Like many apps, Dollify MOD APK offers a paid option and a free option. You can enjoy many features only with the free version, which already guarantees the essentials of Dollify. You subscribe to the premium version of Dollify for $6.99. In reais, this is over 30, but you will probably receive a discount to pay only 26.90 reais for the app.

With the premium experience, you only gain access to more features or customization options. You will be able to put hats on your characters, more exciting opportunities for T-shirts and coats, as well as jewelry. Other than that, the premium doesn’t deliver much. All other commands, the most important ones like sharing and saving the doll, can only be used with the free version.

If you prefer, you can download the modified version of Dollify. Just download the APK file of the Mod version on your Smartphone. The only measure you have to do is to allow that app unknown to be downloaded from your browser. It’s simple: at the end of the apk download, Android will give you the Option to go to settings to allow you to install applications right from the browser. The default is that it is not permitted because, from the factory, Android only allows applications installed via Google Play Store or Samsung Store.

By clicking on settings, you will be redirected to your browser page and click on the button next to Not allowed. This should make it change to Allowed and ready; you can now install the Dollify APK Premium on your Smartphone. Just go back and complete the installation.

How to Create a Dollify Doll

In the friendly interface of Dollify, you will not be lost, and you will be able to navigate through the construction of your mini-me easily. To create a new doll, click on the empty doll icon with a plus symbol. This icon is static and will remain there when you make your dolls. Choose between a female and a male beauty ( girl or boy ), and you will go to the naked doll window without any features selected.

dollify premium android download

After that, you will be able to proceed without any problem. Just browse through the tabs, which have very suggestive icons, and select which features you want your new doll to have—remembering that you can choose the one that most resembles you or invent something of your imagination. Below we describe each of the options offered by Dollify.

When you are satisfied with your doll, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner and say you want to save. It will be saved on the Dollify home screen and, from there, you can share it on any social network or even download it. To edit again, click on the first icon with a pen and paper. If you want to delete it, click the trash can icon. Note that you can create as many dolls as you like.

Options for Creating a Doll

If you are curious to know how diverse the application is, we will tell you all the options; you will have to create your avatar.

Dollify supports:

  • 25 skin tones, which welcome the entire spectrum of human skin.
  • 33 eye color (with heterochromia option, that is, you can choose a color for each eye), even colors that you don’t see much around;
  • 4 shapes of eyes and lashes;
  • 4 shapes of eyebrows;
  • 30 hair options, of the most varied. The alternatives range from smooth to curly, from short to long, and from the most combed to the most disheveled. There is certainly one that reflects your style well. There are also 17 hat options, although all are only available to those who paid the premium.
  • 26 hair colors, including colored options. So, your doll will be able to have the style you want;
  • 26 shirt options (10 is only available for premium);
  • 20 jacket options (like the last, 10 are exclusive to premium);
  • 8 mouth shapes;
  • 6 options of facial marks, such as scabies or pimples, if you want to give a more realistic texture to your character’s skin;
  • The Option of placing a beauty mark (a decorative dot, or “beauty mark”, to give a more burlesque look to your doll), completely customizable. You can control position, transparency and size;
  • 15 glasses options (4 are for premium only), and you can choose sunglasses or colored. You can also choose from 4 frame colors.
  • 18 colors for the glasses’ lenses, and you can still control the transparency, giving an exceptional touch to your doll.
  • 15 options of cords, such as pearls, jewelry, chains, and tribals. (4 are exclusive for premium);
  • 12 earrings, among male and female (and, good news ! only one Option is premium);
  • 16 funds for your doll (but 11 are premiums). If you don’t like any of them, you can personalize with your photos!
  • 14 filters, such as kitten, puppy, and bunny, and only one is premium!
  • And, of course, as it could not be missing, 23 options of masks for even your doll to respect health safety measures. And without losing style!

Did you like all Dollify options? Are you already thinking about doing yours? See our ApkDolls below.

After Creating, Share!

Note that you can create as many dolls as you like. And they can be as different from each other as you want. Once created, you have three options. You can edit your doll if you change your mind about a feature. 

You can download or even share it on social networks. So you can show how a Dollify caricature of yourself would look like, or how you have good taste and know-how to create a doll in style.

If you want, share our post so that your friends will know everything about Dollify MOD Premium APK!

How to Download APK from Dollify.

Dollify is available in the official app stores. You can download Dollify from the Google Play Store, the Samsung Store, and even the Aptoide. To download the APK file and access the free premium, download an unlocked mod from the app. The process is simple, and we explain the steps below.

Dollify Premium APK - MOD v1.1.7 Coins free on Android

Dollify MOD APK for Android. This app gives the user a fun experience of creating and customizing dolls (a doll ) simply and practically. By downloading the app, you can have fun sharing photos

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Operating System: Android

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