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Do you like exploring things? If yes, you are going to love this game. Diamond quest APK: don’t rush is an ultimate locus for all the quest game-loving players.

The game provides the best adventurous experience to its users. From the graphics to the gameplay, the diamond quest is a complete package.

What is Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush?

Diamond Quest is an adventure game published by Bounce Global: In this game, you will become an explorer, and you will explore the mysterious forests.

And you discovered the dangerous and interesting Angkor Wat temple, you enjoyed it, discovered everything inside it.

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The publishers of this game have put a disclaimer, “Be Aware! The most popular and addictive adventure game is now available in the store!” Using this disclaimer is rightly justified as the game provides the best playing experience.

Unlike other quest games, diamond quest: Don’t Rush provides a very sensational experience using features that are better than many of the exploring games.


Diamond quest: don’t rush was released on December 28, 2019; since then, it has undergone multiple changes. The new update in the game is the pyramid chapter.

How to play Diamond quest?

Diamond quest: don’t rush is all about living a life of an adventurer whose only task is to go around the ruins in the world to quest diamonds.

Without dying, the players have to retrieve as many artifacts as possible. Players can control the movement of the character using the direction arrows found on the screen.

If, by any chance, you close the way permanently, don’t panic; there is an option of the checkpoint. However, using the checkpoint will discard your action points. The features of mystic tools can be used if the player feels any need for them.

Features of the game Diamond quest!


  • Free game, you can play at any time.
  • Supports many different languages.
  • Challenge strategic abilities of battles with different difficulty.
  • The game runs smoothly on devices with medium configuration.
  • Simple control panel, easy to use.

1. Cute graphics

Diamond quest has endowed with high definition graphics that provide an outstanding visual experience.

The sound in the game is quite interesting; each trip will be more interesting and attractive because of the suspenseful background music in the adventures. The moving sounds of snakes, flames… all appear vividly, bringing the real experience to the player.

With an interesting and exciting adventure game and many challenges of calculation and reasoning, it has made players more interested in the game. Do you want to try this game, immediately download the MOD Unlimited Money?

2. Challenging puzzle

This particular feature is the best addition.

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You have to challenge yourself and your mind to solve these puzzles. This solving of puzzles is very beneficial and crucial for a person to enhance his prudence.

3. Tools

Diamond quest MOD APK: don’t rush offers some Mystic tools that a user can get a better experience. These tools include freezing hammer, Mystic hammer, and Mystic hook.

Players can use Mystic hammer to break the walls. The mystic hook can be used to drag the things; similarly freezing hammer can be used to freeze the things.

4. Big boss

The addition of a big boss is the best possible thing that could be added to the game. It means there is surveillance over the players and the players have to look after their life while playing the game.

5. Exciting gameplay

The overall gameplay of the diamond quest: don’t rush is very interesting and exciting. You have to save yourself from the obstacles and the traps.

While questing the diamonds, sometimes you may need to dive into the water. Are you my face, snakes, turtles, or other obstacles as well? If you rush, you will be trapped.

6. Checkpoints

Diamond quest: don’t rush office checkpoints which means you can respawn from anywhere you want.

7. Levels and chapters

This game offers 92 levels In seven chapters.

8. Gameplay Don’t Rush

This game offers very interesting gameplay. Players can get exciting and adventurous experiences While playing this game. Since this game offers very long gameplay comprising of 92 levels in seven chapters, players don’t get boredom and always find it exciting and adventurous. diamond quest mod money apk 2

The players are needed to quest for the diamond while playing the game. The jewel or the diamonds are in the cobwebs or leaves. Players have to cut them to get the diamond.

In this game, there is also the concept of gravity which means The gravitational fields hold the boulders and sometimes send the boulders to the earth to mutilate any creature, including the players.

When you finish your quest on the particular map, you have to defeat a monster to get into New level.

The environment is very mystic as the players quest in the jungle of Angkor Wat. They look for the diamonds in the icy caves of Tibet. The quest of the jewel in Bavaria castle provides an overall perfect experience to the players.

To complete the quest, players go around and face many difficult obstacles. Snakes, monkeys, and bombs make the gameplay interesting and engaging.

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