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Critical Ops APK can be defined as an online FPS game that allows gamers to participate in fast and exciting battles.

Critical Ops, designed as a browser game that can run on Facebook, can be played entirely free of charge. Since Critical Ops is a Unity Web Player based game, it does not work on the Google Chrome browser. You can use one of the Internet Explorer and Safari internet browsers to play Critical Ops.

What is the game Critical Ops?

Critical Ops is a mobile game that practically transports classic Counter-Strike, Call of Duty APK, from PC to cell phones and tablets. So, as a thug or law enforcement officer, you must help your team defeat opponents in frantic online matches.

Following the same footsteps as the traditional FPS for computers, the game offers the good old Terrorists fight against Counter-Terrorists, with the first trying to blow up a bomb at critical points. In contrast, the second group must stop the action. Of course, eliminating all members of the enemy team also gives victory to the survivors.

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In addition to showing detailed 3D urban scenarios full of corridors, halls, staircases, and other places that host frank fighting between teams, the game window provides all the screen commands to dominate your hero. With the first-person view, you combine a virtual directional pad and taps on the screen to cycle through the phases.

Buttons dedicated to shooting, crouching, jumping, and buying or switching weapons also complement the action, giving space for advanced strategies during disputes. Like the game it was inspired by, Critical Ops brings multiple servers to the game, dozens of military weapons, several unique levels, chests of rewards, and equipment customization.

Historically, mobile platforms are unstable terrain for enjoying FPS games, resulting in great fun and others not so good. Critical Ops, fortunately, falls into the first category, bringing mobile phones a kind of pocket version of the acclaimed Counter-Strike franchise, maintaining much of what makes the series fun on PC.

One of the most incredible achievements of the title is the fluidity with which the app runs even on the most humble phones – and without taking up much of your device’s storage. The loadings are reasonable, the games flow with a high frame rate per second, and the general feeling when entering the urban phases full of winding paths and scattered objects is that you are enjoying a classic CS game.

Although not as detailed and frighteningly beautiful as those in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, the graphics in Critical Ops is good enough to ensure the player’s immersion and not hinder the identification of enemies at the time of the shooting. Understandably, the look is not on the same level as a single-player option, since, in the case of the Critical Force game, the cell phone needs to render dozens of players involved in online action.

To make sure everyone feels at home, the game also features other traditional elements of the Terrorists versus Counter-Terrorists genre, such as installing or disarming bombs – depending on your team – purchasing more powerful weapons customizing the appearance of your equipment. These skins can be purchased with reward chests at the microtransaction store and are divided into different levels.

It is necessary to dedicate

If everything is flowers in the games or the very intuitive menus of the application, the thing can go a little bit when it comes to effectively controlling your agent. This is because, due to the complexity of games in this style, it is necessary to correctly handle a series of commands not to become a “dead” for your team. A virtual directional pad on the left of the screen moves the character while sliding your finger across the display takes care of his vision.

Additional buttons include crouching to gain more accuracy, jumping to gain access to higher points, and, of course, firing to send bullets at evildoers – or the police! All of this can be quite confusing at first and frustrate novice players or the people who came from FPS for PC. On the other hand, anyone who plays in a game of the genre in video games should quickly become familiar with the system.

Critical Ops APK for android

It is worth noting that, being in its Alpha version, Critical Ops may present some bugs or disconnections during matches. Fortunately, the developer has done an excellent job minimizing these problems and seems to have delivered around the product, which also offers spectator mode, integration with Google Play Games or Facebook, and allows you to create your multiplayer server.

Accordingly, the mobile version will be similar to the Webgame, with Custom and Rank’s play mode. And Critical Ops will have two maps, Amsterdam and Barcelona, ​​and two popular modes, Deathmatch and Defuse.

Critical Ops allows up to 20 players to fight together. With the number of players 20, it will give players an exciting feeling to experience.

Critical Ops also has many weapons, pistols, rifles, automatic guns, or sniper guns.

Before entering the match, gamers can choose the weapons that best suit their interests or team tactics.


  1. nice look
  2. Great sound production
  3. Fluid gameplay
  4. Lots of weapons and equipment
  5. Good customization options
  6. Light and fast.