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A murder has occurred in Pacific Bay, and you, as a new member of the Pacific Bay police, are assigned to solve this murder mystery. Can you find out who exactly was the criminal who killed Christie Becker? 

That’s a glimpse of the game from Pretty Simple entitled Criminal Case APK.

What is Criminal Case?

Criminal Case is an adventure and investigation game that features hidden object scenarios that you need to find to unravel each mystery story.

This game can be played on Facebook, Android, or iOS and brings a complete team that collects and analyzes each clue to help form a criminal profile.

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It would help if you played each level several times to collect stars and unlock testimonials from suspects and analyze objects found in the scenes. This game works with a mission and energy scheme, with each mystery having a well-defined step by step to find out who killed the victim and how it happened.

Cop life

Criminal Case brings a routine that resembles the series in the CSI franchise style, with searches, testimonials, and laboratory analysis. It is all in Portuguese and in the “point and clicks” style – that is, just click on the screen to interact with the scenarios and complete the puzzles.

Collect significant evidence, use Facebook friends’ help to earn more points and tips in each scene, and try to complete the scenarios as quickly as possible. You get more points if you find all the objects in sequence, so try to spot the maximum of them before clicking on the first one; that way, the multiplier is increased.

Use all your energy.

This game is free, but you need the energy to keep playing. The meter accumulates extra energy every two minutes; besides, the bar becomes full again when you pass the level. 

It is also possible to buy more of this feature, which is essential to evolve quickly in gambling.

Our Opinion on the Criminal Case game

The Criminal Case game is the new fever for those who enjoy police investigation games and hidden object scenarios. 

He has excellent qualities that make him a great time and interesting casual fun. However, if you don’t intend to spend anything on this game, it can be very frustrating.

1. Expensive energy and scarce options

The big problem with this game is that you need to wait 20 minutes to play each level after the power goes out. To get a star in a scene (they are necessary for analysis and interviews), you have to play this challenge several times, so it can take a long time before you can solve each crime.

This delay is quite annoying, mainly because it affects various parts of the game. The energy is used only in the scenes, but it ends up causing all the rest of the game’s progress to be delayed. If he used less of this feature in each scenario, he would play longer without having to buy it or wait until the bar is reloaded.

2. Well done sets and menus

Despite the problems with energy, this game manages to captivate the player. The hidden object scenarios are very well made (but the same scene can become quite repetitive). In general, the whole appearance of the game deserves to be highlighted.

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It is organized, well done, and clearly shows a whim in that regard.

The menus simulate an electronic operating table where you can find the missions, the progress of the analysis, and everything necessary to complete the Case. Because it is entirely in Portuguese, this game also has the advantage that it can be played by anyone, even those who do not speak English.

This detail is significant since it is a hidden object game and brings many items that could be difficult to find if the names were in English. In terms of design, animations, and organization of the menus, this game deserves to be highlighted, and, therefore, it is very worthwhile to be tested.

3. Low difficulty missions and puzzles

If you like mysteries that you have to think about until you can find the answer, this is not the best game for you. It brings specific logic challenges and puzzles that offer no difficulty for players. The game’s most significant obstacle has to wait to play since otherwise, it is quite easy.

This does not mean that this game is boring – as a casual game, it is excellent! The difficulty even tends to increase a little as you progress to more complex crimes. However, do not expect very sophisticated logical challenges, as this hobby has a different footprint. Here, the focus is on hidden objects.

4. Worth it?

This is not a game to spend hours playing non-stop, as it has a very slow pace for players who don’t want to spend anything. However, it serves very well as a casual pastime for anyone who likes fun for short periods.

If you like hidden object games and want an option that can be played entirely for free, this is a great game to get addicted to. It brings several small stories and fun scenarios to look for items in the middle of real messes.

5. A Mystery Hidden Objects

Those familiar with the Criminal Case series must be familiar with the genre it carries, namely hidden objects! 

Players solve the murder mystery by looking for clues using a game of hidden objects, then taking the suspects for interrogation, and then analyzing the evidence to catch the real killer.

6. Finding Items at the Crime Scene

The player looks for the requested items in the item list at the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible on the playing field. 

The fun thing is, players can zoom on the screen, and objects that are not visible on the screen will appear dark on the item list. This makes the game very easy, so players don’t have to bother glaring at the screen little by little.

7. Use of Partners

Before starting the investigation, players can request that they be accompanied by a partner, each of whom can help with the game. For example, Andrea Marquez and Yann Toussaint can give Hints 5 times, while Russel Crane can only give Hints three times. 

This partner system is also online, so other players can accompany players. Well, if on one level you still can’t find the requested object, just call the partner, and they will immediately find the requested object.

8. Collecting Stars

At each level of the game, players can get five stars. Each time they complete a level, players will be given a cumulative score, where after reaching a specific score, they will get one star. 

This star serves to carry out the story, for example, to speak to witnesses or examine the evidence.

9. Catch the Criminals

If you have succeeded in finding enough evidence, you will surely be able to guess who the murderer is. Now, all you have to do is use your detective instincts to pinpoint the culprit, then bring him to justice. That is the plot of Criminal Case MOD Unlimited Money/Energy.

10. Grinding

Of course, there will be a grinding aspect to this hidden object game, because often just playing the story is not enough to get the stars needed to run the story. 

Players have to revisit levels that have been played and then complete them again to get money and stars. Don’t worry, because there are variations of the game too, for example, an exciting picture puzzle toy.

11. Cool Avatar Customization

If you are a customization fan, Criminal Case: Pacific Bay provides an exciting customization system. You can customize the face shape and skin color, then the hairstyle, the clothes, the glasses, and the gender of the avatar too. 

Supported by an adorable cartoon image, as well as relaxing songs, Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is one game with graphics that are pleasing to the eye.

12. No Need to Be Online

The fun thing is Criminal Case (Google Play) doesn’t need an Internet connection, except for occasionally when the game tries to connect, for example, when you want to run a video ad to get a reward.

 But unfortunately, this game uses an energy system, and because the longer the energy usage to play is higher, it could be that you will only play a few times and have run out of energy. And following its free-to-play spirit, this game certainly has microtransactions for coin purchases, as well as energy purchases for those who can’t wait.

Finally, APK Criminal Case MOD is still part of the Criminal Case series, and the game is not too different from the others. But with a setting in a beautiful seaside paradise city location, as well as a pretty good customization ability, this game deserves to be in the ranks of games that fans of hidden objects must play.