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  • Spin the wheel to test your luck, be it money, protective shields, theft screens, building demolitions, or extra spins.
  • Destroy buildings and loot neighbors’ property.
  • Collect cards to complete the treasure decks and proceed to the next village.
  • Play with friends, exchange cards with the online Coin Master community. Join the Facebook community to grow interactively, meet new friends, earn great rewards, and exchange precious treasures.

Like Pirate King, Coin Master APK is a game that possesses fun gameplay and helps players connect with friends. In the game, you will have to complete structures on each different map. Use turns to develop your economy, serve the construction of works. Coin Master also connects players’ interactions by stealing money and destroying houses, which is extremely interesting.

What is the game Coin Master?

When coming to Coin Master, your main task is to complete the works of each map to step to the next map. In the current version, Coin Master gives players 254 maps with unique characteristics. The later, the higher the value of the map you reach, the more effort you will need to build the buildings on that map.

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Each map consists of 5 different buildings; each building has 5 levels and will change its appearance when upgraded.
If you want to upgrade the structures, economies of you to be strong enough to meet this. Your money mainly comes from the lucky spin. Perhaps the lucky spin is the crucial point in this game. Because this spin determines everything, the player gets.

The spinner will contain 6 items, including thunder hammer, shield, pocket money, coin, loot, and spins. When an event occurs, the number of things can be increased to 7, and the spins will have a new position. Each item gives you a different benefit. When the spin stops with 3 identical items, you will benefit from that item. On the contrary, you only get a small amount of money.

With 3 thunder hammer, players can destroy any friends’ building and get a pretty large amount of money. Like 3 shield items, you will receive a shield that protects the building from the destruction of other players. Money bags and money both bring money for you, but the amount of money that pocket money brings will exceed.

Robbery is interesting in Coin Master. When you shoot 3 loot items, you can dig and steal money in 3 of 4 locations in another player’s map. Finally, you will get an extra 10 spins when you hit three spin items.

Coin Master contains competition because two items of thunder hammer and loot will reduce progress in completing works. But above all, there is still the fun and entertainment that this game offers

When you reach the 3rd map (Snowy Alps), you will unlock the ability to collect cards. The rewards are extremely attractive when you collect enough cards in a deck through plunder from friends or be donated by the Coin Master system through the event.

The fun of the game

Although destroying buildings and plundering each other, players can also help each other by giving free spins and money, or even gifting rare cards.

You can also find your spin by sending your friends a link and inviting them into the Coin Master experience. The number of turns you get is quite large.

In Coin Master APK, you can raise a few adorable pets. Each animal possesses a unique ability, effectively assisting in each task and helping you become the richest. Upgrading them will increase the benefits you get. Such as fox Foxy will do increase the amount of gold received from raids fugitives.

Designed with bright colors, crisp 2D graphics, beautiful pictures like a cartoon movie, Coin Master creates sympathy for players right after entering the game. The rotation’s motion effects are smooth; the simulated lightning effect is complete and beautiful—a creation of diverse buildings, changing according to the characteristics of each map. Destroyed works will emit black smoke, signaling the need for repair.

The background music in the game is quite gentle, bringing an extremely comfortable experience for the player. Perhaps the rumble of thunder hammer when destroying buildings is what impressed players the most.

Coin Master is a fun game with straightforward gameplay, sharp graphics, and great sound. Not only that, but the game also connects players. Coin Master is currently supported for free on Android and iOS platforms, and please download and experience now!

How to play Coin Master 2020

Coin Master Mod Apk- MOD,Unlimited Coin/SpinsIt would help if you shot in the bonus spin before you do anything. You can also bet on spins (X1, X2, X3…) to increase the number of spins and the number of rewards received corresponding to your spin. Here are the bonuses that you can spin and the benefits of each:

  • Hammer

When you shoot this item, you are about to attack another village. If you successfully destroy a building built by your friends, you will receive bonus gold coins. If a shield protects the town you destroy, the amount you will receive will be less.

You can attack the village of the NPC or the town of your friends. If another player attacks your town, you will need to wait until your town is rehabilitated before you can attack another player.

  • Shield

When you spin the shield, your village will be protected. You will have 3 shields at a low level and help you avoid 3 waves of other players’ attacks on your town. With the shield, you can attack other villages without having to worry about your village being attacked.

  • Thief

When you get theft, you will get a chance to steal money from other villages. The amount you receive will be completely random. You have been dug 3 times in your friends’ towns, and they have no way to stop you from stealing.

  • Add turns

In addition to the stolen money, hammer, shield, pig face … you can also spin more turns. It helps you get more turns.

You can also add free spins with bonus links. The more turns you have, the faster you will level up and explore the villages and animal cards in Coin Master MOD spin APK.

  • Village upgrade

You will start at the village in the image on the left. After you have upgraded all the buildings in your town, you can move to other villages.

To upgrade your village, you need to use the gold coins you get from your activities through the bonus of spinning.

In addition to the above features, Coin Master download also has many other attractive features such as animal cards, animal leveling … that you need to play the game to learn more carefully directly.

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