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Clash of Clans APK (COC) is the favored strategy MMO game that is popular on smartphones and tablets. Free to download in the online stores of Android and iPhone ( iOS ) and full of options, it is one of the most famous of its kind.

Clash of Clans is a great free game, with simple controls, good graphics, and an animated set of sound effects, for mobile devices that blend strategy and city management dynamics.

Exciting and fun gameplay, the game offers players the opportunity to manage a warrior village that needs to develop through the collection of gold resources and elixir. It must also fulfill a series of achievements to receive stones, which are the notable presents.

What is the game Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a medieval game that combines combat and action strategies. Free, it is available for download on Android and iOS, but it is not available for Windows Phone, and you must be connected to a Facebook or Google+ account to play. Build your village, train troops, and face thousands of players in incredible online mode.

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Gameloop APK prepared a tutorial with tips to do well in the game. Although there is no official version of the game for PC, it is possible to use programs to bring the title to computers. After Clash of Clans’ success, the company responsible for the game launched Clash Royale, which mixes MOBA elements with card games. Download Clash of Clans MOD right now.

The familiar environment of the place where the game takes place is only changed when the Goblins’ troops invade it. To maintain the peace and security of the village, the player must coordinate an army to attack enemies in an organized manner, in addition to defending their facilities to prevent their friends from being eliminated. The game has a large number of troops, including the powerful Pekka.

How to play COC?

Introduced to the village, he soon knows his enemies and must fight as quickly as possible. Click on the item at the bottom right of the screen to buy a cannon and position it in front of the village. Run both opponents and follow the next steps.

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After defending yourself from the enemy attack, it’s time to attack the monster village. Click on different locations on the screen to place your warriors on the battlefield. After winning the victory, return to your camp to set up combat strategies. Each time the difficulty will become more significant, but find out how to level up fast in the game. (

Players must build invincible fortresses, joining deadly weapons and brave soldiers. Interested parties can take their armies to web battles against other players or join forces with friends to conquer other territories. During the regular campaign, warriors can battle the Goblin Lord in epic combat. Check out the tutorial that teaches in full how to play Clash of Clans.

Game modes

The RTS strategy game (in real-time) has several gameplay modes available. In addition to how the user manages, strengthens, and takes care of his village, he can also play the campaign mode, attacking several Goblin camps. There is also the multiplayer mode, in which your mission will be to attack players online, join other clans to face epic battles. In total, Clash of Clans offers 10 exclusive units with various upgrade levels.


With a modern layout, the application offers a high-quality experience. Most elements are well crafted and have three dimensions, with few flat materials. The setting is satisfactory, with all factors naturally complementing each other. The characters are singularly shaped, which is the main factor in the public’s identification with the title.

New exciting things

In Clash of Clans, the player’s mission is, as the leader of a clan, to build the village, defend it from enemies, and attack them when given the opportunity. The application has good graphics, is in English, and has a current language, including others.

The tutorial is also conducted by a resident of the village, who shows the user how the place works and what the demands of the inhabitants are, in addition to teaching him how to use the tools and resources available. The character runs the game with a young language.

Supercell proposed to develop an app with a modern and competitive layout, in which creating an army of barbarians, wizards, and dragons and repelling goblins is just the beginning. The gamer can join a clan of players, move up the hierarchy, or even create his clan to challenge the kingdom’s control and show himself supreme over all others.

In addition to forming alliances with other players online and having mighty warriors, the player has a vast arsenal of war, with cannons, towers, mortars, bombs, traps, and walls, to make his small village into an invincible fortress. In other words, fun is guaranteed for a long time. 


  1. Good graphics
  2. Efficient tutorial with modern language
  3. Practical tools
  4. Various features

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Clash of Clans APK - COC MOD v13.369.18 on Android

Clash of Clans APK (COC) MOD on Android, is the favored strategy MMO game that is popular on smartphones and tablets. Free to download in the online stores of Android and iPhone

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