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In conversations at school, at dinner with the family, or even taking a walk around on public transport, it is not difficult to find someone complaining about the government.

Many people think they would do a better job in leadership, and CivCrafter APK gives them precisely the opportunity to prove it by offering the chance to start civilization from scratch.

What is CivCrafter?

CivCrafter is an army-building and exploration game from publisher Naquatic LLC. Manage your resource and use them properly, and don’t forget to bring more people into your civilization. And as you grow, you can use your army to fight.

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At some point in the history of mankind, the game takes place where extensive and unexplored scenarios are at your disposal to be conquered. However, a village needs more than land to function. So, your task is to get everything ready and ideal conditions to attract villagers, making food and other resources available.

You don’t need to despair; after all, you only need a single finger to start your nation. With a simple look and addictive mechanics, CivCrafter will require dozens, hundreds, or, perhaps, thousands of touches on the cell phone display for you to collect food, wood, and stones – essential elements to guarantee people’s housing.

However, you need to be careful that your domains are not affected by an avalanche of new inhabitants – who can consume all your reserves. As her civilization progresses through the history of CivCrafter, she can leave her humble beginnings and become a wondrous kingdom, capable of waging wars against other armies and disputing world domination.

Our Opinion on CivCrafter mobile

Simulation games are often rich in content, offering tools to recreate unique experiences. However, its complexity ends up not pleasing those who have little time or prefer something more casual.

To not exclude anyone, CivCrafter simplifies things so that anyone can create their nation – without gaining white hair in the process.

Don’t even bother to judge the game’s graphics after downloading it to your phone. The look has been reduced to a minimum factor since almost all gambling is made up of menus and tabs with several buttons and icons.

But that does not mean that the game lacks its charm, with an interface based on pixel art and filled with beautiful icons – in the best 16-bit style.

The music that packs the saga, in turn, is excellent, featuring an exciting medieval melody – almost all composed of stringed instruments. Although minimal, the menus, constructions, and resource collection’s sound effects do their job much. All this apparent simplicity in production, however, hides a robust system.

1. Machine gunning the screen

The app’s basic mechanics allows even first-timers in mobile games to understand the essence of CivCrafter in seconds. The most important task during the game is to gather items to increase the population’s numbers, build structures, and, in general, evolve the technological and military capacity of your civilization.

To do this, just touch any of the three icons in the main game window:

The apple, which symbolizes the food.

  • The trunk, which concerns the collection of wood.
  • The stone, which refers to the ore itself.

Each time the player presses one of them, a resource unit is generated and stored in the village warehouses.

Yes, it is simple, but imagine how many times it is necessary to tap the device’s display with your finger to raise enough reserves until your people can become self-sustainable. You don’t have to do the math; there are many, many times. But the process is rewarding, addictive, and yields levels and even some unique items.

If you don’t have a lot of patience, there is a tip that can save you a lot of time and save your indicator. Depending on the smartphone or tablet hardware, the device’s screen accepts more than one touch at the same time. If this is the case, join three fingers of one hand – as if they were the tips of a triangle – press three icons simultaneously and celebrate.

2. Less simple than expected

Over time things get slightly more complicated, but nothing that gets to the classics of the genre, like the titles of the popular Civilization franchise.

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Fortunately, this means that CivCrafter is more than endlessly touching the screen since, from a certain point on, knowing how to manage and balance constructions, expenses and earnings become essential.

Building houses, for example, makes the local population growth, but each extra head is a hungry mouth to feed. Thus, each of the new inhabitants of their kingdom needs to gain a job to help the nation grow, generating food or diverse resources on their own.

A table at the top of the screen gives all the information so that the player can keep abreast of everything that occurs, monitoring the number of items collected, dead villagers, community mood, and even the number of cats circulating in the region. This is probably the moment when you ask yourself: why cats? The answer is simple: because yes!

Keeping an eye on this data, it is eventually possible to release new waves of resources, different professions for the people, and build a real army – which is necessary to face clans and players in online disputes.

3. Tired? Yeah, me too…

Unfortunately, even trying to present everything in a more straightforward way to a broader audience. CivCrafter MOD APK still drinks a lot at the source of simulators and strategy games. Therefore, there was no way to escape basic concepts to these genres – such as the constant need for administration and monitoring.

The game is, yes, fun and humorous. Still, its moderate complexity and the slow progress in some aspects of gambling can make it not last long installed in most cell phones – especially those who only look for uncompromised entertainment. The fact that it is only in English does not help much either.

An in-game store offers the good old microtransaction system, offering the sale of gold for real money. However, you don’t even have to start worrying about it. After all, you have to invest hours and hours of gameplay to even start spending this type of resource.

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