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This article aims to provide insight into Choices APK: Stories You Play, which is free to download and play games available to the players of both Android and iOS mobile phone platforms. Players can easily get their hands on the game from the respective stores of each platform.

It is pertinent to mention that Choices: Stories You Play currently ranks at number 64 in the Role-Playing games section of the Apple App Store.

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On both mobile phone platforms, the game has been presented by Pixelberry Studios.

Current Version Of The Game

The current version of the game is 2.8.1, which was last updated on 25th February, which means that the title is one of the most updated games available to players.

Number Of Downloads

Choices: Stories You Play has been downloaded by more than 10 million players from the Google Play Store alone. This translates to the fact that although the game is quite famous, it still has the potential for further growth.

The Android version of Choices: Stories You Play carries a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from more than 1.3 million reviews. This is a comparatively high ranking and reflects the love carried by players for the title. The iOS variant of the game, however, has an even better rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from 184k reviews.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of the Android version of the game are at the lower end, and on this platform, players possessing devices with 89MB free space and Android versions 5.0 or later can enjoy it.
The iOS version of the game has relatively higher requirements. It requires 180MB free space and iOS versions 10.0 or later.

As a result of this rating, it is evident that parents need to keep a check on their kids so that underage individuals don’t download and play it on their devices.

Availability In A Single Language

Most modern-day hit gaming titles are available in a large number of languages to make it easier for players from around the world to enjoy the app with ease.

However, the game developers and producers of Choices: Stories You Play have not gone very far in this regard as the game has only been made available in the English language, which might as well be one of the reasons why the game doesn’t carry triple-digit million downloads, unlike other hit modern-day games.

In-App Purchase Options

Another feature that is common these days is the ability to make in-app purchases, and by making these microtransactions, players can get access to various items that are not otherwise available in the game.

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These in-app purchases also aid in speeding up the gameplay, so interested players are attracted to this feature. The game developers and producers also earn a handsome amount from these in-app purchase options. So, these options create a win-win situation for players and game presenters.

Here are the microtransaction options available to players of Choices: Stories You Play.

  1. Box of Diamonds – $1.99
  2. Bag of Diamonds – $4.99
  3. Pile of Keys – $1.99
  4. Chest of Diamonds – $19.99
  5. Box of Keys – $9.99
  6. Safe of Diamonds – $39.99
  7. VIP Subscription – $14.99
  8. Vault of Diamonds – $99.99
  9. Holiday Bundle – $9.99
  10. Chest of Keys – $39.99

Features of the Choices: Stories You Play game

1. Gameplay: Story

As soon as the game is launched, a screen similar to the one shown in the below image is displayed to gamers.
Three options exist on this screen which includes:

  • Play Now
  • Sign In
  • Terms Of Service

By clicking the Terms of Service, players get to see the legal documents and other such stuff. 99% of the players never click this option and go for one of the other two.
By tapping the Play Now button, gamers can dive straight into the gameplay and start the experience immediately.

However, gamers that want to enjoy the game on multiple devices need to choose the Sign In option, and upon tapping this button, they are given three choices for Signing In, which include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Account
  3. Apple ID

By choosing the method they want to sign in, players can quickly jump to the next step of the game.

Gameplay Settings
Players can’t tweak much of the game’s content, and only a limited number of gameplay “Settings” options can be changed as per the needs of gamers. The below image shows some of them.

2. Choosing Stories

A wide variety of stories are available to players, which include:

  • The Freshman
  • The Crown & The Flame
  • Perfect Match
  • Blood Bound
  • High School Story

Depending upon the chosen story, the gameplay varies considerably, so players need to choose the story that meets their needs.

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In the initial section of the game, players are offered two different options, which are:

  • * Romance
  • * Steamy

Depending upon the current interest of the players, they can choose whichever option suits them better.

3. An Adult Game

As already indicated by the age rating carried by Choices: Stories You Play, the game is only for adults. This is very well illustrated by the loading screen, as shown in the below image.

It is essential to mention that the loading screen offers various tips to gamers that can come in handy while enjoying the title.

Several warnings are presented to gamers from time to time, informing them about the type of content featured by the title. One such example is shown in the below image.

4. Choosing Characters

Players are at liberty of choosing the characters of the game. The below image is added to give a better idea to readers.

5. Meaningful Messages

Several meaning messages are displayed from time to time, informing the readers about the action happening in the game. These messages are quite erotic and allow the players to have an engaging experience of the title.

6. Response Options

Being a Role-Playing game, various response options are presented to gamers from time to time, and the options chosen by players determine the upcoming content of the game. Here is one such example.

# The final verdict of the game romance story

Choices: Stories You Play is a great game if you are looking for this type of content.

However, for the average Joe who is trying to have a fun experience, the game might not be as entertaining as other Action and Racing games available on the mobile phone platforms.

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