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Have you ever heard about the survival of the fittest? This game, Chicken gun APK, is the embodiment of this expression. This game is very interesting as you have to kill the enemies before they kill you.

Not only this, the players can roam around the map in vehicles to find their enemy in less span of time.

What is Chicken Gun?

Chicken Gun is a chicken shooting game released by ChaloApps. In the game, you will be using guns and fighting with other chickens.

The interesting thing about this game is that it has a 5vs5 mode, and you should destroy all opponents to win.

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The new thing about chickens gun is the character of the rooster. The armored rooster is the main character that players can use to play one of the two moods of the game. When it comes to survival games, we always feel monotony because of the identical gameplay.

While playing this game, there provoke no such feelings. Players get amazed by killing their opponents using the armored roosters.


Since the release of chicken in February 2019, it has come up with multiple updates. The addition of a security camera is the novel integration in the realm of survival games. However, this camera only works if you have a good phone.

Moreover, a map for the sandbox is also added in this game, so the players don’t get lost in the game while playing.

How to play Chicken Gun?

The chicken gun is like any other survival game. However, the point which makes it peculiar is the chicken character. The character of the rooster looks ridiculous yet interesting. The players enter the three-dimensional world by playing this game.

The graphics simply mesmerize the players. The players can start the game by selecting any of the two moods. In 5 vs 5 moods, the players are only subjected to 5 other roosters. And the last rooster standing wins the game.

In the other mood, the players explore and hunt for the opponent to kill them before they kill him. The players are equipped with a machine gun, and they can roam in the city using the map to find the enemy to kill. The handling buttons are the striking features of this game.

It offers you an on-screen joystick. Players can use the joystick to direct the character. Other action buttons can also be used to fire or to launch the egg bombs. The egg bombs inflict great damage to the enemies as it works as a full-fledged bomb that has the capacity to mutilate the enemy.

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Moreover, in the chicken gun, the cars are scattered throughout the city. Since you have to kill your enemies before they kill you, players can use those cars to reach their enemies in less time.

This feature is not novel; however, it looks new in the survival game. Vehicles can be used to surprise the opponents and to kill them in less time.

The features that demark chicken gun from other survival games are:

Features of the game chicken shooting!

1. Rooster

The character of the rooster is very incredible. Other fighting games have the character of the man in them, or they only have POV without any avatar of a person, but in this game, you get the character of the rooster.

It gives an image of an angry rooster who fights for his survival. If he does not kill, he will be killed. The rooster is armored to the teeth and fights furiously.

2. Graphics

By playing this game, the players enter into a three-dimensional world. The graphics are perfect and provide a satisfactory experience while playing.

3. Explosive eggs

Eggs are just like bombs. Players can use these explosive eggs to mutilate their enemies. These explosive eggs help the player when he gets surrounded by a lot of enemies, and the single gun is not enough to save him.chicken gun mod money apk 3

Or when the players notice their survival points, they can use them to kill many in less time.

4. Game mode

Unlike other survival games, the chicken gun provides two modes: 5 vs 5 and you vs all. You can either opt for 5 vs 5 to start an angry rooster fight, or you can choose the other mood and fight with everyone.

Both modes are great and provide a sense of survival as you have to kill before you get killed.

5. Life bar

The life bar is on the head of each rooster; players can see the remaining life of their rooster. This bar is very helpful as the players can devise their next step on the basis of their remaining life.

Suppose if your rooster’s life gets near an end, you can use an explosive egg to kill your enemy before they kill you.

5. Security camera

This game has a security camera, but not every device is compatible to use it. You have to have a good device that supports the security camera to utilize this feature.

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