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Do you love playing car parking games? You are surely going to become an addict to this realistic driving simulator game. Car Parking Multiplayer APK from Olzhass provides you an environment that matches exactly your city.

You can roam about on the roads looking forward to parking your vehicle. It provides you a wide range of vehicles that you can use to explore the city. From walking to using more than a hundred vehicles to wander about the city, this game has a lot to give you in your free time.

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The best thing about car parking multiplayer is its features that no other car parking game provides. It allows you to freely walk along the roads as well. It creates a real-life experience by allowing the player to get his car tuned.

Moreover, the player can compete with real players in open-world multiplayer mode. Having all these good features, this game needs to be good at graphics. The only con that I found in this game is its graphics.

What is Car Parking Multiplayer?

Car Parking Multiplayer is what open-world car driving simulation it developed by olzhass. In this game, you will be able to participate in different activities: Buying new cars, but you need a lot of money to do it or compete with many other people to get a reward.

Just like any other car game, car parking multiplayer allows you to play the game using the buttons that show up on the screen. The speed of the car can be controlled using the pedal button placed on the right side of the screen. To Cruise around players can use the steering wheel icon to move it in any particular direction.

It provides multiple other features that give a satisfactory playing experience. The game focuses on providing a real-time experience that’s why players can use hazard lights if needed. Moreover, if the weather gets foggy, players can use fog lights as well.

Before turning, players can use indicators and other traffic lights to maintain the proper order of the traffic. On the violation of traffic rules, players have to meet with the police.

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Since it provides competitive gameplay, players can compete with other players from the world. There are 82 real-world challenges and obstacles that minimize the monotony and keep the players engaged. It can potentially make you an addict as it has a wide range of vehicles.

From tow trucks to sports cars it can give you real-life alike experience. The real-time multiplayer system is making it as realistic as possible. Players can interact with one another using the chatting feature.

Features of the open world driving game

1. Open World Multiplayer 

This feature of Car parking multiplayer makes it peculiar. You can enjoy walking along the roads in this game. It provides the best 3d experience of the real world as it is endowed with real maps containing gas stations from the real world. Not only gas stations but you can also get your car done by services centers.

This mode also enables people around the world to interact with one another. From competition to exchanging of cars among the players it provides the best experience.

2. Chatting

Car parking multiplayer simulator provides chatting as well. This makes you feel in the real world as you can voice chat with other players. It also has a friend list that enables the player to all his friends to play with him.

3. Police

Since in the real world, there are police to regulate every law and order, to make the game look more real it has police in it.

4. Vehicle Customization

The best feature, also my personal favorite, is the car customization. Players can customize their car and make it look the way they want. From adjustable suspension, you can make it look low profile. You can also change the wheel angle.

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Be it installing a turbo, engine swap, exhaust, or gearbox, players can customize their vehicles. Furthermore, players can also change the physical appearance of their car by customized body parts, vinyl, etc.

5. Open world infrastructure

Car parking multiplayer provides a detailed environment. Real-look buildings with open interior with high detailing make them more appealing to the senses.

6. Real car with real interior

This game provides you access to 100 real-world cars with a real interior that gives you a dynamic experience of riding the exact car. Using the customization feature players can also change their car to make it more lavish.

7. It provides 16 player skin. 

Players can use the avatar that matches their appearance. It makes you feel that you are in the game.

8. What is new in the updated version?

The providers of Car parking multiplayer MOD APK from Olzhass keep updating the version to provide its users the best experience. The new version has more vinyl, new cars, and new rims. The focus of the update was on customization. You can use mew rims to make your car look more attractive.

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