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The Candy Camera application for Android is one of the most famous and robust applications that are dazzling and rich in the definition in taking pictures through the camera of the smartphone that relates to you, in addition to that the application contains many adjustments to the images that you photograph through the Candy Camera for selfie photography.

And the use of multiple and varied effects that make the pictures that you shoot through the Candy Camera apps for Android on the Android phone that relates to you, it looks very professional and makes pictures a real pleasure.

What is Candy Camera?

Candy Camera APK is a complete editing application for you to make your photos much more beautiful and stylish to share on social networks. The first time you run the app, tap the colored button in the center to take a photo on the spot or the right to select an image from the gallery.

candy camera photo editor apk

The app brings together the four main categories in a fixed bar at the bottom of the display: Adjust, Light Effect, Thema, and Sticker. When selecting one of the options, other icons appear in a second bar with new possibilities.

When selected, most effects and filters have adjustment bars that allow you to control the intensity. The confirmation of the change is made by touching OK and, to cancel everything and return to the previous menu, use the Back button on your phone.

It is important to emphasize that Candy Camera requires a fast and stable connection to the internet to work correctly since many resources are dynamically downloaded in real-time.

Features of the Camera selfie application: 

You can put stickers on pictures such as a like sign, a heart-shaped sticker, or a laugh. All these stickers are available for free. You can change your body size, height, and shortness that suits you to put a wig or modify your face to change your eye color, whiten your teeth, or other things in the application interface. 

The settings icon and you find the selfie mirror, geographic drawing, filtering experience, and image resolution, and you can put on the highest accuracy and accuracy of silent mode calibration and storage location to specify storage where you find it in the phone or the application and also find the most common questions, and you can read it.

candy camera best filter settings

And also, you will find the official website to apply Candy camera, and you can see it and learn everything about the application of features and secrets and many other things and dragging its feet find the privacy policy, as well as copyright and which enables you to see the sites that support publishing through the application, does not require you any extra fees and no cost.

The application is entirely free and works on all smart devices. The application is completely safe, and do not worry about the images saved in the application or the pictures saved on your phone. 

The application has a gallery that is for displaying images, and there is a filter edit, which is for editing on the photos, and there is also a body edit, which is for modification on the entire body. There is a beauty edit, which is to put live stickers in the image and modify it; this was the simplest explanation.

Take better pictures

You can save the pictures and backgrounds you have photographed or edit on the application itself or save photos on your smartphone or tablet device. All these opinions are for you, and you can do them.

This application also allows you to share a lot of your photos and videos that you have photographed and modified and do a lot of these things. 

The application has many stickers that are completely free and that do not cost you anything paid, as well as a lot of excellent and high-quality backgrounds and download them to your phone, which you can share with your friends or download wallpapers on your phones such as the main backgrounds or the background of the lock screen.

And there is also making effects in the image when capturing it, such as making the image black and white, making it in color, or making the background only one color and the person to be photographed in another color. All these features you can do in this application without the help of any professional person.

Complete and intuitive

Many editing tools are also incredible, ensuring that both subtle modifications and real transformations can be made. The possibility of adding frames and Stickers is also excellent.

Candy Camera MOD APK only loses points for requiring an internet connection, since many resources are downloaded dynamically. Thus, if you are connected to a low-speed mobile network, it is likely that usability will be severely impaired.

You can change your concept To make excellent and straightforward Photoshop on your photos and your videos, and you can put your touch now to give you the best beautiful and simple results for doing many things in this application

  1. And also, an icon in the form of three points: It gives you many attractive features while you are taking unique pictures.
  2. And also a video icon: it is to change from taking photos to recording video, audio, and images with high quality and with little effort
  3. And even an icon to change the selfie camera to the back camera, all from within the app
  4. You can also install more than one image in one box to display it to you in the form of one image, and there is more than one image inside it to make an easy and simple photo album.

Easy to use and edit photos

If you’re sick of Instagram and looking for new ways to embellish your favorite photos, Candy Camera offers a professional and too complete set for you to make modifications of any kind to your images.

candy camera setting

The well-organized interface, which brings together all the filters, effects, and options and a fixed bar at the bottom of the display, and undoubtedly one of the most prominent features of the app since even people who are not used to editing applications will be able to explore and master Candy Camera quickly.

Candy Camera Pro APK - Download v3.2.11 on Android

Candy Camera MOD APK for Android is a complete editing application for you to make your photos much more beautiful and stylish to share on social networks

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Photography