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Discover a new bus driving simulation game from the developer of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe. You will be free to explore the vehicles in the world.

When you start the game, you will get to know many vehicles and perform many tasks, in which you will perform the delivery, and when completed, you will receive a bonus (Money, gold …).

Also, you need a lot of money to buy accessories, which are new and powerful vehicles.

What is Bus simulator: Ultimate?

Bus simulator: Ultimate is an incredible game that puts you in a situation that challenges your management skills. This game is very good if you want to equip yourself or your child with good managerial skills. The game dynamically challenges your skills as the players have to devise a route that could help them to get more passengers.

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Moreover, they have to set up offices and stations to get the best out of it. This game allows a player to manage all aspects of a transportation company. From the logo to the map player has to plan and manage every aspect.

This game, bus simulator: ultimate, provides real routes from the cities of Germany, the US, Russia, Turkey, Spain, France, etc. Players are required to establish their transportation company, which could become the largest transport organization globally.

Features the bus driving game from Zuuks Games

Players can start the game by establishing an office afterward; they are needed to set arrival and departure times. Players can devise a route that suits them best.

1. Multiplayer

The Multiplayer option is the best thing that could be added to this game.

2. Multiple offices

Players can establish their offices in different cities to make their service more dynamic. Players can choose any particular location around the world to make their office that could make their service more appropriate.

3. Passenger system

This means you have to design your logo, your ticket, and then using your tickets, passengers would be able to get your services. It provides a very realistic experience. Moreover, passenger can give their opinion based on your service. In other words, there is a feedback system that could be used to enhance your quality.

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4. Luxury Buses

The designs of the buses and the interior provide an overall satisfactory attitude. More than 12 luxury buses with a realistic interior take this simulator game to a whole new level.

5. Real-time environment

The best feature of this game is the real-time environment. From weather to the roads, everything resembles the real world. The graphics are at their best. The integration of toll tax is what makes it appear nearer to reality.

Signals on roads and weather are very much realistic, and with the help of graphics, it seems more appealing. The traffic system is identical to real-time. Furthermore, the sound effects are also there, which makes it more accurate in terms of its depiction of the real-world.

6. Controller

The bus simulator ultimately allows you to control the bus in many ways. In other words, you can use your phone and tilt it to move the coach in any particular direction, or you can use the buttons to turn it right or left. Moreover, there is an option of the steering wheel as well that could be used to get a real-time driving experience.

7. Gameplay Bus Ultimate

The gameplay of bus simulator ultimate is very interesting. The players establish their offices and then devise a route to follow. They set their logo and ticket to be sold to passengers. Players can choose their desired country and city to run their business.

After the establishment of the office, the players can set the time of travel, i.e., arrival and departure time. Once the time gets requisite, players can use their coaches to ride on roads.

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Driving the car and controlling it is quite easy as well. One can choose whether to tilt the mobile or to use buttons to move the car in different directions. However, there is an option of using the steering wheel, which gives real-life experience to the player. Furthermore, the player can check out the map route to follow and locate his destination.

Players also get The feedback of the passengers. Say the player takes the wrong turn or drives the coach carelessly, the passenger would complain. On the contrary, if he drives carefully to make his passengers happy, they will return, and his business will get flourished.

8. Pricing and Terms

Bus simulator: ultimate is a paid game. It allows the user to experience the game on a three days trial version, after which players have to buy the subscription. Users can play multiplayer during the subscription period, and when the period terminates, all the features get lock again. The subscription charges are $2.99, $9.99 for a month and a year, respectively.

At the confirmation of the subscription, this payment will be charged from your Google play account. This subscription also gets renewal until and unless you haven’t turned it off one day earlier to the last day of the former. You can turn it off from setting, and your subscription will be unsubscribed after the completion of the period.

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