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Do you like driving? If so, then play the game Bus Simulator Indonesia APK; it will let you control the cars and explore Indonesia’s roads. You will be a real driver. You will be able to control the steering wheel, the headlights, speed up and down. Besides, you can also do many quests and, when completed, will receive a bonus.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a free-to-download game that is available on the Android platform. The game features a unique storyline that is particularly catchy for the Indonesian people as it presents the map of the country and thus individuals from Indonesia are attracted to it.

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The game has been presented by Maleo and is a part of the Simulation games genre on the Google Play Store.

1. Current Version Of The Game

The current version of Bus Simulator Indonesia is 3.5 which has been recently updated on 11th January 2021, thereby making it one of the recently updated games on the Google Play Store.

Ratings & Reviews

Bus Simulator Indonesia carries a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from more than 1.7 million reviews. This means that the game is liked by a large number of players.

It has been downloaded by more than 50 million users of the Android platform.

2. Hardware Requirements

The title needs approximately 300MB of free space on the devices of interested players. However, the exact game requirement varies with the device in question.

Players need to have Android versions 4.2 and up available on their devices for enjoying the game.

3. Home Screen

Upon launching the game, the following home screen is presented to players. The top right section of this screen offers various control options to players which include the in-game shop, and the game’s settings.

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On the top left end of the home screen, the player’s name and profile are present. Upon tapping this option, a pop-up window is displayed to players which resembles the image shown below.

4. Facebook Connectivity

From the screen shown above,players can tap in their nickname that they intend to use in the game.

The option to connect Facebook profile is also present here, and by doing so, players can participate in the action along with their real-life friends. An added benefit of Facebook connectivity is that the gameplay can be resumed with ease even when the players switch devices.

Features of the bus driving game in Indonesia

1. Gameplay Modes

The left end of the game’s home screen allows players to choose the gameplay mode of their liking. Three options exist in this regard which are:

  1. Free Mode;
  2. Career Mode.
  3. Multiplayer Mode.

2. Settings Vary With The Mode

Depending upon the mode of gameplay chosen by the players, the game settings vary. In the Free Mode, players are at the liberty of roaming around freely, whereas in the Career Mode, revenue has to be generated for surviving.

The Multiplayer mode is the most exciting one as it gives players the ability to play against several online gamers from around the globe.

3. Route Selection

Once the game is started, players are required to choose the routeat which they want to drive. For this, Indonesia’s map is presented to players, from which the departure and destination locations can be selected simply by tapping.

The earning potential of the selected route and distance between the two locations is also shown to players. This is evident from the above image.

4. A Large Number Of Bus Options

Once the route has been selected, the next option is to choose the bus. Although a wide variety of buses is offered to players, still, initially they are restricted to a single bus due to the low budget.

5. Mini Map Helps In Navigating

The gameplay begins from a bus terminal like the one shown in the below image. The mini-map located at the top right end of the screen is a great help in terms of navigating, as it displays the route that is to be followed by the player.

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However, I feel that had the map been a bit larger, it would have been much easier to play the game.

6. Realistic Gameplay

Bus Simulator Indonesia offers extremely realistic gameplay. The below image shows one such instance in which passengers are boarding the bus. The great attention to detail of the game is exemplary.

7. Controlling The Bus

Depending upon the option chosen by the player from the game’s settings, the bus can be controlled in two different ways.

  • One option is by manually touching the steering wheel located at the bottom left end of the screen.
  • The other choice is to use the tilt option. By using this, the bus can be moved sideways simply by tilting the smartphone on the desired side.

8. Additional Features

The additional features that make the gameplay unique and further entertaining are spread across the screen. For example, on the left end of the display, the following options exist:

  • Blowing the horn,
  • Turning on the indicators and hazard lights,
  • Turn on the headlights of the bus

On the right end of the screen, several other options exist, which include:

  1. Opening or closing the bus doors.
  2. Turning the bus on or off.
  3. Activating the parking brake,
  4. Turning the wipers on or off.
  5. Selecting the camera from 4 different options.

My favorite option is the ability to drive the bus from the driver’s perspective as it is way more detailed than the other 3 options.

Players that want a cleaner interface can do so from the top left end of the screen. The option to pause the gameplay also exits on the top left end of the display.

9. Moving The Bus Forward Or Backwards

For moving the bus forward, players need to select the D gear and then push the gas pedal. By doing so, the bus starts moving forward, and the gears change automatically.

However, for reversing the bus, the R gear has to be manually selected from the right end of the screen.

Fuel Tank

The amount of fuel currently present in the fuel tank of the bus is displayed in liters in the central bottom part of the screen. For example, in the below image, the bus has 65 liters of fuel in its tank.

Number Of Passengers Onboard

The number of passengers currently onboard is also shown on this part of the screen. The greater the number of passengers, the larger is the earning potential for players.

10. Funds Are Required For Gameplay Activities

Players need to keep in mind that refueling the bus and paying toll taxes requires in-game funds. Thus players need to devise a proper gameplay strategy, implementing which they can generate enough revenue to keep their bus running.

11. Final Verdict

So if you are interested in buses or are looking forward to running a business of this category, this game can be of great assistance by providing you an insight into the various dynamics of the mechanics involved in this business.

Now you can play Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD Unlimited Fuel for free.

Bus Simulator Indonesia APK - MOD v3.5 Unlimited Fuel
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