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Could he be into video games and was not fascinated by the crazy thrill of shooting or shooting games? The pleasure and charm of these games and the feeling of excitement they induce in the user are indescribable, and this feeling can be found in a few games.

With the growth of the mobile gaming market and the profitability of this massive market for gaming companies and the growing strength of smartphones, many great shooter game developers have entered the mobile gaming market. They are witnessing the presence of the best shooter games for mobile phones.

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Now you can easily experience games like Call of Duty PC or Counter-Strike titles on your smartphone and enjoy the thrill of shooter games.

This article from GameLoop Apps intends to introduce one of the best shooter titles for smartphones. If you love excitement, do not miss the introduction of Brothers in Arms 3 APK.

What are Brothers in Arms 3?

Brothers in Arms 3 APK is made by the big and famous company Gameloft. The record of this well-known game company is full of powerful, popular, and well-made works. The company started making games for smartphones many years ago and, to date, has released great works such as Asphalt.

In both lists of the best graphic games of GameLoop ( list number one and list number two ), we see the presence of titles from this company; it is enough to experience that game at least once.

Brothers in Arms 3 is also one of the games with great console graphics, and with its attractive environment, it can be included in the list of the best mobile shooters.


Gameplay: Fight brave soldiers

Brothers in Arms 3, apart from its eye-catching and stunning graphics, is also quite satisfying in terms of gameplay, and the gameplay is implemented in the best way.

There are various weapons in Brothers in Arms 3, and you must use these weapons to stand up to or attack enemies. The enemies are also very diverse, and the battles that take place in the game create fascinating and emotional scenes.

You can move in the game, and you can also take refuge behind the trenches. Brothers in Arms 3 is an admirable title and meets all the features you would expect from a shooter game.

In addition to offline games and stories with a powerful story and a relatively good number of stages, you can also participate in online competitions and fight with real users.

Features such as upgrading weapons and changing and upgrading characters are also available in the game. All Brothers’ elements in Arms 3 announce another well-made title from Gameloft, and once again, this gaming giant has shown its power in this game.

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Gameloft previously had an ultra-modern combat game in shooter style, which was also very successful and easily attracted users with its robust gameplay.

Brothers in Arms 3 APK is excellent in a word. The game has console graphics, precise details, and dynamic and lively environments. Along with it, attractive and fast gameplay that has given an unusual excitement to the game will nail you to the game.

If you are interested in action, thriller, and shooter games, or looking for a game with great graphics, do not miss Brothers in Arms 3 in any way.

More than 10 million downloads and a perfect score of 4.4 on Google Play give you the call that the volume you give to download the game is quite wise and economical considering its quality. I suggest you download the game from this page without delay and enjoy the Brothers in Arms 3 gameplay.

More tactical shootings

The most prominent feature is the gameplay, which has been perfectly adapted for smartphones and tablets, preventing gamers from getting tangled when trying to shoot and simultaneously move the soldier. There is not much to worry about: it takes little time to get used to the pace of play and its controls.

Unlike Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front, an FPS, the new launch bets on a third-person perspective and a targeting help system that makes everything more simple and practical. The main challenge is calculating the best times to shoot or change positions, leaving aside any complications in control for the less skilled people.

War Brothers

Despite the change in mechanics, the franchise’s old characteristics are still present, ensuring that the “Brothers” (soldiers) receive upgrades and find new companions as you advance along the Nazi lines.

Even with the “on rails” mechanics, which guide the action without giving much freedom, some scenarios allow you to move the hero horizontally, making it easier to choose a more appropriate angle during the shootings.

Freemium mechanics do not hide that the producer wants to profit and encourages players to buy more powerful weapons and various supplies. However, people who are not willing to spend real money can continue the enterprise without any significant difficulties, which is excellent.

Respect set

The Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War graphic set shows quality images and many realistic effects for explosions and shots. Soldiers’ animations are fluid, increasing immersion during gunfights.

The sound effects accompany the images’ high-quality standard, with details that make you feel like you are really on a battlefield, especially if you are wearing headphones. 

The songs are also not far behind what is seen in war movies and series with the same theme, while the voices lent to each of the characters manage to capture the right atmosphere in each situation.

Our Opinion on Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

Game Background

In 1944, World War II was coming to an end, a soldier and his troops were ordered to break into an enemy base in Basse-Normandie, France. Their mission is to obtain strategic documents that can bring victory to the allied forces. 

To do that, along with your troops called brothers in the war, you have to sneak into enemy territory, which is undoubtedly filled with enemy troops. So far, you have survived death, but can you survive this World War II?

Game Control

Brothers in Arms 3 is a third-person shooter game where players control their character from behind. This game is also a cover shooter, so players can hide behind an object to protect themselves from enemy attacks. 

To control the character, the interface system uses a virtual analog method: Move using virtual analog on the lower left, aiming by sliding your finger on the right side of the screen. For action, there is a firing button, reload button, and context button, for example, to fire a rocket launcher.

Auto Aim assistance

Fun, Gameloft knows that directing a shot using the touch screen is very frustrating for those who are not used to playing. Therefore, the shot’s direction will be automatically attached to the enemy’s body when it is close, so it is a kind of auto-aim that has specific conditions. This makes it easier for players to shoot enemies, as well as take a headshot.


The game Brothers’ central concept in Arms 3 is that the player who plays Sergeant Wright’s role does not fight alone. He is accompanied by his war brothers, each of whom has unique abilities. 

Fifteen brothers could be recruited by players, from Jacob Hall, who could summon an air raid, there was James Gann, a sniper, to Cain Lawrence, the burnt expert. They all provide exciting replay value at each level.

Various Cool Weapons

Every war game focuses on weaponry, and Brothers in Arms 3 does not disappoint in providing weaponry during World War II. M1941 LMG, M1 Garand, Sten, MP40, PPSH41, Bren, AK-47, Mosin Nagant, Dragunov, and experimental weapons like Hammerfall ZMEY 22, Thunder Strike

High-quality graphics

Gameloft has always been serious about making games, and Brothers in Arms 3 also uses a three-dimensional display with cool characters. The battle feels very real here, with thunderous sound effects, and occasional cutscenes will occur when players shoot enemies in the head. 

A slight side effect of the game’s high-quality graphics is the need for a smartphone processor, which may be a bit high. So if it’s a low-end smartphone, it might experience a broken framerate.

Fun to play Multiplayer

Apart from playing the campaign set in World War II, players can also enjoy this free game and other players via a multiplayer feature.

 Multiplayer modes that can be played include Domination and Team Deathmatch / Free for All. Even though this game can be played offline, you should have an Internet connection because something needs to be downloaded for updates while playing. The game also uses a stamina system that will be used for both campaigns and multiplayer. 

But at least, the stamina for the campaign and multiplayer are separated so that if a player runs out of energy in one mode, they can play in another. Microtransactions are also available for purchasing the game’s premium currency, namely Medals.

Whether you want to follow the story of Sergeant Wright on his way to the end of World War II or want to riot with other players via multiplayer, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is at your service. This is a war game that you must try.

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