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Finally, after a long time, the long-awaited title Brawlhalla APK for mobile phones was released by Ubisoft; Brawllhala was released in 2017 for other platforms and achieved significant success in various markets and even set foot in Open e-sports competitions.

With this description, it is not wrong to take a step away from the fantasy games style and engage in a more realistic competition. Brawlhalla mobile game is an admirable fighting effect after being released for the PC. Tom’s Tom’s competition will bring a fight to mobile phones this time.

What is Brawlhalla ?

This game’s style is free to play (Free To Play); Ubisoft decided to port Brawlhalla for both iOS and Android operating systems due to its good success on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo platforms To delight his fans once again.

Brawlhalla APK is in the category of action games such as Grand Criminal Online and Omega Legends. This time it is a head and neck higher in terms of gameplay and graphics. And this has made the audience more interested in the game.

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With a good score on Google Play, it is a masterpiece game in face-to-face battles with enemies and will undoubtedly fascinate you quickly at the beginning of the game to its smooth and dynamic gameplay.

This game has forty million users worldwide. In it, you can choose your character from fifty popular heroes and have an exciting competition that supports different modes of performance.

Gameplay: Hilarious war

The story of Brawlhalla is that you step into a world where everything depends on epic battles in the role of different fighters; there are fifty fighting characters with unique characteristics in this game that you can release and yourself. Upgrade. Also, keep in mind that the mobile version of this exciting title includes two single-player and Co-Op modes.

In each game, you have to choose one warrior and, in some other modes, three warriors and fight with other players. The general style and rules of the game are simple, and in that, your main criterion for winning and getting better ranks is winning battles against competitors.


Each of the game’s warriors has its own weapon and is an essential factor for player selection. Of course, all these weapons’ power is the same, but they have different use conditions.

If you get kicked out and return to the stage a few moments later and have to change the situation in the remaining moments, the great thing about Brawlhalla APK is its cross-play capability, and you can play with PC and console owners. It has made the game very popular.

The general format of these competitions is rated according to the number of defeats over the competitors. By earning points and the money you earn from these competitions, you can buy different items or release more characters. Everything in this game is fast. It depends on your reactions above; So prepare yourself for exciting and challenging battles.

The whole game is done in two parts, offline and online. The offline section includes the training section as well as the multiplayer (local) combat section.

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In the online section, there are all kinds of games and competitions. You can compete online with other players from all over the world in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles or different types of games; in some game modes, up to 8 people can play with each other simultaneously.

Iranian users can currently connect to game servers without unique action. To download the latest version of the Brawlhalla game, you can install the game from the download box below.

Features: Lots of fun

Video: Gameplay, Tips and Ultimate Guide for Beginner

1. Combat

At the same time, the highlight and the most fun point of Brawlhalla is its fighting system. Despite borrowing a lot from the Smash Bros. series. , from Nintendo, the title simplifies the experience to make confrontations faster, less confusing, and dynamic. The battles are entertaining and balanced, with different characters between them.

The weapon system is also exciting, as it is possible to hit with bare hands, with a light weapon or with heavy equipment, varying the simple and loaded strokes of each of these variations. 

In this way, Brawlhalla creates a range of combos and combinations of very cool styles. The game also offers perfect customization of controls, being an excellent option for different tastes.

The arenas are also a different show. They were all designed to be small and require platform skills from players. In other words, in addition to taking a beating on enemies, it is necessary to jump constantly so as not to be thrown away.

2. Artistically flawless

Without a doubt, Brawlhalla has 2D graphics of the highest quality, with healthy and vibrant colors that emphasize the character during the fights and pastels that create a beautiful landscape in the background of the arena. In other words, the game’s aesthetics are delicately balanced to not confuse the player during the game.

The fighter design is superb, as it has a lot of originality and personality for each of the heroes. There was a lot of research and caprice to create very different champions, who pay homage to different cultures and myths.

All animations are neat, with great attention to detail. The game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, even with many actions and effects appearing on the screen. And, as it couldn’t be missing, the soundtrack is excellent and has very cool tracks, which perfectly match the speed and theme of Brawlhalla.

3. Small setbacks

Despite offering an excellent experience, Brawlhalla has minor problems, both technical and design. Multiplayer, for example, is fantastic, but sometimes it has bottlenecks in the connection and gets in the way of fast and frantic combat, as it does not have dedicated servers for gambling.

The title also uses several elements of MOBA and other free games, such as selling skins, characters, and clothes. Despite being a positive point, as it offers more variety to match, Brawlhalla does it in a somewhat … extrapolated way. The advantage of Free to Play games is that you don’t have to pay anything to play, but you can buy additional items.

However, it is challenging to raise virtual money here. Therefore, you are at the mercy of the weekly rotation of fighters or the complete character pack (real money). Ultimately, Brawlhalla MOD APK on Android may have some minor problems, but it proves to be one of the best free options at the moment.

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Finally, after a long time, the long-awaited title Brawlhalla APK for mobile phones was released by Ubisoft; Brawllhala was released in 2017 for other platforms and achieved significant success in various markets and even set foot in Open e-sports competitions.

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