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Before Android became rampant as it is now, web-based technology had already been used to answer various human needs ranging from purchasing goods, services, information, and education. Until then, Android changed the way humans interacted through a more compact interface on smartphone devices. Now, most internet users rely on smartphones to do many things, one of which is learning independently.

Brainly APK presents a new, more fun way to study literature and science. Brainly brings together students and educators in a compact mobile platform. Students can ask questions, and vice versa, educators, can provide the best answers.

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All activities and the subject of questions or answers can be monitored in real-time, anywhere, and anytime.

In the application review column this time, we will learn what is in Brainly and what side of its interface.

But before that, let’s talk a little about the Brainly profile.

What is Brainly?

Quoted from Wikipedia, Brainly is a technology-based education company from Krakow, Poland. The company was founded by three people, namely Michał Borkowski, Tomasz Kraus, and Łukasz Haluch. As mentioned earlier, Brainly adopts the concept of social media, which was already famous, but specifically for students and teachers, where students can ask questions related to lessons and vice versa the teacher can give their best answers. For each answer, Brainly provides a reward in the form of points that will increase the educator’s reputation in the community’s eyes.

As of January 2018, Brainly has more than 100 million monthly users from 35 countries it reaches. Brainly operates through two platforms, and mobile, which can be found on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Brainly is a service that can be used free of charge by students or teachers. However, they also offer a paid premium program specifically designed for difficult questions so that the answers are not random but have been verified by moderators.


Brainly adopts a relatively cool material design line by reducing the border’s thickness and using calmer colors. As a result, when I first started running Brainly, I immediately felt comfortable lingering in it. Brainly’s developers are pretty clever by applying a different background color to each of its main panels.

You can see what I mean in this screenshot. This is the forefront of the Android version of the Brainly app. You will find three main panels labeled Ask, Answer, and Me. Each panel has a different background color. Brainly also uses overlay images as a sweetener without disturbing the user’s attention much.

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In the Ask panel, you will find some of the top experts who get the most rewards. On the Ask panel, there are also live questions that can be followed or answered in real-time.

Swipe right, and we find the Answer panel, a special panel designed for each user. In this panel, you can find a list of questions that you can answer. For beginners or new users, this panel must be fulfilled to accumulate an initial reputation. The questions that appear will also be grouped into different subjects, and each answer has a different reward weight.

Furthermore, the Brainly main page also displays the Me panel, which allows new users to register an account. Brainly offers two registration options, using Facebook or a form. I advise you to just use the form because it turns out that the registration process is straightforward. 

You don’t even have to provide the email address that other services usually ask for. In Brainly, all you have to do is enter your username and then click OK. After that, you just have to choose your education level and avatar, then that’s done, your account is complete, and you can start asking or answering questions.

If I have to rate it in this part of the interface, I’d be happy to give it a 9 out of 10. In my opinion, the interface is very clean, fast, and comfortable. Registration also seems to be made easier on purpose so that users don’t feel overwhelmed in the initial process, especially novice users. Well done, brain!

Brainly features

Asking and Answering

By the basic concept, at Brainly, you can do two things depending on your current education level. If you feel you have a high educational background, your position is to assist in answering the questions asked. Brainly has provided a list of questions for each account in the Answer panel.

Meanwhile, to monitor the list of questions, start the first question, and your answer can be accessed in the Me panel.

Filter Questions

In the Answer panel, Brainly provides additional tools useful for filtering out the types of questions that arise. For example, only questions for high school level, certain subjects, certain exams such as UBMPTN, national exams, etc.

Live Chat / Questions

In the Ask panel, you can also find real-time chat and question options where you can join in to simply greet other users or answer questions asked in real-time. There is also a heart button in the chat panel to express likes and a comment button to send a new message.

Answer Comments Brainliest

In the Ask panel, there is also a special column to display a list of questions that have been answered by the popular brainiest. In this panel, you cannot provide an answer for the comparison, but alternatively, you can leave a comment on each of the brainiest answers, for example, to say thank you or give rebuttals.

In this list, users with a similar problem can find answers quickly without creating new questions and waiting for answers from other members.

Invite Friends

This feature is found in many other applications. But at Brainly, it turns out that this feature is quite new. The use of this feature is to invite friends to join Brainly, whether as a questioner or as a solution provider.


Besides interacting publicly and giving each other answers, on Brainly, you can also send private messages like Facebook and Twitter. This messaging feature can be found in user profiles.


The Follow feature is located in the profile panel, right next to the private message button. Like in social networking services, the Follow feature makes it easier for users to interact later. In Brainly, the following feature will help users obtain or monitor account activity being followed, then find out what answers or questions they provide.


Earlier it was said that Brainly implemented a gamification system by providing rewards for each answer. One other element of this concept is the imposition of a rank system to differentiate each user’s rank, starting from beginner rank to genius. A different badge represents each rank.


Your activity starting from submitting questions, providing answers, leaving comments, or hearts, will be recorded by the system. If there are other user activities related to these things, you will get real-time notifications. This notification can be re-adjusted via the Settings menu in the Me panel.


From the interface side, I have a very good impression of Brainly. As for the benefits of using its main features, namely asking and answering, I feel that this application is no longer suitable for me. 

However, looking at the interactions and features in it, I am sure that the Brainly application will help students and teachers improve their ability to answer student questions in class. Teachers will also be helped to understand the problems most often faced by students.

It’s just that, while using Brainly since last weekend, I feel Brainly needs to moderate some questions. Because I still find questions that don’t seem so important. These kinds of things can diminish the essence of Brainly’s usefulness itself. 

Do not let a lot of unimportant questions replace weighty questions. Second, it is very important that the rules for writing problems, for example, are at least the character of the question. I often come across potentially confusing, and too short questions.

Brainly APK
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Before Android became rampant as it is now, web-based technology had already been used to answer various human needs ranging from purchasing goods, services, information, and education. Until then, Android changed the way humans interacted through a more compact interface on smartphone devices. Now, most internet users rely on smartphones to do many things, one of which is learning independently.

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