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Have you ever imagined having a life completely different from the one you have? Well, if there is any curiosity, BitLife APK can be an excellent way to discover your luck if it were someone else. 

The game is a text-based life simulator in which you are played in the world and need to make decisions like any average person to progress and be someone in life. From there, you need to decide the path you want to take according to your existing options.

What is BitLife?

BitLife is a “sincere” simulator in which all the actions you need to face are sufficiently possible to happen in anyone’s daily life. The game puts the user in a position where he is randomly created somewhere in the world, reacts to a life that is vulnerable to disease, and the financial and psychological situation of family members since his early years of experience while making decisions to decide his future. Quite similar to what we usually do daily, isn’t it?

Despite seeming banal, BitLife has an entertaining balcony. Even though it is a simulator via text, the game has nothing boring. There are no limits to your actions – you can make the year go by at any time, practice as many activities as you like without worrying about energy points or the like.

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The BitLife MOD APK options – in addition to being quite real – always try to be cute, and at no time does the user have the feeling that there is nothing more to do. Even if you are not satisfied with your current route, it is always possible to start over and improve your life.

It is worth saying that BitLife (Google play) is an excellent game for anyone and, even if you are not into the simulator genre, you will indeed be surprised by how much BitLife has to offer.

GamePlay: Your life

In Bitlife MOD unlocked APK, players will become free individuals. This means that all the decisions in the caretaker’s life, the player himself, takes it. Everything including the consequences that will occur, the player will bear it. Players can either do good and apply strict rules or become evil and suffer all the results.

On the sidelines of daily activities and activities, this game will later provide a random event. The event will offer several options to choose from. Of course, these options are based on the activities that have been carried out earlier. This will make the game more exciting and real.

All decisions are made with different types of events; In the end, it will have an ultimate ending, which everyone has to face, which is death. This will make you feel like in the real world; all kinds of random events cannot be predicted.

As in real life, players can play with their own lives. This includes how to choose activities that will be carried out by youth. Starting from school, having fun, taking care of yourself, looking for a job, and finding someone who will be a partner.

All of this life will occur in a long text. Even so, the text presented in this game can be read in detail, even to various kinds of somewhat dull activities. This simulator game does not recognize strategy or action. Players are only required to be themselves and live their lives.

Feature in-game: Choose exactly what you want

With a reasonably good rating and also the number of people who play the Bitflife game, of course, this one game cannot be called an ordinary game. This can again happen because of the various exciting features brought by BitLife. Therefore, here are some exciting features in the BitLife Mod APK God Mode game.

Your character has four main statuses: happiness, health, intelligence, and appearance. His life is narrated annually through short phrases, while his actions may or may not have any impact. (Wiki).

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In the beginning, BitLife presents the only moment when you have no choice about what can happen: your gender and place of birth, in addition to your parents’ condition and their professions, are randomly generated.

Who decides when the next year is coming in BitLife is yourself. However, several tasks can be part of your routine before proceeding, directly impacting all of your statuses.

Among them is the possibility of dedicating yourself to your studies or work, buying material goods such as cars and houses, relating to the people you meet in your random and banal decisions and activities, such as going to the doctor and attending the gym, or taking out vacation.

At various times, many of your actions trigger decisions that need to be made, and it is through them that your character evolves over the years. Bitlife bitizen APK generates several inopportune moments when you have to choose between running away from a crazy girlfriend, giving up your studies to work, facing illnesses, or facing a possible prison.

Decisions and Consequences

You have the right to make all the choices in his life whether the player wants to be the right person and an exemplary citizen by marrying loved ones, having children, and getting an education.

Detailed Life Stories

Unlike most other simulator genre games, this game has gameplay in a long text that tells the character’s twins’ story. Even so, the content of the text is very detailed. Players can see all the activities carried out by the surface every day to the point of death that must be faced.

Interactive Story Game

Interactive story games have been available for many years. However, this game is a life simulator with the first text that can unite and simulate how the lives of young people become adults and die. So the story that is carried in this game is detailed, like in real life.

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