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If you are a fan of games that in this world full of stress cause you to relax a little and your mental load and of course you enjoy listening to beautiful music, it is better to join us to take a look at the new mobile game of Adaric Music Studio, the Beat game. Let’s start a fire.

If you have played games like Audiosurf, you are familiar with this fascinating and beautiful game. Your goal in the game is simple: there is a small challenge in the game that you have to solve simultaneously by playing music.

Gameplay: Famous and unique music game

In this game, you have to destroy the squares that fall from the top of the screen with the gun you have in your hand. But the exciting thing is that you do this when listening to beautiful music from EDM, Rap, and hip hop. Beat Fire APK game is specially designed for those who are interested in both mobile hobby games and the mentioned musical styles.

Beat fire edm music apk

There is currently an extensive collection of different songs in different styles on the game, and you can use them to play the game however you like. As we said, the gameplay of Beat Fire is simple, but do not be fooled by its simplicity, because this game is very entertaining and attractive, and you may not realize the passage of time after hours of experience. The variety of songs is good at the moment, but the creators have promised to release new songs on this game soon because, as you know, this game is relatively new and has just been released.

The gameplay design and gameplay are very well done, and the game developers know very well how to make a game for fans and music lovers.

After hearing the song, you will see square blocks in different places, and you have to shoot them and try to hit them all. After a few hours of playing, we did not see any bugs or problems with the game steps. In some stages, bombs also fell from above that you should not shoot, or you will lose.

This allows you to focus on the music while enjoying it so that you do not miss the game. You have three lives in each stage, you lose one of them every time you do not shoot a square or shoot bombs, and if you lose all your experiences, you lose the game, or you have to do the stage again, or by seeing An attractive ad will also have a chance to solve the stage.

At the end of each stage, you will be given a quantity of gold and points, which you can open and collect to unlock new locations. You need to see an ad to open some steps, and you need to use these points to buy some steps.

Of course, these points are usually used to buy stages with a new song and a high degree of difficulty. You can also use these points to buy another gun in the game that changes your Aim mode and makes it more beautiful. You can even change the appearance of these squares and use different types of squares with other modes such as arrows or planes to make them more attractive.

Regarding the in-app payments of Beat Fire APK, we must say that we have not received any payment so far, and all the steps and items in the game can be purchased either by seeing the ads or by spending the money you receive in-game by playing. This is a great thing, and this game gives you the feeling of a shopping game that you do not have to spend money on.

Difficult challenge mode

Expert mode or Hard mode is a bit of a challenge, and you only have one life, and you have to be very careful. Those who have played games like Guitar Hero will definitely have the upper hand in this game because it is very similar to games like this.

You can also increase or decrease the screen touch sensitivity in the game settings, which is excellent for those who play the game on a tablet or a phone with a screen smaller than the standard today.

beat fire mod apk unlock all

There is an endless mode at each stage where you can play the whole time of music, and you no longer hear only pieces of music. As we said, the variety of game songs is excellent, and you can even select your favorite songs and stages and have them available separately in the collection section to get to them faster.

The game’s graphics are stunning and eye-catching

As you would expect from a music game, the combination of colors and textures of the game has made it more attractive and beautiful for those who are interested in EDM music. After shooting the squares a few times, you will see how the music and rhythm match the staged gameplay, and you will learn how to do it.

If you enjoy rhythmic music games and want to spend a few hours playing music and reduce your stress a bit, we suggest you try Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds on GameLoop Apps or Google Play.

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