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This article aims at providing an insight into the Battle of Polytopia APK – A Civilization Strategy Game which is free to download and play gaming title available to the players of both Android and iOS gaming platforms.

Battle of Polytopia currently carries a ranking of 4.4 out of 5.0 from approximately 185 reviews.

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The iOS version of the game, however, carries a much higher rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from 9k reviews. This means that the iOS version of the game has performed considerably better than its Android counterpart.

What is the Battle of Polytopia?

Battle of Polytopia is an exciting mobile strategy game published by Midjiwan AB. The content in the game is the battles of ancient tribes.

And in this game, you will be the master of the tribe and grow for your tribe to become stronger and fight against the rival tribes.

1. Game Requirements

The Android variant of Battle Of Polytopia needs 80MB free space and Android versions 4.4 or up. Thus, the game carries a modest requirement set.

The iOS version needs 140MB free space and iOS versions 11.0 or later. Thus, the requirements of the game on this platform are far more than the Android version.

2. Availability In Multiple Languages

Just like all other hit gaming titles of the modern-day, Battle of Polytopia has been presented in a large number of languages to make it easier for players to interact with the app.

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Here is the list of languages in which players can enjoy the game depending upon their requirements:

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

3. Microtransaction Options

Almost all modern-day games are laden with in-app purchase options as they not only enhance the overall experience for gamers but also allow the game developers and producers to earn a handsome amount of money. Here are some of the in-app purchase options that are available to the players of Battle Of Polytopia.

  • Vengir Tribe $0.99
  • Kickoo Tribe $0.99
  • Aquarion $1.99
  • Elyrion $1.99
  • Hoodrick Tribe $0.99
  • Zebasi Tribe $0.99
  • Luxidoor $3.99
  • Ai-Mo $0.99
  • Quetzali $0.99
  • Polaris Tribe $1.99

Features of the game Battle of Polytopia

* Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence.

1. Gameplay strategy

The first screen that is presented to gamers is regarding permissions. The following messages inform gamers about the type of user data that is stored by the app.

2. Home Screen

The home screen of the game offers a wide array of options to gamers. For those who simply want to jump straight into the experience, two different options exist, which are

  • New Game;
  • Multiplayer.

However, once a new game has been started by players, a third option also pops up on the Home Screen, allowing players to resume their game where they left it.

3. Settings Game

From the Home Screen, players can also adjust the game’s settings to match their needs and wants. Here are a few options that are available to players.

The lower end of this screen shows “Advanced Options”.

4. High Scores

Besides, the high scores of other players can also be seen by tapping the option from the home screen. Here is how the high scores are displayed.

5. Throne Room

The game’s throne room is shown below, which presents an insight into the number of games they have played by the gamer and other such useful data.

6. Pick Your Tribe

Players have the option of choosing the tribe of their liking. The tribes are subdivided into two different categories: Regular tribe and Special tribe.

Upon choosing the tribe, information about the tribe is provided to players.battle of polytopia apk mod unlock free 1

The game’s interface has been displayed in the following image:

When the game is paused, the player’s score is shown.

7. Actions To be Performed

The actions to be performed are displayed from time to time at the bottom end of the display.

8. Rewards

Upon leveling up, rewards are offered to players as a source of motivation to keep the players going.

9. Training The Troops

For conquering new kingdoms and for protecting the existing ones, players need to train troops.

The player’s score, stars, and turns are shown at the top end of the screen. This can be seen from the below image.

10. Advantages and disadvantages of the game

  • The gameplay is quite engaging, but the player has to buy quests that are not really good.
  • The graphics are nice, and the sound is good, but the controls are difficult for new players.
  • The battles are very good, but the game has a small map, making it impossible for the player to expand.
  • Attractive War mode, but no ally mode.
  • The game has a lot of activities but requires players to pay, which is a bad thing.

# Final Verdict for the BOP game

Battle of Polytopia MOD unlocked APK is a great source of entertainment for players that want an engaging experience of the Strategy games genre.

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