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Have you ever thought about recording a video display of the image that appears on the smartphone screen?

For those of you who are pursuing a career to become a game streamer on YouTube, give tutorials, or just want to do a presentation, these tips should not be missed.

Indeed, many devices with Android and iOS operating systems currently feature this screen video recording feature.

AZ Screen Recorder APK is apps to record the phone screen with unlimited recording time, no developer logo ( watermark ), no ads, and a straightforward interface.

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The application supports video recording with standard quality HD or Full HD. Primarily, you can stop or continue recording video as you like at any time. Besides, AZ Screen Recorder also provides features for you to cut, merge and edit videos right on the application. 

What is AZ Screen Recorder?

AZ Screen Recorder is a tool that allows you to record everything that happens on your Android screen without any significant complications. After launching the app, with one touch, you start recording all screen activity and, with one more touch, you can end the recording. 

The images are saved in MP4 video files, and the user can define the save location through the AZ Screen Recorder settings.

In addition to allowing you to choose the save directory for the videos, AZ Screen Recorder also has some more options that can make the experience with the app more flexible. You can select the video’s output resolution, the maximum is 1920×1080 (Full HD), and the minimum reaches 320×240.

You can also determine the bit rate, the orientation of the recording, whether it is necessary to record audio or not, whether the taps you make on the screen should appear on the video, and so on. 

To access these settings, open the app and tap on the gear icon that appears in a floating window. To start recording, you must tap the red button that appears on that same element.

Guide to video screen recording

Video resolution dramatically affects the size and image quality of the video. The higher the video resolution, the smoother the image quality on the video. 

However, it requires many data to the storage medium ( storage ), so you can not record video on the screen smartphone with a maximum caused by lack of data storage.

The author provides a way to change the video resolution in AZ Screen Recorder. This is useful for adjusting the quality at the video resolution that you will record on the smartphone screen and other objects (outside the smartphone screen ). 

If you have a large data storage memory (ROM, sd card), you should use a high video resolution size so that your recording’s video quality is excellent and clear (not blurry).


  • 1. Open the main menu on your Android smartphone.
  • 2. Open the AZ Screen Recorder application. If you haven’t installed the AZ Screen Recorder application on your Android, you can install the AZ Screen Recorder application on the Play Store. Wait a few moments until a select float button appears.
  • 3. Press the Float button icon – Select Settings ( Settings ).
  • 4. Press the Resolution option.
  • 5. Choose the size of the video resolution you want.
  • 6. Here are the results.

So, you can adjust or change the video resolution according to your needs in AZ Screen Recorder to record a video. This is the tutorial on how to change the video resolution on AZ Screen Recorder. Good luck.

Our Opinion on AZ Recorder

1. Record everything easily

AZ Screen Recorder is a tool that allows you to record everything that happens on your Android screen and save MP4 content to any directory on your device. The app is very versatile, does not require root, and allows the user to configure many settings, including video resolution, bit rate, and other options.

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The big highlight of AZ Screen Recorder is its simplicity. The interface is a small floating window that appears on your screen as soon as you touch the tool icon. To start recording, touch it. To stop it, you access the notification bar and give a “Stop” or “Pause”. 

Other than that, the settings window is also spotless and does not bring unnecessary things for you to worry about. Only essential details can be configured.

2. Screen taps

Still, in our tests, we could not use a function that can be considered fundamental for anyone thinking of using AZ Screen Recorder to create tutorials or demos. Even if you check the option that activates the taps’ display on the screen, no taps were shown in the recordings. 

Despite this, as Android Lollipop has several animations that provide visual responses to the user’s touches, you can even understand a little of what goes on in the images.

Even so, if you don’t see a big problem with this feature that didn’t work correctly in our tests with a Nexus 9, AZ Screen Recorder is worth using. It works, moreover, very well and is very simple to use.

3. Record the live streaming screen on social networking

With this feature, you can record the screen and live stream on social networking sites like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, … conveniently. This is very suitable for those who regularly Livestream, share with everyone.

4. Can cut, merge, insert music, create gif file, add wallpaper,

Don’t like outside noise getting caught in the video you are recording? This is simple at the AZ Screen Recorder Premium MOD app. Just go into the settings and turn off the recording, and you’re done! Fast, and anyone can do it all. 

In addition to recording the phone screen, you can also edit, cut, merge, insert music, add text, create gif files, add wallpapers… on the app without having to download any more applications to video post-production again.

AZ Screen Recorder MOD

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