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It is an application used to configure shortcut commands on the keyboard that trigger consecutive mouse clicks’ function in an automated way.

This means that you can make the click sequentially and intermittently with both of its buttons alone. Just set up Auto Clicker and let it do the rest for you. You won’t have to move a finger.

This app type is very useful for those who perform tasks with a high frequency of repeated clicks – even avoiding diseases due to repetitive effort. Gamers passionate about shooting games can also take advantage of this program to unload their weapons without straining their fingers.

What is Auto Clicker?

Auto-Clicker MOD APK is a utility that brings several functions in one tool: with it, you can record the mouse’s movement and configure automatic clicks. The program does not require installation, only running the executable directly on Android.

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To enable/disable continuous clicks, press the key on your keyboard. You can change this key by clicking to click> Click / Stop and then the access you want to program as a trigger.

Auto Clicker also allows recording and playback of clicks in specific places on the screen. To configure this option, go to Options> Recording> Multiple Clicks. Then, enable the “Record and replay multiple clicks” checkbox and use the “Pick point” command to record the desired points.

How to set it up

The Auto Clicker setup process is quite simple. The program is divided into four segments. In the first one, called “Click Point“, you must leave the existing option checked, as it refers to triggering automated clicks.

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In “Click HotKey”, it is possible to define the shortcut keys to start and stop the automatic click process. You can also activate and interrupt the operation of the Auto Clicker (Google Play) using the “Start” and “Stop” buttons, respectively.

In the “Click Interval” section, you can determine the time interval that the clicks will be made. Finally, in part entitled “Click Options,” there are the options that specify which mouse button should be pressed (whether it should be the right or left) and which type of click: single or double.

Features of the application automatically tap

There are hundreds of utilities for Android that allow you to automate tasks, and Auto Clicker is yet another free and lean option with which you can configure continuous clicks. The first feature that draws attention is that there is no need to go through an installation setup since the program is standalone.

1. Easy to use for your phone

The interface is incredibly minimalist and easy to use, with the standard command that activates/deactivates clicks appears right in the main menu. The frequency of clicks (100 milliseconds) is well-adjusted, and the executable can be minimized while doing its job.

One of the biggest highlights of the Auto Clicker is that absolutely everything is customizable. You can adjust the range of automatic clicks, the number of clicks, the mouse button that will be triggered, and even set up click sequences in specific places on the screen. During our test on Android, the utility proved to be perfectly stable and functional.

2. Just open it and go

Auto Clicker has proven to be a functional application, although it is quite simple. It has a well-organized interface, which presents its menus adequately segmented. With that, although not very attractive, it provides an intuitive interaction.

Besides, the program offers uncomplicated configurations without excellent levels of customization. Thus, even those who do not speak English can adjust the Auto Clicker operation in the classic trial and error method.

During our review, the application worked correctly – without any execution failure or slowness. However, it could provide a feature that would make it possible to perform alternate clicks between the mouse buttons, becoming even more useful.

3. Click in the Single Target

This item will allow you to click on only a single location. When you click, it will appear a rectangle, and at the corner, there is a small triangle. That is the click position, and you can click on the rectangle to move it to another corner and optionally move it to where you want to auto. Next, click on the big triangle like playing a video, and the app will work.

When you want the auto click to stop working, you can pause it or press X to turn it off. The settings icon on the right you click to edit the auto click spacing and timing.

4. Click In the Multi-Target

This item allows you to click many positions simultaneously by clicking on the plus icon, which will appear in a circle like a crosshair. The more you press, the more centers, the more you move it to the position. Position wants to auto, and the minus icon to delete. 

In this section, there is also the option Manage Configuration, and this is where you can save the custom logs so that when used, it can be applied to each situation you want to auto click to save the setup.

One thing that is quite interesting in this application is that it will appear in two centers, Start and End, when you press and hold the plus icon. You move it to arbitrary positions. This is an exciting auto-swipe feature.

Try using an auto click with Automatic Clicker on another application.

Note that when using auto click, the app will hijack your touch, meaning you won’t be able to do anything else while auto-clicking. I hope the above article will be useful to you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Auto Clicker APK
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It is an application used to configure shortcut commands on the keyboard that trigger consecutive mouse clicks' function in an automated way.

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