File download Assistive Touch APK for Android

You can add some new functions and beautiful touches to your Android phone after use Assistive Touch APK

You can control the sound and play music and modify the backgrounds and icons with full support to work. Clean up the RAM and conserve the battery and RAM while reducing the processor’s temperature. 

It also puts a new taskbar, pop-up windows, and large buttons with modifications in the language and time as you want.

What is Assistive Touch?

Assistive Touch for Android is an application that serves to leave shortcuts to commonly used functions on the device arranged in a panel.

After its installation, the application is already completely ready for use, and it is not necessary to make a specific activation for it. The button responsible for opening the shortcuts is already added automatically on your screen. It is always on top for you to open from any application in use.

Feature of touch menu button application

Assistive Touch for Android is a slightly more specific application used to add shortcuts to certain functions in a panel that can be opened from any screen on your device. The program operates independently of the launcher you have installed, making this one of the advantages of its use.

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Besides, it will undoubtedly speed up your use of the device daily, as it brings a series of options that are commonly accessed, such as connection settings, GPS, and device volume. It also brings alternatives that are a little hidden in the Android settings, and in this case, even though the use is not so constant, such items become more visible, simplifying their handling.

Once installed, the program immediately adds a button in the right corner of your device’s screen and, by touching the item, the panel is shown on display.

1.Shortcuts to make life easier

When you touch the program’s button, a panel is opened in the screen’s center, containing fast-acting buttons. Among the available functions, you can choose alternatives to access WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Home, lock, open favorites, airplane mode, rotate the screen, cleaning functions, flashlight, brightness, touch, and volume.

Although the items are arranged in a pre-programmed order, it is possible to change the order of the buttons and add or remove any of the available options in the application settings. Regarding the appearance, both the panel’s background color and its icon can be modified in the preferences.

2.You can use the quick features

It provides you Assistive Touch for Android APK The multiple features through which it is possible to place menus and shortcuts on the main screen wonderfully and appropriately.

And to adjust the size in a way that does not hinder the browsing operations or other things that you want to do, as well as it works to preserve the side buttons on the phone from damage as it became in your ability.

Entering and taking a screenshot from the main phone screen and modifying the sound of the ringing, playing music, or the alarm is available in many languages ​​, and you can switch between them. 

3. Manage all the features of your phone

It is also possible to modify the backgrounds and colors from the phone gallery or the distinctive gallery available inside it. It includes a Reasonable number of ones suitable for all tastes. It manages all the contents to help you deal with your phone and access the highest levels of the art of good dealing. 

Today you can now, with just one touch, operate what you want instead of browsing the many menus and consuming time and effort. It is also possible to activate the Double feature tap and open notifications and alerts by swiping between them at a blazing speed.

It is also integrated and includes many distinct elements, where you can use the Assistive Touch Android (Google Play) and Dealing with all the problems of the phone, deleting unwanted files and bugs, preserving the cache, as well as it has its booster that works on acceleration and cooling of the processor unit, as well as working to raise the efficiency so that the device works at all times without problems or obstacles.

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And you will find many simple and easy steps to implement these operations as all of them have shortcuts within the menu on the main screen. 

You can modify the modes of screen rotation, operate the airplane mode and the energy saver, share data via Bluetooth, run WiFi, and search for networks. With the basics of dealing with the internal system to change the size Fonts, type, clock, date, and removal of installed programs. 

Also, most phones do not have the feature of turning on the camera flash in the form of a searchlight, as it allows you to put a special icon when you press it. I can experience you.

4. Practical and customizable

The apps bring some visual settings that can be applied, including the possibility to change the background color of your panel. In this regard, there are many options available, and you can apply the one that has a better match with your color scheme currently used in the system.

Besides, the tool icon can also be modified. For this configuration, some alternative circular models and even custom designs are available. In the case of the button, it is also possible to change its color, fully integrating the program in the other shades used in the device.

Another interesting point is that the options shown on the panel can also be modified according to your preference. It is possible to either change the buttons of place or change what is displayed, leaving the program flexible and easily adapted to your Android usage preferences.

The application was fully compatible with the system during our testing, with no crashes or any other difficulties during use. Likewise, all configurations and functions worked correctly and without any lag.

As the application does not consume many resources on your device, it can be used even on the most modest smartphones without any problem.

# Other features of the quick menu tool

  1. By downloading Helper Touch for Android, you can set new backgrounds and colors and modify your icons’ look.
  2. It is an application specially designed for Android devices to help you unlock items and tools effortlessly and effortlessly.
  3. Possibility to place pop-ups and margins in the interface after downloading the Assistant Touch for Android.
  4. Help you to change font, size, icon shape, and also operate the flashlight and camera.
  5. The ability to work as a music player and switch between songs after using the Assistive Touch for Android APK.
  6. It saves the battery from consumption, reduces the processor temperature, and frees up the internal storage memory.
  7. Keeps Assistive Touch for Android Apk apps on the external buttons by using the multi-touch.
Assistive Touch MOD APK - Download v3.1.36 Pro for Android

Assistive Touch APK for Android is an application that serves to leave shortcuts to commonly used functions on the device arranged in a panel best on smart phone

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