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Playing in the water is much fun, especially when playing in the pool or at the water park and friends. Playing ball in the water, swimming fights, even sliding on water slides, everything is inspiring!

For the last one, water slides, VOODOO has released a unique game called APK, an exciting slide racing game on water slides.

What is is a racing game set in a water park. In it, you must descend at high speed on a water slide while facing many other competitors searching for the best place and much money.

The graphics are simple, with few details and screen elements. Even so, he frequently presents crashes during matches, which can significantly disrupt the progress of his game and can lead to losses.

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Even on more powerful devices, the amount of advertisements present in the game continually undermines its performance due to the lack of application optimization. has minimal gameplay, allowing players to move sideways and have no item or command to differentiate their runs. For this reason, it becomes repetitive very quickly. Besides, even in a sharp curve, the character does not move, always remaining in the position necessary to perform the path, ignoring the fundamental physics that any basic game seeks to respect.

Another big problem is the false advertisement of playing against other players.

It is not worth adding to your list of games. Besides not having a variety of content, it lies in being an online game, putting characters controlled by the game’s AI, but simulating real people and their origins.

Our Opinion about

Water parks are always fun, but when that friendly competition happens, everything gets better. In, you need to race at high speed on a waterslide against your opponents to accumulate points and stay on top of the scoreboard.

In, you control a doll on a giant water slide and move it in the right way to get enough speed to overtake the other characters. To guide yourself on the water slide, you can move to the right and left, taking advantage of the curves to gain benefits. Just move your finger on your smartphone’s screen to the side you want to move the character.

You can customize your character at apk with the most diverse colors and themes available, which can vary from human appearance to even exotic animals. Although they do not influence your gameplay, they make your game even more fun and beautiful.

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Depending on your placement at each race, at, you are rewarded with a certain amount of coins; the better the place you guarantee, the greater the number of cash received.

This money can be spent on new clothes at the game store, making it possible to change your bather’s look with the most diverse disguises, standing out among the crowd of competitors.

1. Simple but Fun

In, players will compete against other players in a long water slide. Can you be the first to reach the finish line? You know all the legal tactics here, including hitting other players until they get out of the waterslide.

2. Easy Control

This water race is also straightforward to control. Players just need to do swiping on the touch screen to the left or right to shift their avatar’s position on the screen while avoiding the opponent.

If a player hits another player from the left or right, there is a chance that they will bounce off course and fall off the water slide. Be careful you don’t get hit off the track.

3. Avatar customization

At first, players could only use two avatars, namely male and female avatars that looked like dolls. Once players collect 200 coins, they can also buy new avatars, not humans on average, but instead stuffed animals. There are monkeys, pigs, cats, pandas, tigers.

4. Cheerful Graphics (Google Play) appears with colorful 3D graphics and looks very cheerful. The playing field also looks bright with slides that feel fast, but unfortunately, this game is 100% mute, and there is no sound at all.

On the bright side, you don’t have to bother removing earphones when the noise hits because the game is tranquil. But of course, the funny thing is when the player bounces the opponent off the track or mentally gets off way himself, it still makes the game feel exciting and exciting.

5. 100% Offline

The game itself is presented in a free-to-play manner, and as usual, there is an element of advertising that is quite annoying. But if a player is unwilling to see advertisements, turn off the Internet or mobile data because it does not require the Internet and cannot be played online against other players.

There are no microtransactions other than for the purchase of “No Ads”, which when you turn off the Internet, it won’t bother you at all.

Simple but fun, that’s the game that is presented by VOODOO. If you want to have fun racing water, you should try this colorful and cheerful! MOD APK

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