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Most of us are always renovating the app gallery. Because of that, Aptoide APK was born. Available for Android users, also in the lite version, Aptoide is an alternative and independent app store. 

You can find several APK options and exclusive mods to download. At Aptoide, you can download and install mods like Minecraft: PE, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, Amazon Fire TV, Mini Titans 2, and much more!

Read on to find out how to download it safely on your smartphone!

Another Experience in Downloading Apps

Apps come and go on our smartphone. We like to try new apps. We go after the trends that emerge, the new functions promised, and the solutions that we need for everyday life. For those who like games, this is even more true. Updates appear all the time, and new games appear, along with new gameplay experiences.

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For the same reason, we are often uninstalling apps from our smartphones. Trends end, others emerge, a game becomes boring, and a function is no longer useful. Sometimes we notice that we just downloaded an app on impulse and didn’t even use it twice.

According to a 2019 report by Liftoff, Brazil is the third country with the most app downloads globally. In this regard, we are second only to India and the USA. This report also shows interest data about the time users spend on their cell phones. In most Western countries, the rate was almost the same. Of all the time we spend on the smartphone, about 80% is spent on apps and not on internet browsers.

The most exciting data of this research points out that mobile applications’ Brazilian user is one of the least loyal in the world. You must have laughed at that point, I imagine. You know it’s true. The urge to download a new app is recurring, but we uninstall it shortly after in the vast majority of cases. The survey shows that only 2.5% of users continue to use an app after 30 days of installation.

Get file APK, XAPK, OBB

The mobile application market, like any technology segment, changes rapidly. And all the pleasure associated with downloading new applications is in novelty, experimentation, and discovery. Therefore, there is Aptoide, an unofficial store where you will have many more options to discover new apps!

Below, we will show you our definitive tutorial to download and use Aptoide on your smartphone. We’ll also show you how you can download other APK apps from the store, how to know when the APK is safe, and how to make updates. If you prefer, go straight to the bottom of the page to download it, but if you have any questions or want to know more about Aptoide, keep reading!

App Store free and Social Network

Aptoide is not a regular store. It proposes an alternative space for the most demanding users when it comes to apps and games. This requirement is met by offering the download of APK. The APK format, for those who still don’t know, is nothing more than the format in which applications are saved. 

Many of the app available on Aptoide are improved versions by independent developers. These, thinking from the point of view much closer to the users, develop incredible apps and, mainly, in games.

The first difference to be noticed is the similarity of Aptoide with a social network. You won’t be able to publish your ratings. You will be able to create a real personalized space with your favorite apps, your suggestions, reviews, and even apps that you have changed or developed yourself. If Aptoide has a mission, it is a collaborative space built by users and users.

Often, downloading the Aptoide APK from a common app has several benefits. These can range from extra functions to more user-friendly interfaces. They can even bring performance improvements. Depending on the APK, of course, it may not be so. For this, there is the entire Aptoide community and the feedbacks produced by each user. So, stay tuned to the comments and notes for each app version!

Build and Customize Your Store

To set up your store on Aptoide, you need to register for free on the platform. If you are not interested in setting up space or uploading APK files, you do not need to register. 

You can even download APK from the platform even without being registered. The interface is amicable, and you will hardly have any navigation problems. Any questions, put your comment at the bottom of the page.

You can register directly using your Facebook or Google account. But, if you prefer, you can only use your email. The only requirement is to accept Aptoide’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. When you register, you can edit your avatar, invent a nickname, and create a store. 

Just click on the icon in the upper right corner to access your profile.

By creating the store, you will invent a name for it, choose a photo (many users use a custom logo), and a theme color. You will then have two personas in Aptoide, one for your account and one for your store.

With your store created, you will be a more active participant in the app enthusiast community! Follow the other users’ store and share your ideas, suggestions, and criticisms with additional apps available on Aptoide. Each store receives a medal based on performance and feedback from other users. You start with a tin medal, and you can go up to Platinum!

Gamers will not be disappointed

As mentioned, Aptoide allows users to have access to complete applications. Most are not available in official stores because they are the result of the work of freelance developers. Another part comes from modifications that these developers implement in the application source code. Thus, extra features are added, which makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Aptoide’s primary focus is access to modified games. That is why most users look for it. Several different versions of old and new games are offered, straight from the hands of talented and independent developers.

The benefit of a modified game is known to the entire gaming community. Editorial is a great place to start discovering exclusive opportunities. Aptoide editors themselves create a selection of popular and promising new games to guide you on your gamer journey. You can access it in the bottom bar of Aptoide.

Publishers periodically elect a Game of the Week. In addition to just pointing out a game, they create a complete report explaining why the game was chosen, what are the expectations the user may have, and other essential details to decide whether to download or not.

GTA: San Andreas, Vice City, and game others

Many users look for Aptoide for GTA V mods. If you’re from the PlayStation 2 era, you’ll be able to remember your time playing versions of San Andreas or Vice City on your phone! Many developers are focused on making GTA versions with enhanced gaming experiences available to today’s gamers. You will have several options to go back to the past and enjoy one of the most popular games of all time!

download APK gat san Andreas mod on Aptoide

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (PE) and Additional Mods

Another viral game that you can try in alternative ways with Aptoide is Minecraft. You will find incredible modifications like Pocket Edition and support app, which will increase your experience with the game. These are the popular in-game mods, such as Toolbox for Minecraft: PE, which will allow you to unlock other functions in the game and gain more advantages.

The list of games doesn’t stop there! You can find many other popular games like Mini Titans 2Human Fall FlatThe SimsBrawl StarsUndertale, and much more!

Using AppCoins and AppCoins Wallet

Aptoide is the first store to use its currency for in-app purchases. While you can download the app for free, some even allow in-app purchases. Only, instead of using your real money, you can also collect and spend AppCoins. They are the official currency of Aptoide, which allows you to release benefits on apps and games downloaded from the store.

install aptoide app store

To start joining AppCoins, you need to download the AppCoins Wallet. It would help if you did this at Aptoide Store itself. The Wallet will give you access to a number of promotions. With them, you will be able to add credits to each purchase you make and thus “play more and spend less”. You can make deposits in your Wallet using a credit card, your Paypal account, or even a bank slip for a fee of 3.20 reais.

Aptoide is Safe and Reliable

It is widespread to suspect apps coming from outside official stores. We believe that for an app to be offered on the Play Store or the Apple Store, it has passed a series of tests. Tests would prove that these APK have no hidden or malicious intent.

With Aptoide, it’s like that too! When a user uploads an application, it is not automatically available in your store. This would be extremely harmful to the safe and collaborative environment that Aptoide intends to create. Moreover, it would be too opportune for those who use the internet for the wrong purposes.

Each uploaded APK goes through a series of tests and the antivirus test. You may notice that the best apps have a green label written reliably. Another thing you should keep an eye on is user feedback. Many markings will give you a good sense of the applications. An example is the Guaranteed App brand, which points out the APK that passed the antivirus and malware test. Give preference to these apps.

user feedback tags on blue-gray red Aptoide

User feedback also produces other markings, which you should be aware of. You can find out if the APK still needs an update (blue), it is fake (gray), or if it is a virus (red). Always use them to decide to download file APK.

How to contribute as a Developer

For those who are just app users, Aptoide is incredible. As it is an open and collaborative store, the platform provides many more features for your day to day and many more options for your entertainment.

However, if, in addition to being a frantic consumer of amazing apps, you are a developer of amazing apps, Aptoide is the right platform for you!

You can make your work available to other users using the Aptoide Uploader, the tool for publishing app on your store. 

To contribute to your creations, install the application, and log in. You can also log in with your Facebook and Google accounts. Once in the Uploader, organize and upload your creations!

If you are an APK developer and are looking to generate some income, it may be interesting to look at the website. This app distribution platform does not only operate in Aptoide but in several similar stores. She even has a top-rated store in Aptoide. It is worth taking a look!

Now you should be excited to download and try Aptoide! Check out our tutorial below to download quickly and safely.

How to Download Aptoide 2020

Download Aptoide APK, the most recommended is to follow the link provided on our website. It will take you to the official Aptoide website. You can download it on your iphone!

Video: How to use, download Aptoide for Android and IOS

Like any other app, you need to follow some elementary steps to download and install it correctly. So, we prepared this tutorial.

Check it out below:

install unknown biometrics and security apps on Android

Allow your browser to download Unknown Apps.

As Aptoide is not downloaded from official stores (such as the Play Store, Samsung Store, and Apple Store), it is necessary to allow other applications to install it on your smartphone. 

By default, Android only allows the Play Store or Samsung Store to sell and install apps for you.

When downloading or trying to install Aptoide or other APK, Android will notify you that that application cannot be installed from that source. You will automatically have the option, then, to allow it. If that doesn’t happen, for whatever reason, there is a straightforward way to proceed to release the download of new apps. Check it out below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Biometrics and Security.
  • Look for the option. Install unknown apps, which should be one of the last.
  • Select the application you want to permit to. If you download directly from your smartphone, you must enable your browser (such as Chrome). If you downloaded Aptoide from the desktop and later transferred it to your device, you must exploit My Files.
  • Switch to the Allowed option, and you’re done! You can go to the next step.

Download the APK from the website

installation completed Aptoide open APK

  • Follow the link to the Aptoide website and download the APK.
  • Wait for the download to finish and begin the installation.
  • Once in the Aptoide interface, you can register, but it is not mandatory to download the app from the store.

Allow Aptoide to install unknown applications.

To install Aptoide apps on your device, you must grant the store the same permission. To do this, repeat the previous process, only this time, look for Aptoide in the list of apps and switch to the Allowed option.

Aptoide security notification to allow unknown sources

Download apps, software free

Now, you have everything you need to explore the many possibilities offered by Aptoide! They are incredible games, new and old, that you can play. Very healthy online, so how about you share our post to invite your friends to play too? Tell them about Aptoide VIP APK!

Don’t forget to leave your comment below if you have any questions or have any problems with the installation!

Aptoide Pro APK - Download store v9.16.0.1 on Android

Aptoide for Android is an alternative and independent app store. You can find several APK options and exclusive mods to download. At Aptoide, you can download and install mods

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